Humira Emotional Side Effects

Scaredmiss Says:

My boyfriend is on Humira and has just had his second jab, the instant he took it he has been a different person. The kind, gentle, sweet man I knew seems to be gone. He's constantly angry, he has no desire for me in any way, he's emotionally distant. In a rare normal moment he told me he feels empty, unmotivated and angry and hates himself because of it. What can I do? I hate seeing him like this. What can we do?

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Verwon Says:

It would be best if he consulted his doctor as they may need to conduct some medical exams. While they are very rare, this medication has been known to cause some cerebrovascular accidents, which may cause permanent damage, if left untreated, according to the U.S. FDA.

These medications can be unpredictable, so it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Has there been any change, or is he still the same?

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Dan Says:

I started humira about 2.5 months ago, I have been having a lot of similar feelings. I am also a male. I contacted my doctor and he insists it is something else. I am sorry but all I can suggest is to get in touch with his primary doctor. Good luck and my prayers are with you guys.

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Scaredmiss Says:

Thank you Dan and Verwon, for your replies. Thankfully after a trial period the drug had no good affects on him and the treatment has been cancelled. He is slowly getting back to his old self and what a relief it is, there are no sudden and unwarranted bursts of anger or annoyance.
Another one of his side effects was that his pain level was increased by double, so now he is off it he takes less pain medication and has less days at home in bed for no reason.
I am convinced that Humira has serious emotional and mental side effects and this shouldn't be taken lightly. Apologies my reply is so late.

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Ken Says:

I've been on Humira for 3 months now and over the past month I'm angry all the time. I'm irritable and not like my usual self, positive approachable self. I'm struggling in my marriage and at work since the end of August and my rheumatologist says it's not the Humira and she prescribed me antidepressants. I think I need to reconsider this medication.

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Mom of a Crohns daughter Says:

I most certainly have seen emotional side effects in my daughter. However, it's best described as RAGE. Her Dr wants to attribute it to hormones and anxiety, but when we skip treatments, she returns to her loving self. We are currently investigating medical marijuana. Because if the Crohns doesn't kill her, this medicating will.

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Annie Says:

My husband has been on Humira for 5 years. His personality changed drastically. It wasn't until a year ago when i became desperate for answers that I discovered that others are having the same issues. Quite simply my husband has turned into a nightmare to live with. His temper is explosive, he obsesses about things that are ridiculous, he seems unable to regulate his emotions at all, either overly happy or overly mad. My kids and I are constantly walking on egg shells. He was not like this before Humira and he is worse the week after taking a shot. We typically have a 'good week' before he takes it again. He has mentioned it to his rheumatologist and of course it was dismissed. He has tried coming off it but was unsuccessful as it is very effective in treating his psoriatic arthritis, he was immediately in agony and was covered in psoriasis which he hadn't experienced in the 5 years taking the medication. His behavior has got worse as the years have progressed. I predict in the future there will be legal cases linked to Humira. It has ruined 5 years of my marriage and my kids have been affected, we will never get this time back! There is simply not enough known about the long term effects of this drug.

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Brett Says:

It is the Humeria, trooper for staying with him . Get him off Humeria , Humeria stole 15 years of my life and destroyed my family.

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Camilles Mom Says:

Re: Brett (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Can you tell us more about your experience with Humira?

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Ben Says:

Re: Brett (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I too feel as though I have no motivation. I was Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last year in 9th grade. I was so kind and gentle and smart. I had Straight A’s. Now I’m addicted to video games and I don’t know what to do like.. I’m unmotivated my grades have dropped tremendously. I don’t know what to do man. I feel tired all of the time as well. I don’t feel like myself and I really don’t know what to do

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Camille Mom Says:

Do you live in a state that has approved medical cannabis for Crohn's? People are having excellent results adding it to their treatment plan. Read up on it! We are in the process of getting my daughter approved.

She is a freshman in high school, and was diagnosed 3 years ago. We spent a month in the hospital until the drs could get it under control. Not a good time in life. She was a straight-A student and an athlete, and struggled to have enough energy to do regular life most weeks. Things have changed a bit these days.

I know it's tough enough to manage high school and being a teenager, let alone having to manage your Crohn's. But commit to doing just that: "managing" your Crohn's. Don't allow it to manage you and your life. Keep your focus on the end game and that is learning how to be as healthy as you can be. It's a process and a journey. Crohn's makes us feel like we have no control over our bodies or our health. BUT YOU DO. Don't depend on the medicine alone. Conquer junk food and choose to eat ONLY WHOLE foods. Take CBD oil. Take probiotics and peppermint oil. All of this has significantly changed my daughter's experience with Crohn's...and that has been the hardest thing to manage living in the US... Avoiding ALL processed food.

