Hydrocodone Yellow Norco 10 325 Availability

Della Says:

I have a prescription for the yellow norco10 325.I've taken these for years and now I can't get them .the white ones does not help.I have Arthritis very bad and I really need to know who still carries them in the Mansfield,Arlington,Tx area. I'm 70 and these are the only ones that helps without me having to sleep my life away on the stronger pain meds.that I have taken. i'm 70 so I'll probably be sleeping soon enough. SO in the mean time I would like to have my yellow norco10 325 back.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Della! How are you?

The white ones with the NORCO 539 marking on them are the same as the yellow, it's just that the manufacturer has removed the dye from them. The yellow are no longer being made.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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cbull110 Says:

I just went to the Target today and had my script filled in Cedar Hill. They gave me yellow Qualitest 10/325. I have never been so happy after having to deal with the the white crap after all the Mansfield pharmacies switched. I live in Mansfield but work in Cedar Hill. I only went there because I couldn't wait to go to my usual pharmacy in Mansfield because I was in pain. So I dropped it off in CH. Went back and was pleasantly surprised they came back yellow.

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Robspace1 Says:


You keep giving out bad and/or misleading information on these pills. Why is that? Do you work for Mallikrap, the white bogus pill co.? There is a big difference, way beyond the color my friend. Remvoving food dye does not remove potency, or it's not suppose to right? Well then, what else was removed?

There are thousands of people right now saying the same thing about these new white ones, on the web, in many forums like this one. They are simply garbage. And yes, Qualitest is still making the yellow ones but they are not sold in the big box stores-try the smaller pharmacies. I just picked mine up today-112 yellow!

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cbull110 Says:

He either works for a competitor or is LE...I have several MRI, I have had over several years and guess what it has changed over the years ...getting worse. Surgery is inevitable. We are waiting as long as possible because surgery isn't guaranteed to help me. I was a athlete and had a really bad car accident and two children. By back is jacked. Simple as that. Won't heal,won't get better,just worse as I age. Have nothing to look forward to..imo. but for now with help I can continue to work. If they take away my pm ..I will have to file for disability sooner rather then later. These are facts. I know pm will likely lead to dependence but what is the alternative? I choose the lesser of two evils. I hope I will continue to have a choice.

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slo Says:

Hey just picked up my refill today and I want to know what's the deal with another change with my Norco 10-325. Not only are they white but the shape and lettering has changed also. They are oval and the letters say U O 3. Can anyone please give any info about this pill.

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Robspace1 Says:


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BL Says:

Reminder that begining Oct. 6, 2014, Hydrocodone Combination Medications will become a Schedule II. If you have refills left, you will not be able to get them. Schedule II can't be called in or refilled. You must see your dr at least once every 90 days. Some pharmacists say they will no longer refill these meds after Oct 3, so be sure and check if you have any refills that are due before Oct 6.

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Darwinski Says:

Why would you not be able to get the refills?

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BL Says:

Darwinski, Schedule II meds can't be refilled. Norco and other hydrocodone combination meds will be moved from Schedule III to Schedule II October 6, 2014, by Federal Law. Which means this will go into effect in every state. You have to have a new prescription from your dr each time you get it filled. They also will no longer be able to be called in.

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Robspace1 Says:

O Great-I see my Dr. every 90 days anyway, as per state pain contract. But, now they won't be able to phone them in on the other months? That;s stupid and means I will have to drive all the way to his office every month to get my refill? Who's great idea was this and why? Hopefully there's aloophole in this new law. Why make people burn gas to drive across town when the phone works real good?

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Darwinski Says:


If you had a prescription with refills that was issued before the cut-off date of October 6th, you can still get the refills.

This was an exception included in the law.

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Darwinski Says:


You can have or ask your doctor to issue multiple prescriptions. Federal law allows 3 months worth, but it has to be 3 separate scripts.

Typically, the Dr. will write something like "Do not fill before Month, Day, Year".

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Robspace1 Says:

Yea, that's what I'll do. I used to have to go across town to their office every month when I was taking the nasty/strong MS Contin-that stuff is too strong, and I asked them to cut me off it. I know most junkies would kill to get it, but, I wasn't looking to get strung out on anything. It took me years to get off the booze, and I didn't need morphine in my life. But, the Norco works good (yellow only), so for 8 years, it's been that and Tramadol. I'll call them on this,

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marti Says:

Darwinski , Thank You. I apologize for my error. If the rx was written with refills before October 6, 2014, they must be refilled by April 8, 2015.

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BL Says:

Darwinski, I saw a patient information notice from a local pharmacy. It states that if you have a rx that was written before Oct 6 and it has refills that you will not be able to get them as of Oct 6.

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Darwinski Says:


While that may be the case, there is an exception in the LAW set forth by the federal government, that specifically states that any remaining refills "that are issued before October 6, 2014, and authorized for refilling, may be dispensed in accordance with 21 CFR 1306.22-1306.23, 1306.25, and 1306.27, if such dispensing occurs before April 8, 2015."

Prescriptions. All prescriptions for HCPs must comply with 21 U.S.C. 829(a) and must be issued in accordance with 21 CFR part 1306 and subpart C of 21 CFR part 1311 as of October 6, 2014. No scripts for HCPs issued on or after October 6, 2014 shall authorize any refills. Any prescriptions for HCPs that are issued before October 6, 2014, and authorized for refilling, may be dispensed in accordance with 21 CFR 1306.22-1306.23, 1306.25, and 1306.27, if such dispensing occurs before April 8, 2015.


So, either you mis-read the patient notice, or the pharmacy that published it is misinformed and/or doesn't know or care.

