How Long Until The Side Effects Of Topamax Will Wear Off?

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CJ Says:

I am 18 years old, I have been getting daily headaches for about two years. I went to my Neurologist about three months ago and he prescribed me Topamax. I have been taking it for these three months (approximately), starting out at 25mg a day, and now I am up to 100mg a day.

Well, this past week has been really hectic for me. I have been watching five kids and a few family issues have come up, so in short; on Tuesday night I forgot to take my night time dosage (75mg) of my meds. Wednesday morning I was feeling weird. At first I didn't understand why I felt so weird, but I felt awful. Midway through the day my boyfriend had asked me if I took my meds, so in a panic I remembered that I hadn't taken not only the night before but that mornings either. Knowing that it pretty much works by blocking nerve receptors I didn't want to take too much, so I only too 50mg in the middle of the day (approximately around 2pm). I started feeling a bit better after about an hour or so, but then everything started to get bad again (at the end of this I will explain/list all of the symptoms/side effects I've been experiencing.) So, I had to go lay down while he was watching the kids for me. Thank God my boyfriend is so caring and understanding. Anyways, Thursday comes around and even more family matters come up that send me into another panic. (I worry and stress entirely too much, probably the cause for my headaches in the first place, since my MRI's have come back normal.) And I again forget to take my morning and night dosages of Topamax.

From Tuesday until Friday night I had only had a total of 75mg of Topamax. But Friday night I took my normal dosage of 75mg before bed, && for the first time since Tuesday, I actually slept. Since Tuesday I hadn't slept. I would doze off and then wake up like 15 minutes later in a panic, or I would be talking to my boyfriend next to me and wake up, not knowing if it was a dream or if I was really talking to him. Also, if I was to doze off and someone were to talk to me, I would open my eyes and respond (being 100% coherent with what I said) and then my brain would "wake up" and I would have to ask the person if I had actually just said what I thought I said because I wasn't sure if I was awake or not. This same thing happens even when I was awake. I would say something, and right after I say it I would have to ask if I really just said what I said out loud because I wasn't 100% sure if I has actually said something or if I was just thinking it.

Saturday morning I took my morning dosage of 25mg, and told my mum what happened over the past few days and what I have been feeling. She told me that because I had skipped so many dosages and then had taken a full dosage of my Topamax that it had been like over kill on my body/brain. Because when she forgets one of her heart meds and then takes one she gets the side effects all over again even when her body had gotten used to the meds before. So last night she only had me take 25mg of Topamax, trying to get my body used to the drug again. She also said to watch my side effects && if they persist or get worse than we will call the Neurologist.

Things that I have been experiencing the past days are;
My head feels weird. It varies between tingling, pressure, && headaches.
Pins && needles in my arms/legs, sometimes they feel heavy (mostly when I'm laying down.)
Not remembering what I said right after I said it.
Sudden bursts of tiredness where I feel like I need to lay down right away.
Racing heart. (this one has gone away. I finally got my heart beat to go from the 100's down to it's normal 60-70 range.)
Doing things and losing track of time. (Not knowing how long I was doing it for. Seconds vs minutes)
Just feeling like I am on auto-pilot.
All in all, I guess one could say that I feel high.

I know that most of the things that I listed are side effects, but I just need/want to know, has anybody ever missed a dosage or two of Topamax and then taken a full dosage? And if so, have you felt like this? How long until you felt like yourself again?

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Verwon Says:

What you experienced are actually withdrawal symptoms and they will happen any time you miss doses like this and they should stop, when you take another dose and it processed into your blood stream.

And no, if you've only missed a couple of doses, you shouldn't start back with a lower dose, you should go ahead and take your regular dose as that will be the fastest way to get rid of the symptoms and return to normal.

Learn more Topomax details here.

If your mother is missing doses of her heart medications and then not taking the full dose as soon as she remembers, she is playing a very dangerous game and should talk to her doctor about it.

I'd suggest using some method to remind yourself to take your medication regularly, such as putting a reminder in your cell phone, or leaving notes around the house for yourself.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Bonny 123 Says:

Just coming off topamax 25 mg in for my 3 day don't like side affects coming off it why is my face swelling rebound headaches topamax was giving me panic attacks aniexty attacks

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iamt0ma13 Says:

I stopped taking Topomax because I have had thinning hair and tinnitus, A loud, hissing noise in my ears that is painful and debilitating. A few days after stopping my regimen, (50 mg x2 daily and 100 mg @ bedtime,) I started experiencing fluttered vision and difficulty staying awake. This is odd as I suffer from insomnia and Topomax is a med that was helping me sleep as well as a mood stabilizer. Several days later, I'm nervous driving, my eyes roll back in my head, I fall asleep randomly even though I struggle desperately to stay awake. I have seen people behave like this when they are opioid addicts which I am not. I have never been able to take an opiate without violently puking. I have felt feverish and have been suffering these symptoms for approx. five days. Is this a normal side effect from Topomax withdraw? If so, how much longer should I expect this to last? I would rather suffer through the rest of it than go back on this medication. I have been taking Topomax for two years.

