How Many Time A Day To You Take An Xr?

Travis Says:

I've been on 2mg xanax BID, somaqQID, and Lortab QID for about 2.5 yrs plus. My tolerence to the xanax is goign up, so that got me interested in the XRs. Also, are there really 3mg BARS? b/c i've had the green bars and it is absolutely confirmed it's 2mg xaniez.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, there is a Xanax XR 3mg available, since it is an extended release, it is usually only taken once a day.

Have you discussed this issue with your doctor? You may need to just try a different medication.


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Kris Says:

I've never seen them but have been told that they're 3mg Xanax that look like green triangles

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