Second, if you haven't already, find a support group or get a few sessions with a counselor. I'm sure that's the LAST thing you'd choose, but it will help you process all the crap that you have going on. Don't sit on this game, manage your life and use the tools we have access to, to make things better.

If you need anything or just a pep talk, post again, people will support you!

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BKA Says:

I stopped staking Humeria , a slow undetectable slide into a dark pit . Changes mood thinking and male genitalia slowly drink to point of useless.

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Nancy Says:

Re: Annie (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I feel for you, Annie. My oldest daughter is on Humira (age 41). She is an RN and gives herself the bi-weekly shots she needs. Her personality has changed drastically! She has pretty much distanced herself from me and appears hostile to me. She has essentially estranged me. She has been on Humira for almost 2.5 years. After she first started it, she became a different person, especially toward me. This drug has ruined my life as well and has put strain on my marriage. My daughter still has a relationship with my husband but has totally dismissed me. I saw her 3 weeks ago (otherwise I never see her or hear from her), and I made the effort to go and talk with her. Then I emailed her the other day about my grandson about his health issue. She chose not to email me back. She has defriended me from Facebook. I can't do this anymore, and I have given up. I feel for you. I don't know if there are natural treatments that work for arthritis and/or psoriasis, but I sure wish there were.

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Brett Says:

Re: Ben (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Ben, Get everyone that Loves you involved. This drug will slide you into a deep dark hole of depression. This medicine could cost you your life in many different ways. Believe it or no I have been off Humira since last November. I control the Colitis with Cigarettes. Do so homework on this use of Cigarettes before you judge. You may not be old enough, depending on state. My DR told me reference to the Cigs, a study would be done on the Cigs if it was not Cigs. You are at a pivotable point in your growth. My Genitals virtually regressed as if i was a young boy. Since the discontinuation of the Humiria I am almost back to my proud self. The moods I was in drove my family away. I have tried to talk to my other half but she will not hear me. The Humeria is almost addictive. No one knows all the workings of TnF Alpha whit Blood cells. Humeria destroys all of your TnFs each treatment. They say no half life, wrong, I think the half life is almost 3 months. At your age start running, swimming or something as this will help. Hope this helps.

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Kennth Says:

I was prescribed Humira at the end of July, 2017 while I was in the middle of the second flare-up of Reiter's Syndrome aka Reactive arthritis (ReA). The first flare-up was 2011 when the gene I carry was initially activated.

My rheumatologist prescribed me to inject myself every two weeks and to not stop treatment under any circumstances. At almost the 3 month mark, I came back to see my rheumatologist. Physically I was not dealing with arthritic symptoms, but I had developed cystic acne from my collarbone up the sides and back of my neck, my cheeks, jaw and chin. The cystic acne also started at my waist and went to my knees on both legs and there were many of these red, sore lumps and they lasted for what seemed like forever. I also was dealing with mood swings that were very random and I was constantly in a state of "fight or flight" and stressed and didn't know why. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus, I couldn't hold it together.

When I spoke with my rheumatologist, she denied that I was experiencing everything I told her. She then prescribed me an antidepressant (which I never filled the prescription) and she told me that I should inject once every three weeks from now on, and not once every two weeks. I thought I was losing my mind. My doctor didn't believe me.

That day, I went into work with a doctor's note stating I needed a few days off. I had a well paying position in an established company and I had been on my role for two years at that point, with zero issues or complaints. After my week off, I returned to work with my resignation letter. I resigned from my position but the company kept me as a full-time, frontline employee.

I thought that my stress would level out somehow, even tho I loved my job and my team, I thought this would help. I wasn't thinking clearly. I took my last injection last December 8. It was a Friday. New Year's Eve came, my spouse and I spent it with our in-laws at home, very calm, just a few of us. New Year's Day I woke up and felt like I was slammed face first into a wall. My nose was tender to touch, very red, very warm and swelling. I had never experienced this before. Once I went to the doctor, I found out I had "St. Anthony's Fire" in my face. It's a microbial infection, that if it wasn't caught, would've killed me.

I was off work for a month at home with an IV bag of potent antibiotics that I had to change myself daily. I tried going back to work in February, but I was so weak I had to go on short term disability for 3 months. February was also when my marriage ended suddenly and unexpectedly. At the end of April, 2018, I walked away from the home I shared with my partner and I walked away from our 5 year marriage. I now live in a completely different city where I know nobody. I am still suffering the mood issues.

