How Long Does It Take Suboxone To Get Out Of Your System

Jamnewstart Says:

I had surgery due to a bad pinched nerve on march of 2013 on lots of strong meds, Ive been on the suboxone for 1 month 4mg under your tougne twice a day weaned myself down to 2mg a day...I feel like I'm getting myself in a worst spot...taking this stuff any longer.I stopped my last one on July 25th @ 7pm ....PLEASE SOME HELP ME I NEED SOME ENCOURAGEMENT

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Boxerdad Says:

Hi NewStart,
Let me say that Suboxone is a very powerful drug. I am writing you at all hours of the night due to my insomnia (my last dose was July 19th at 7pm). When I stopped, I was on 1mg a day (after 6yrs of use and 1.5 yrs of tapering down). It hasn't been easy, but it will get better, and it WILL get better for you too! Life sucks for a couple of weeks, no doubt, but just think of the freedom from dependence when it's all over. Keep your head up and fight an hour at a time. Your going to feel some withdrawals, there is no 2 ways about it. But you can do it. I am only 9 days into kicking it. It still hurts, my legs are restless and I can't get comfortable. But before long I will be comfortble, and so will you. Be a soldier and march through the pain. Good luck and God bless.


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Jenna Says:

Thank you for your input Boxerdad!

Jamnewstart, you did the right thing by tapering off the medication. Did you stop taking it completely at (2 mg)? If so, you may experience some withdrawals- but since you weren't taking the Suboxone for too long they may not be as severe as it would be for someone who has been taking a high dosage of Suboxone for years. Suboxone has a half life of 36 hours, which means that every 36 hours 1/2 of your last dose will leave your system. I can't tell you exactly how long it will take to leave your system, but hopefully that information will give you some insight.

Just make sure to stay hydrated with alkaline water (water with lemons or limes if you don't have a citrus allergy), eat clean, and exercise. Doing all of those things will support the function of the lymphatic system and should help the drug to rid itself from your body even faster.

I hope this helps, keep your head up because you are doing the right thing for your health!! :)

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jamnewstart Says:

Thanks for everyones advice it has truly help me today is the 29th of July and I'm still hanging in there nothing severe I feel like crap all day my eyes water really badI also have really bad headaches and my stomach still upset allday

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Danielle Says:

hi, how is it going with getting off the sub? i have been on subox a little shy of 3 years now and have a ton of admiration for those of you that manage to get yourselfs off of this stuff. i take less than i used to but not planning the super wean just yet. A very good friend of mine recently finished his wean (we're talking micro tablet chips, rubbing on gums) - he is not himself yet but he sounds much better than he did last week, so I can see there is definitely forward progression there. good luck to you and don't be too hard on yourself, this is a big effin deal : )

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jamnewstart Says:

today is Aug 2nd..still no more suboxone strips but on the 6th day it hit my body like a ton of bricks I chicken out and took two vicoden, I know a set back, because I just took more to stop withdrawls again..Anybody WHAT CAN I TAKE TO HELP ME GET THUR THIS I WAS ALMOST THERE...IS it SOMETHING I CAN HAVE MY DR.GIVE..PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP?????????

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Boxerdad Says:

New start,
I am glad to hear you are still fighting the good fight. Today is day 14 for me and I have never felt better. Still a little restless at night in my legs but all and all I feel great.

During this process I have been taking Aleve day and night. In my opinion, it works much better than Advil. Also, Nyquil and DayQuil work great. They take away the "flu"like symptoms of withdrawals. Keep your head up and don't give up. You have made it this far and the hardest part is behind you. Get some Ny/DayQuil and truck 1 hr at a time. It will get better and you will be ok.
God Bless and Good Luck

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kenny Says:

I took some addys.. This helped me.. I was on 4 a day and quit cold turkey.. After two weeks i wasnt getting any better.. Then i took an addarol.. Yep it helped.. I still fill like s*** but im comming around

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David Says:

I've been on suboxone for 3 1/2yrs. I've been weaned down to 1 mg a day(film cut into 8pcs) for the past year. I'm on my 5th day with no suboxone. I've been taking Kratom since I quit & I swear to you that it's working. I'm still having pain in my legs and trouble sleeping, but I should be way sicker. Kratom works. Good luck to you all:-)

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mistyisssurviving Says:

Just wanted updates on how everyone is doing. I'm a long term hydro/oxycodone addict and today is DAY 1..... in scared and nervous but determined. I took 4 mg of Sub and will take the otjery half later and will do this for a wk or so then bring down the amount of Subs. thats my plan atleast. Praying it works. This madness has to stop.

