How To Take Orange Suboxone Pill With 54 375

Lisa Says:

How do you administer the orange Suboxone pill imprinted with 54 375? Do you swallow it or put it under your tongue?

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Tray Says:

Just put under your tongue like a strip but I only put one at a time

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Verwon Says:
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Yes, this is a sublingual tablet that is intended to be dissolved under the tongue (NDC 0054-0189).

"Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual Tablets must be administered whole. Do not cut, chew, or swallow Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual Tablets. Advise patients not to eat or drink anything until the tablet is completely dissolved.

Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual Tablets should be placed under the tongue until it is dissolved. For doses requiring the use of more than two tablets, patients are advised to either place all the tablets at once or alternatively (if they cannot fit in more than two tablets comfortably), place two tablets at a time under the tongue. Either way, the patients should continue to hold the tablets under the tongue until they dissolve; swallowing the tablets reduces the bioavailability of the drug. To ensure consistency in bioavailability, patients should follow the same manner of dosing with continued use of the product.

Proper administration technique should be demonstrated to the patient."

Reference: DailyMed

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BUPEa Says:

Actually buprenorphine has a reduced effect if swallowed. That is why they warn not to talk while taking sublingually and why some people think the strips are stronger. Its not that they are stronger its just that if it dissolves quickly you are less likely to swallow some of it and wasting it.

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IknowWhatImtalkingAbout Says:

They do too work if accidentally swallowed. First time I took one, I accidently swallowed just as habit... It worked just took a little longer like the first reply mentioned.

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Matt Says:

The n8 are the originals. First off I took them while it was a test drug still so thats a fact. Another fact. The subutex are the same thing basically. They still have the blocker. They said the difference was they were harder to abuse but thats not true either. Ive witnessed it plenty in jail. None r better. They all have same amount of pain killer so its because u switched and whenever u switch types u might feel better or worse. Usually u feel better when u switch to a different one for like a day, then it goes away unless u have no tolerance to opioids. I was clean 3 months, took an 8th of the pill, yea half of a quarter and was medicated for two days, up all night. And your wrong dude, sorry, but swallowing em is a waste. It takes way longer to feel cuz ur not absorbing it into ur bloodstream. Ur mouth absorbs it under the tongue or thru your cheeks and if u take em right u can even spit them out after like ten mins cuz after ten mins it soaks into u and the rest that u have to swallow is additives and binders that cause constipation.,. I still leave em under the tongue till they're like almost gone, like a half hour just because if I spit it out I dont want my head thinking I don't feel em the same, but u will...

Why if they worked swallowed wouldn't they tell u to swallow them? I get canker sores from the pills sometimes n even the dr will tell u even then u gotta try a different spot in ur mouth like your cheek cuz swallowing doesn't work. And people listen to me. I don't talk unless I see ppl say incorrect stuff. I've been on it as long off n on as possible from the testing stage. I know my stuff. I know ppl that swallowed em when sick n couldnt handle the taste n he said he just barely was good enough to not be withdrawing too. It doesnt work. I speak in facts. And please if anyone says there's no blocker in subutex, please eat a methadone pill then try one. U get that precipitated withdrawal cuz I thought subutex had no blocker but I found out the wrong way, so dont try it. If ur stubborn n dont listen n try it please videotape ur withdrawal so u can show ppl. It's horrible. I was feeling like cutting my legs off they were so crazy uncomfy and yall know the feeling, just 100x worse than opaite withdrawal.

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Matt Says:

Re: IknowWhatImtalkingAbout (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Just cause u feel it doesn't mean it works fully. Why waste the money? If u take one n swallow it ud feel the same off a quarter under ur tongue. So why waste money n meds? Unless u absolutely have to cuz like u they make u sick, i understand, not arguing. But u know ur not getting the full effect, whether u feel em or not, It's wasting most of the pill. You really think sublingual meds are sublingual just to f with us? Look it up. Your stomach lining is too thick, plus all the acids in ur stomach. They only FULLY absorb thru under the tongue or cheek because there's no lining n the second they touch that thin skin they star collecting in ur bloodstream. If u swallow it ur just get what meds r left n work as ur body is metabolizing n it gets thru in other places, but i think they say u get like 25-50 percent if ur lucky, and it can be down to ten. So don't swallow it unless like my man above me u have to cuz u wont get the full effect n others need more than others because we're all different. U may only need a lil. Like i know ppl that just take a quarter a day and are fine under the tongue. If u swallow a quarter of it, it aint doing anything unless u have really low tolerance or the suboxone affects u more. But they're sublingual for a reason. FACT, QUICKEST AND BEST WAY TO GET IT IN THE SYSTEM.