I started a great job two months ago. It's the same role I was in before I started Humira. The same role I've done for years. I was fired last week without cause. They wouldn't tell me why the problem was, but I think it was my unregulated moods. I can be fine and then something happens and in seconds, I'm overflowing with stress and I can't stop it. I also have caught my facial expressions when irritated and it's pretty easy to see I do not look like someone you'd want to talk to....and a person cannot be in a leadership role with these issues plus zoning out, which I've never done.

Humira can be a great drug for some people. It can also be a loaded barrel being put in your mouth. And after all this, I found out that studies have been done which concluded Humira has little to no effect on my chronic health issue. The only drug that has shown results was sufazolozine. Trust your body! Even if doctor's won't listen. This drug alters some people's brain chemistry or wiring or something. Just over a year ago, I had a well paying job that was taking me in a great direction. I had plenty of friends and a social life and I was married for almost 5 years with almost no issues. Now I am alone in a city where I know no one with no savings, no family and no job. Weigh your options carefully.

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Chris Says:

I was scanning and reading these NEGATIVE reviews on HUMIRA and I strongly DISAGREE. I’ve been on it for four months and I’ve never been happier. I was literally beyond miserable and within 4-5 weeks of taking the Humira I saw a huge improvement in my skin (I have psoriasis) and I didn’t feel or look like a monster anymore. In two months I had almost no signs of my psoriasis. I feel much better. I didn’t want everyone to write Humira off.

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Alice Says:

Re: Chris (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I am glad Humira has been successful for you. My husband has psoriatic arthritis and it works wonders, his skin is clear and his joints are no longer inflamed. However... the downside is that it has massively affected his mental Heath, explosive temper, feeling empty, racing thoughts, highly irritable, feeling spaced out and not present. If you trawl the internet you can find many people taking Humira, especially men who are having the same problems. Admittedly not everyone is having this issue, and I am happy for you and your family that you are not because it is a nightmare. My brother in law also takes humira and he is not experiencing these problems either. My husband has tried coming off it but his skin flared almost immediately and is joints did too and he was in agony. He tried other meds too. He has mentioned it to his rheumatologist but of course they say they haven’t heard of this side effect! The first few days after he takes humira are participants bad. We then have a period of normality. I would love to hear from anyone else who is having these issues.

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Alice Says:

Re: Kennth (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I am so sorry! This sounds all too familiar. When will the rheumatologists start believing that Humira is causing these issues? Or should I say when will they start admitting it?

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Brett Says:

Re: Chris (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Happy for you, Just have those around you watch your attitude and reactions to situations, as time goes on. I took 1 shot every 7 days. I was on Humeria for 10 years the Dark Side slips in so slowly with Life changing affects.


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Brett Says:

Re: Camilles Mom (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I was on Humeria for 10 plus years. Shortly after I started taking it, 1.5 years after, I walked out of a 200k/year job. The social withdraw and the depression comes on so slow that you do not even recognize the change. The depression becomes dangerous, very dangerous. I almost killed myself. After many head doctors, one finally said stop the Humeria. Took almost three years after stopping for reality to reappear. Humeria also cause male Impotence. Girlfriend left over this. THEY say Humeria has NO half life, not true. Took three months for all to work its way out of my system. I also believe it is addictive. Withdrawals were tough, craved more, but I new the dark side of this drug. Insurance stopped covering Humeria years into the drug, I thought Humeria was the answer, I was so depressed I did not know better. Spent 100,000s on the drug over time, started at 1500 a week then climbed to +5000$ per week. FDA needs to look into these Biologics. Hope this helps. Ask and I shall try to answer. I am now smoking 4-5 cigarettes per day and 5 mg prednisone per day UC has beed in remission better then ever. By the way, my doctor fired me for stopping Humeria.

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Paul Says:

I can relate to a lot of this. I was on Humira for 4 years. It was the most horrendous psychological roller coaster ride of my life.
Actually finding out what was causing me the problems was very difficult. I thought that I was going out of my mind. Things got worse and worse eventually to the point where things got so bad on my inj. day that it was obvious what the problem was. I stopped Humira and it was like a whole new world. No more memory problems, no more anger or anxiety issues. I felt like the nightmare was over and I was myself again. I had my life back. It's hard to explain, but for me, Humira was an awful experience for me and one I will never go back to. I would sooner put up with pain.

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