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jj87 Says:

It depends on how much of hydrocodone you were taking. I was on like 10 pills a day for about 2 years. I started the sub about 2 day ago. I really just take a tinny piece probably about 1mg or less and I haven't really felt any withdrawls just a little headache the first day. I'm an athlete and I train and push my body a lot and I've heard that excersize helps your body produce more neurotransmitters which is what you are lacking because of opioid abuse. Now on day 3 and I really don't feel the need to take a sub anymore I feel normal. Ibuprofen helped when I get the headache and a little cannibis to get me eating normally again and I feel great but maybe the amount of opioids in my system might be less than others Idk. so I know it could be hard but my advice would be to take as little of the sub as possible to keep you feeling normal try to exercise as much as you can which youre not going to feel like doing but try to exercise and eat regular meals. All the best

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savanna Says:

I am tapering off i went from 16mg a day to 2mg i started tapering at the end of sept. It hasnt been to bad my dr told me that after i take my very last suboxone dose it will be out of my system in 4 weeks/ im putting this info out for other people who dont know or are not using suboxone under the care of a dr. I tried looking up how long subs remain in your system but i could not find the answer so i asked my sub dr.

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hyperone Says:

I only took suboxone twice for 2 days and it was just really small pieces of a strip its been about 24 hours now since I last took it would it b out of my system by now and this was my first time ever taking it???????

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shine Says:

What is Katram? Is it legal? Can you find it over the counter? Will it come up in a drug check?

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ExJunkie Says:

I hope that you were able to get your hands on some Clonidine. That will help calm you and prevent RLS.

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kally Says:

your Dr should taper you of the suboxone not yourself it will be a safer taper ask him or her to please do this for you.

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Newstartatlife07 Says:

Ok so I have a question I have been on an off H for 4 years when I wasn't on H I was on perks I been clean of H for 4 days I got some subs to get me off the perks. They are 8mg tablets today is the 21st I took my first dose at 5 am I have to go see my p.o. on the 27th an may get diagnosed. If I only take it for 3 days will it be out of my system by the 27th?

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kally Says:

no you can look on line it takes like 2 weeks to get out Google it

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Ginny Says:

Andy, wow! That is incredible! Hope things are better for you.! I have a 5 yr old and not only am I on suboxone (5 yrs now,AND Xanax...constant withdrawal seizures every time I run out or try to stop..I want to stop BOTH so bad but the obvious thing to stop 1st I think would be the suboxone?.. After all..bad enough going through it at all..and out of long did it take you and did you succeed?

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Ginny Says:

Thank you savannah...I was wondering what a possible 8-16 mg ween would look like time I'm looking to know what I'm up against as far as is it REALLY bad or REALLY long...or both?..scared!

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My new Pain Management just EASILY GOT ME OFF 3 1/2 years of 12mg Subutex by putting me on Norcos, Morphine er (30mg) and xanax (also Soma for restless leg syndrome) This is THE ONLY WAY TO GET OFF SUBS WITHOUT SUFFERING ANY WITHDRAWALS! Before you get pissed and start telling me that I'm substituting one addiction for another, please keep reading. (btw, I HAVE TO GET OFF THE SUBS FOR UPCOMING LOWER BACK SURGERY)
1. I quickly went from 12 mg p/day to 8 mg and 3 days later I went to 6mg of Subs using Xanax and I felt Great!
2. Per my Dr's and my plan, I stopped my Subutex cold turkey and waited almost 48 hours. (strangely I didn't have any wd symptoms (maybe from the Xanax)
3. At approx 45 hours off the Subutex, I took one 10/325 Norco and one 30mg Morphine er. I was scrared...didn't know how it would make me feel, but I felt NORMAL, THANK YOU GOD.
4. I went to see my Dr as planned today to see how I am feeling and I THANKED him and I told him that I didn't have any wd's at all. He upped my dose of Morphine er from 30mg twice per day to 60mg twice per day (just in case I start feeling any nausea or vomiting. The Norcos are for break thru pain if needed. I will take the Xanax in the mornings, in the afternoons and at bedtime as I have every night for several years for nightmares due to my parents passing away 37 hrs apart a few years ago.
5. My Pain Management Dr and I discussed how we will slowly taper me off of the norcos and the morphine 4 weeks from now. I will only use the morphine if I REALLY need it, otherwise, I won't use it. After me being on this plan for a month, the SUBS will be out of my system and I will begin getting Epidurals until I have my surgery on L4/L5. I AM THRILLED TO BE GETTING OFF OF SUBS (ALSO KNOWN TO EVERYONE ADDICTED TO IT AS "PURE EVIL")
I Thank GOD that he lead me to this Dr., he has gotten many patients off of SUBS SAFELY and I really do believe that other PAIN MNGMT DR'S ARE DRUG DEALERS THAT USE THEIR MEDICAL LICENSE AS A TOOL TO MAKE MONEY OFF GETTING US ALL HOOKED ON SUBS! AVERAGE OFFICE VISIT FOR THEM IS $200 EVEN IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE! THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND THEY DON'T CARE THAT THESE SUBS ARE RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES! (I do believe that Subs are a lifesaver for the right candidates), but while Sub patients are struggling to pay for their office visit and their meds, these Dr's are living the HIGH LIFE (no pun intended) They took an oath "TO FIRST DO NO HARM" then they got GREEDY! PLEASE REPLY BACK TO ME IF YOU WANT FURTHER INFO AND OTHER DR'S THAT WILL HELP YOU WITH THIS PLAN. Take Care and GOD BLESS US ALL

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