How Long For Loss Of Appetite From Ozempic?

Rmor Says:

Just started Ozempic for weight loss. In my 4th week and now taking 0.5mg... I don’t really feel any loss of appetite. Does it take a little longer for that to kick in? I have had no side effects which makes me wonder if it’s even working? Lol

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Theresa Says:

I took my first dose of Ozempic and feel nothing, no side effects at all. I am hungry and there is no reduction in appetite. Anyone else? I wanted to lose weight.

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Hogslice Says:

Re: Theresa (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I started with 1mg and the next day was nauseous and vomited after eating. I quickly learned that I cannot eat the same portions plus my appetite greatly diminished. After 4 months I lost 30 lbs and have minor side effects. Fatigue is my major side effect. If you are feeling nothing ask your Dr to up the dosage. I just saw my Dr and he felt like I've hit a plateau on the weight loss so I will start 2mg. Then he told me that he did study trials for Mounjaro (tirzepatide) and said it works even better and will switch me to that when it's available. It was just FDA approved and will be on the market next month. So if Ozempic doesn't work there is hope for this other medication. Hopefully increasing the dose will work for you. Take care.

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