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K Says:

This sounds exactly like what i am going through. i developed kidney stones from being on topamax the past 2 years. so my MD stopped the medication during my hospitalization for the stones. (yes this is a side effect of topamax, unbenounced to me). I missed 5 days of the med and have had 2 migraines, now have this constant throbbing headache, my whole body feels hot, I have a slight fever, and last night I felt paranoid like someone was going to break into my house. It is miserable. I was only on 62.5 mg once a day. My MD advised me to restart at half my dosage for 5 days and then stop to prevent withdrawal seizures, but I am hesitant as I have already been off for 5 days. Did your symptoms get any better?

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sandra Says:
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Im supposed to take 50mg of topomax for my bipolar. But my pills are 100mg I forgot to cut it in half and took the hole pill hands and feet and heavy and tingling. My right side of my face is numb and tingle s too...its awful. ...

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Rita Says:

This what Topamax does when your on that medication....You need to get off the medication and be put on something-else cause it will not get any better. I was on Topamax for over 2mos and still experiencing side effects from it and i have been off it for 6wks had the same side effects that you are experiencing and why in the hell does your Dr still have you on that medication for?

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Applewood Says:
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I just started 2 days ago and I'm on 50mg/day. Obviously I'm not taking enough because I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Than you for sharing. I take it for bipolar and nerve damage. I've taken 5 different mood stabilizers in the pat month and this is the only one that seems to help with the least side effects. I am experiencing vivid colors that are very bright is this normal?

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Mackenzie Says:
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I am on topamax, about 2 weeks ago I stopped taking my 100 mg in the morning completely. ( without doctors orders.) about a week before i stopped taking the topamax I also stopped taking my adderal 25 mg because everytime I was coming down at night i would become moody. about 4-5 days ago symtoms of i guess withdrawal started. panic attacks, crying spellings for absolute no reason, muscle aches, running thoughts, unable to think clearly, tiredness, hardtime remembering things and confusion. I however am not having withdrawal from adderal and i have deciced to take a full 25 mg of adderal & slowly work my way down but i was doing wonderful off the adderal so i dont think its that. i also am going to do the same with topamax and have take 100 mg of that & have started to slowly take myself off that. im still feeling most of those withdrawal symtoms & i want nothing more than to be myself or " feel " myself again. so if anyone please help to at least let me know how long this would last that would really help so much thank you . plus i wouldnt recommed topamax to anyone , i took it for 2 years & it for a slight mood stablizer & to help me lose some weight i gained that another medication made gain .

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Samantha Says:
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Head pressure nerve pain and don't feel right!! Pain in side ! Anyone experience this?!

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Red Says:
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Been on Tofumax since September 2015 after being hospitalized. Past 3 days feeling pressure, nerves jumping and tingling in my head and it's freaking me out! I'm only on 25mg and have had every test possible in the hospital. Was diagnosed with complicated migraines. Do these side effects go away?

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Samantha Says:
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Yes I've been going through the same thing it's unfortunately normal and it will go away eventually I've been to so many doctors thinking something is wrong but it's withdrawals believe me it's been hell!! I really wouldn't wish this on anyone!

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linda Says:

Took topamax 50mgs it made me depressed called doc she told me to stop so I did just didn't feel right some headaches feeling. Like I'm not able to concentrate for a moment then I lose it able again feeling like going nuts

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Erin Says:
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I have been taking topamax 100 mg and experienced severe tingling in my hands and feet (mostly at night). A weird occurrence that happened to me was that around the time I started the medication at 100 mg (i started at 25mg) i developed constipation and pain in my sides but not sure if this was medication related. Ive never had these issues in the past. Has anyone else ever experienced these side effects on this medication?

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DaveW Says:
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I had gotten so clogged and sick. I seen where this can cause that. Tried calling doc couldn't get a return call. I did stop now muscle pains head pressure I'm try again calling him. With draws what I seen from people.

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SallyG Says:

I took Topamax 25mg daily for migraines when first prescribed by my neurologist, All went well with no apparent side effects for the first 2 weeks. I still had some migraines, but fewer, so my dose was increased to 50mg a day. After another 2 weeks, I noticed a significant increase in anxiety causing irritability and behavior changes as well as memory problems. I made a lot of errors at work, damaged my relationships and lived in fear I was going to be fired or burn down my house. I asked to decrease the dose and now have been back down to 25mg for about a month. I still have the side effects but not so severely. I guess i will have to get off this med altogether.