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BL Says:

Darwinski, the pharmacist said it is their decision. Just like it is their decision if they fill a rx. I have heard of other pharmacys telling their customers they won't be able to get refills effective Oct 6, even if the rx was written before Oct 6 with refills.

I wonder if the pharmacys will say it is due to costs being more connected with Schedule II's than Schedule III's. It will be interesting to see how wide spread this will be. But, even though it is part of the federal law, I have no doubt the DEA will side with the pharmacy.

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Darwinski Says:

Wow, that is too bad. I checked with my pharmacy today, and it is any NEW prescriptions - just the way the law was written. So, if you have refills as of the 5th, you are fine.

If I were you, I would go on the internet to your crappy pharmacy's website, and transfer it to another pharmacy that actually knows what they are doing.

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Robspace1 Says:

I'm just going to ask my doctor to write out 3 scripts at one time for me to hold onto and use as they come due. Hopefully he does this or I will simply have to do like I did when I was taking the morphine pills. Make a long drive to their office every month to pick up the script. It's a hastle, but still much better then living in pain.We have the i****s that steal and then overdose on these pills, to thank for this new law.

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BL Says:

Darwinski , it's not my pharmacy. Someone I've been helping uses that pharmacy. But, I do know the pharmacy manager from church. He said that is the policy the home office has adopted. They were busy when I went in to inquire about it so we didn't have the opportunity to speak at length about it.

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Shel Says:

Re: Robspace1 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Where on earth were you able to get the qualities 10-325 Norco? My husband is allergic to the fillers in other Norco and the yellow qualitest are the only ones that don't make him sick for weeks.
Where do you get them? City and state please

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Maybe Says:

What pharmacies in Texas carry these?

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Shirley Says:

I need the yellow 10/325 norco by qualitest because the white ones do not help me as much as the yellow for relief.

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StLaLuLu Says:

Re: Sherry (# 59) Expand Referenced Message

Same thing for me, the white ones are pure JUNK! They are loaded with fillers and I really don't believe there's any codeine in them at all! They give me a headache, a general ill feeling and knock me plum out! They don't even touch my pain. I have a vertebrae that's slipped towards my spinal cord, a fracture, stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis and spondolothesis and these white pills are nothing more than a regular tylenol. I believe they're getting them off the black market for next to nothing and no one is regulating them, they're NOT being tested or if they are they prob make the ones they send in for testing the right formula. I used to get Oxycodones until the creep doctor cut me off cold turkey bc he would no longer accept medicare. Well anyway the pharmacist was dipping into my pills!!! One time he took 20, yes twenty, I called up there, Walgreens mind you, he's like "Oh, no problem, come on up and we'll get you fixed right up" no questions, didn't say I should have counted them there or anything. You know why? Because HE is the one that took them! I'm sure there's plenty of pharmacists who are junkies out there.

You know how damn easy it would be for one of them to have a scientist make some bogus pills that looked exactly like the real ones and when that pharmacy got their supply in he could just simply take that supply and replace it with the bogus ones and use some for himself and sell some on the street or to buddies. I know one thing I absolutely am not going to accept them dang white ones anymore, I don't care if I have to wait for them to order them or whatever, I refuse to put that complete and utter junk into my body again. It's nothing but junk full of fillers. These pharmacies must be making a killing on those worthless things. We ALL need to start refusing them, they are useless anyway. I am outside of the Dallas, TX area, East of Dallas. I have to drive 70 miles ea way to my doctor because these woosie doctors out here where I live wouldn't write a pain medication RX to save their own life. I am sick and tired of paying the price for these G.D. idiots that can't live without being high on something and go and O.D. on heroin and then their families say "He got addicted after he broke his foot" B.S. he CHOSE to get addicted because you shouldn't need pain medication only for 5 to 7 days after that you s/b done, but they lie to the doctor or go to another doctor to get more because they like how they feel on them. I would never even touch a pain pill when I was younger, I'm 55, I suffered terribly at work and had to have an ice pack tucked into my pants for my lower back and rub Ben Gay on it. After 35 years of working I became disabled with all of my back issues. I did have to take Vicodin one time after childbirth because of an issue I had. I took them for 5 days and then stopped, never needed any more and didn't lie to get more, felt like crap for 3 days after but that's what you endure. These woosies can't stand feeling like crap so they lie to get more and lie to mommy & daddy that they got addicted after the broken foot or arm whatever, B.S. they CHOSE to get addicted.

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Chris Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

they are not the same . each manufacture has different variations of percentages of amounts of the drugs they make the pills with . and that's the truth .

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Re: henryoh (# 60) Expand Referenced Message

Lyrica has a generic I've been taking it for years its called Gabbapention. Its just an o.k.nerve blocker nothing special

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Zee Says:

Re: Bikey62 (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

As of Nov. 2017 CVS no longer carries them unfortunately. An even worse the new ones they have do not work AT ALL. Can't even pick up my 1yr old son and feel like such a crap mother cause I am unable to move. FML

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henryoh Says:

I too was taking the 10-325 hydrocodone and almost 70 years old. now I take Lyrica it lasts for 8 hours and I am almost normal no side effects. The only issue is it is $2500 a prescription no generic yet... it works better than the hydrocodone

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Sherry Says:

Re: Robspace1 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I have severe stomach issues and the yellow ones do not bother my stomach at all!! White ones give me headache, mess with my stomach terribly and make me dizzy. All side affects I don't get with yellow.

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Ealla Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

The yellow ones do me better then the white we want them back in the Walgreens Pharmacy

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