How Long Does Fentanyl Patch Stay In Urine

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Does fentanyl show up in urine and if so how long after stopping does it show up?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, Fentanyl is an opiate and will show up in your urine as such.

Once you stop using them, narcotics are usually detectable in a urine test for up to 72 hours, though this can vary, depending on the dosage and length of time you've been using it.

However, if you have a prescription, there is no need to worry, you simply need to tell them, when you go in for the test.


Are there any comments or questions?

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John doe Says:

Fentanyl is one of the fastest acting drugs due to it's administration routes, and the nature of the med. As a result, it's also one of the fastest to move through your body. Fast in and fast out.

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linda jones Says:

Does the fast in fast our include urine specifically being checked for fentanyl such as the GC MS test?

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linda jones Says:

sorry, my reply should have read, does the fast in and fast out theory also apply to urine being checked specifically for fentanyl such as the GC MS test?

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linda jones Says:

also does the route of administration of fentanyl make any difference how long fentanyl metabolites can be detected in urine. i.e. the patch vs. IV?

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Genn Says:

Fentanyl is an opioid not an opiate. Therefore when testing for opiatrs it will not show up.

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Lake County Says:

So it won't show up as a opiate on a eight panel drug screen??? Your saying cause its a opoid

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Genn Says:

Yes that I what I am saying. I get tested randomly once a month and it's never shown up. But, on a gc/mc it will show up. Need to know what type of test they are doing.

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Jesus Says:

You're a moron. Opioid=Opiate. They are one and the same.

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swim Says:

No sir, you are wrong! Fentanyl is a fully synthetic OPIOD and as such does not contain opiate in it, does not contain morphine. Therefore fentanyl will not show up in your urine as an opiate, it will not show on a basic 12 panel dipstick. They do however have a specific dipstick for Fentanyl but they are rather expensive and most places do not buy them. The only other way to test for it is if it sent to the lab

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NorthernCaliWife Says:

You are VERY correct. I go to pain management and when I am tested for my patches they NEVER show up in my urine on a 12 panel, but once the doc sends it to the lab, it always comes back positive for fentynl. I also take dilaudid.. it us also synthetic opioid.... it NEVER shows up either on a 8 or 12 panel... Once my urine goes to the lab and is tested... it comes back positive

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brett Says:

Synthetic opioids still show up as in the same...sorry ur a complete moron... airways comes up as positive in my opiate drug panel.

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Jo Says:

Ok Bret I doubt your a doctor but im going to ask you anyway, I got off my drug of choice oxycodone and started on methadone, had a weird reaction so they put me on morphine, but I have been having problems anyway I had a couple fentynal patches and put one on because they help will this show up in 3 days when I go back to the pm?

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dsp2507 Says:

Dudes a dumbass i go to the methadone clinic everyday and ive had a few dirty urines from doing heroin and they come up dirty for opiates for the dope and dirty for fentanyl from the being cut with it but 2 seperate test one is opiate one is fentanyl that would be like saying suboxone or methadone are opiates they are not they are opioids and each opioid has its own test

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kimmieK37 Says:

I am an RN with a Masters degree and ALL opiates or synthetic opioids show up on drug screens....PERIOD

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Chelle Says:

Kimmie how long do they stay in ur system?

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At A Loss Says:

My new Pain Management NP informed me on my last two visits that my urine test has come up negative for Fentanyl (they do a U.A. monthly). I am confused as to how my test is now negative when I have never been questioned regarding the use of my transdermal Fentanyl patch at ANY pain management facility when tested regularly for years. Is it possible they have a new dipstick test? I just can't understand how they can make this determination in less than 20 minutes after taking my U.A. test at this Pain facility. I was told that if my next month test is negative again, they would need to discontinue prescribing my Fentanyl patch that I have taken for 7+ years. I am at a loss and have tried to research this on the internet but there seems to be so much conflicting information. I need my medications in order to continue working or may need to look at early retirement (which I am not ready for at 50yrs old). Is it possible they are making a mistake? I explained to them that I often run out early as the patch usually falls off after a shower and seems almost useless trying to tape them back on. By the time I return for my next appointment (which is usually late-31 days), I am out of them. I am going to be sure to save one for the day before my next appointment in mid June, 2014. I am still concerned as I never had this come up before on a urine test. I am also worried of being red-flagged then having to live (OR NOT) with this horrible spine disease. Please help :-(

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miss Says:

Ms doe

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miss Says:

Kimmie the RN is absolutely correct. Also i'm on probation and when i did my weekly testing it barely showed on the 12 panel, but at lab it was positive for hydromorphone(dilaudid), which is synthetic morphine and 10x more potent (info told to me by my MD), also positive for fentanyl. The lab can detect everything!

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miss Says:

At A Loss saving one sounds like a good idea, but also if it's the 3rd day, and the patch is still sticking really well go ahead and leave it on. I always changed mine every 72hrs as directed, but last spring a 10yr old girl in my community pulled her grandfather's used patch he had worn for like 80hrs out of the trash, put it on her leg, and overdosed and died. It was devastating. That proved to me that there is still plenty of medicine left after the 3 days so i decided to wear mine until it stopped working. At 7 days the pain was back in full force, and I started experiencing what I lated found out were withdrawal symptoms. I've discovered that on avg. they last about 5 days. I have noticed, though, if I sweat alot it seems to make it wear off faster. Also, just because it won't stick, doesn't mean it won't work. All you have to do is use bandage tape, tape it on, and it's as good as new. I honestly cant believe ur Dr didnt tell u that. Duh!

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