How To Administer Ozempic

Canadian Chick Says:

I am on my 2nd week of Ozempic (I started Sunday last week). I couldn’t tell if the needle went in so on the left side of my stomach I had 4 spots where I had poked. I finally did the injection on the right side and when I did I pushed down a bit because when I took the pen out I could see the indent of the pen and the needle bent a little.

That night when I had a bath I noticed on the left side where I did 4 pokes I had red dots. So the needle was going in without pushing.

It must have worked because my appetite was much less and I lost 10 pounds.

This week when I did the injection I did it in my stomach the left side. I didn’t really push down this time because I didn’t want to bend the needle. I pressed the button and after it clicked back to zero I counted to 30 and took it out. My skin had some liquid on it and so did the area around the needle.

Does that mean I didn’t get the dose?

Did I do it wrong?

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