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Heather Says:
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Ive only been on topamax (trokendi xr 50mg ) for 30 days and the 1st 2 weeks had the odd tingling in my hands and feet. Insomnia. But helped 100% for headaches and migraines i had 4 to 6 times a week.
So i dealt with it. Lost the taste of sodas. And noticed my tongue always had small bumps like i burned it but everythinf just tasted a little off.. mostly sodas . . . Which wasnt so bad in my case helped me drink more water.
Now 4th week in ive had a unexpected unusual 2nd (menstrual) odd bleeding. Cramping and abd pain mainly left side abd. Pain groin pain. And now i have to take extra breaths .. as if i have a hard time catching my breath now and muscle aches mainly back and left side pain for days.
Catscan with contrast showed every thing normal pelvic ultrasound normal blood work normal although my kidney level is getting higher than its ever been.
But never have i ever felt like this. Abd. Pain and camping has been the worst. I stopped the medication. Told the doctor office this morning these were the serious side effects on websites and im stopping nurse said they would call back once talked with doctor that was 9am still havent heard a thing from him yet now we are into the weekend.

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Sandy Says:

I started Topamax three weeks ago and the first week I was a complete zombie and had all of the symptoms: tingly sensation in my fingertips, seltzer tasted funny, trouble concentrating, sleepiness, anxiety, etc. After that week, I started taking Wellbutrin for depression and Vitamin B and Vitamin D and now I still feel a bit tired but I dont feel any of those other symptoms anymore. I dont know if my body just needed time to get used to it or if it was the added drug/vitamins or what but I am glad for it. Still havnt experienced weight loss though. I started at 25 mg and now i am up to 50. Anyone have any ideas about that?

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Tracey Says:
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Yes really bad pain in my lower abdomen caused by the topirimate

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Cheri Says:
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Started taking Topamax a week ago for nerve pain. 25mg 2x day. Side effects are worse than the nerve pain. Loss of appetite didn't bother me, I would love to lose a few extra pounds. But I'm always thirsty and have developed a sore throat that is not soothed by throat lozenges. My joints ache and 800mg ibuprofen did not relieve joint pain. I keep crying for every little thing. I've become figity, can't sit still. I've got horrible abdominal pain. And insomnia is why I'm posting at 4:30am. This drug is pure poison. Avoid it at all costs!

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Zimadon Says:

I've been on them for years now for migraine prevention and they do help a lot but the memory loss side effects is really bad for me and was difficult to accept. i had to trade off the migraines for my memory but i could not live with the pain of those migraines anymore, but now i feel a bit dumb off these topamax and after hearing about others experiences of feeling paranoid off them and other strange pains i now wonder if it was the topamax all along. i wish i could stop taking it but every time i try to cut down i get an almighty headache which i refer to as a "topamax headache" as the type of headache is very specific in the way it feels. it makes me feel like i've been hit on the head with a baseball bat and you feel like that for at least 3 days, like a dull but constant pressure. They sure are evil tablets and if i knew how bad they were i would have thought twice about going near them. i have been addicted to opiates in the past and Topamax is just as difficult to quit for me due to the "extreme" side effects it creates when you try to stop. luckily i am only on 25mg a day, despite my doctor trying to get me to take at least 4x this dose i was wise enough not to follow them (do they get financial incentives for prescribing higher doses, i often wonder!) anyway the only way i see to get off topamax is to do a long gradual reduction just like you do with any addictive drug. Topamax directly effects your brain and your body is used to what your taking each day so to remove that will make you sick. so the only way is to do it by very slight amounts and very gradually. Sadly this means not following your doctors direct instructions. i say this because the tablets only come in a minimum of 15mg as far as i am aware but even if they had 5mg tabs this is still way too high of a reduction. you should be chipping off a tiny bit of one of your tablets each day, take the same amount off each day (use a nail file to file tablets down if needed). you need to do you. first cut down and be able to go at least 7-10 days with no problems before you reduce further. for me this is the only way your ever going to let your body get used to the reduction. this method may take a long time to reduce depending on how much your on but you should in theory avoid the horrible side effects. It may not be a practical solution for some who don't have time to file tablets down but this is how you cut down... i'm about to start my cut down again after failing the first time due to not being strict enough with my reduction and cutting down too much which gave me terrible headaches. My doctor told me topamax is really bad for causing kidney stones and i've been having kidney pains for the past 6 months, so i gotta stop. Good luck (I'm sure it will help if you eat a varied and healthy diet while reducing, plus some vitamins tabs, give yourself the best chance possible, set a reduction plan and go with what your body can cope with..)

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