How Many Days Are In One Bottle Taking It 3 Times


How many days are in one bottle taking 3 times a day

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Actually it depends on how many pills are in the bottle you are talking about, whatever amount your doctor wrote on your prescription, divided by 3.

Some insurance plans allow a 90 day supply, some only a 30, so it really depends on how many are in the bottle you have and none of us can guess at that.

If you look over the paperwork from your pharmacy from when you got your prescription, it will have a line on there that says Days Supply: and then a number and that will answer your question, or you can just ask your pharmacist if you can't locate the information on your own.

I do see that Carol posted a response, but that is not necessarily correct, just because she received a 90day supply at once, doesn't mean everyone does automatically.

For instance, my insurance will not cover more than a 30days supply of anything, regardless of what it is, yet my husband is on Medicare and for some drugs, he can get a 90 day supply.

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