How Many Pills In A 24 Hour Period. Two Every Six Hours

Darrel Says:

They gave me Oxycodone. I take two every six hours how much is that in a 24 hour period? I had major surgery half my pacrease was taken out, gull bladder, and spleen. Two weeks ago I wounder how long I'll been on these meds. I hurt still.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Darrel! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you had and how much pain you're in.

If you take 2, every 6 hours, that would be 8 tablets a day.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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shaun Says:

I get percocet 5 every month it says take every 6 hours can i get it fill at the end of the month on the 31st if I got dem on the 2nd I just got put on dem Las month they had me on 10s

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Shay Says:

If my doctor told me to take two clindamycin pills every six hours. How many pills is that's a day?

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Roy Says:

Hi Shay, as Verwon had mentioned 2 pills every 6 hours is about 8 pills every 24 hours ... however, it also depends if you are sleeping for more than 6 hours at night, then you might only be awake for 3 doses each day which would end up being 6 pills per day. Hope that helps!

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Theresa Says:

Re: Roy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I may be wrong about this but if ur script says 2 pills every 6 hrs then wouldn't that be 12 pills every 24 hrs? The way u explained it sounds like ur saying there is only 12 hrs in a day. I take tramadol. And I'm humiliated all the time. A pharmacist was talking real loud and said it's to early, but my insurance let's it go through every 22 days. The pharmacist told me it's a 25 day supply. I'm taking them just like the bottle says: why would my dr. write the directions like that and then just assume u will take less then the bottle says? The pharmacist called my dr. acting all frantic and made me feel like a drug addict so my dr. canceled all my refills, there were 4 more refills left. I have been prescribed tramadol for 7 years straight by the same dr. If he is cutting me off doesn't he know that the withdrawals can be extremely dangerous? I have ran out early a few times and the withdrawals are extremely bad. I'm making a Dr appointment this week.

I have no tramadol and the withdrawals are starting. He basically canceled my scripts cuz my Insurance fills them every 22 days instead of 25 days. But like I said my script says 1 to 2 pills as needed. Well I need 2 pills every six hrs. And I get 200 pills every month so that is only a 17 day supply. This is the first time I used this pharmacy and he must have told my dr. that I was abusing or selling my pills. I never give my pills away. The pharmacist treated me so bad and made me feel like I was doing something wrong, but I'm doing exactly what the bottle tells me I can do. I'm dying of cancer anyways. So the least my Dr can do is keep me pain free in my short life. And I also have severe back problems; without the tramadol I can barely get out of bed. I go to work everyday even though I'm dying of cancer and the tramadol is a must if I'm going to be mobile. I'm 49 years old. Can someone tell me if I'm not right about this please?

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