I DONT ARGUE. THEY WORK FOR YOU. BUT OTHER PEOPLE SHOULDN'T SWALLOW THEM NOR SHOULD U BE TELLING THEM TO. THEY SHOULD DO IT THE RIGHT WAY UNLESS THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW IT, LIKE U GETTING SICK SO U HAVE TO. But u also know that orange nasty flavor got me sick too, but now im so use to it i dont even notice anymore. But just cuz u swallow them doesnt mean others should go against every medical textbook or facts there is to prove they are sublingual. You're just gonna make ppl take 4 a day instead of 2 cuz some ppl need 2, but if they swallow they're wasting money n meds n may need 4 to equal the 2 they'd be fine with under the tongue. Just cuz they got u sick and u made ur name "i know what im talking about" when u obviously dont, ur telling ppl to take their meds the wrong way.

What if it dont work enough and they relapse n die on fentanyl. Just cuz u swallow them cuz u cant handle them that's ur deal. They're sublingual for a reason. Not here to argue. Please look it up n find one dr or specialist that agrees with u. That's very dangerous to say u know what ur talking about just cuz u cant handle them under the tongue. Dont u think of the consequences of what u say??? Not to mention by saying swallow them your also saying take the risk that they wont work. Plus if they do not have their full effect u may relapse n die. You dont know the ppl ur talking to. Not all ppl have the money to waste up to 75% of an expensive ass medication, so what if they have to take more n relapse when they run out??? Do u think these aren't legitimate concerns of u telling ppl its okay to take it the wrong way? I dunno where u live but ppl r dropping like flys here n to see someone who uses not their real name but uses (iknowWhatImTalkingAbout) when u dont cuz what ur saying's dangerous. Everyones different. Follow your drs orders not mine or his.

We're not drs. Go to ur dr n ask him why u dont swallow them. If im wrong u can make me shame myself wearing a sign or something walking around the badlands in (philly). I'd prob get shot. That's how confident i am in what ive been taught the last 20+ years. Anyone been on them that long? Off n on, mostly on. Cuz if someones vpt half the time as me they will tell u the same for the full effect. I swallowed one when i had mad congestion n was gagging n from being on em for the last 4 yrs straight i can tell without a doubt i didnt feel it. I had to force myself to eat and took another half under my tongue and that half made me fine when I was still hurting from the whole one i swallowed. Dont use ur meds anyway but prescribed. Unless u have some reason u cant, then talk to ur dr please. Not these dumba***s that say the opposite of truth n dont realize everyone's different. So u dont say u know what ur talking about unless ur qualified to do so, which u arent, cuz no dr would tell u to swallow any sublingual meds, not just subs.

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Wild Bill Says:

Re: Matt (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Under the tongue and let them dissolve. Don't swallow them. It doesn't work, as the liner and acids in your stomach mess it up. They say it's harder to get off of boxes after taking them for a while.

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Jaxx Says:

Re: Matt (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hello I been taking subutex for about 3 weeks off streets & picked up a few hydros not sure y?? But went to Sub dr thought I would get subutex got suboxone!!!! How long should I wait to start them going thru sm w/d now no too bad but will my system take without precip wd since I hv beenusing subutex !!! Please help

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Kay Says:

I'm on the Suboxone 54 375. I don't care what anybody has to say in response to this or what anybody said below bc some were right and some were wrong. Eat 30-45 mins before, rinse your mouth out good, stick the Suboxone under your tongue or in your cheek. After it is completely dissolved swallow the spit. It's nasty af but swallow it. Then 30-45 mins later drink some water and swish it around then swallow that. Then brush your teeth. Then you can eat, drink, or smoke. One time I tested everybody's theory out I let mine dissolve then spit out the saliva it didn't work nearly as good as it did when I swallowed it. Hell, sometimes I swallow the saliva after the pill melted with Mt dew or Dr pepper bc of the taste and it still works. Please make sure you are brushing your teeth bc it will make them slowly hurt and it will slowly rot them. Oh yeah my Dr and another doctor and the pharmacist also told me to do it the exact way I just explained to you! Stay blessed and I hope you stay clean!

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Kay Says:

Re: Jaxx (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

If it's been 2-3 days since you took the hydro then yes take the Suboxone!

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6UNNy 6UNN Says:

With all the Suboxone strips and pills and Subutex pills ALWAYS put them under your tongue! Try to not swallow any of it because it's absorbed differently through your stomach and has no affect at that point so any you swallow will not be beneficial and don't eat nor drink within the first 30min after it's fully dissolved.

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