How Long Does .1 Mg Of Clonidine Last For?

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Ok mom 2978 Says:
Im a 33 year old woman. I was just prescribed .1 mg of clonidine for OxyContin withdrawals. I have bend using Oxy's for about 2 years now. The clonidine seem to be working and I have weined myself off from 60mg a day to 20mg. But now the next step is to go off completely. I need to know how long they last in your system. I know it's at least 3 or 4 hours but not sure if any longer. I want to take my next dose before the withdrawals start. Plz help. Mom of 2

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David Says:
The plasma level of clonidine peaks in approximately 3 to 5 hours and the plasma half-life ranges from 12 to 16 hours. The half-life increases up to 41 hours in patients with severe impairment of renal function.

NOTE: it generally takes about 5 half lives for the drug to be completely out of your system.

Following oral administration, about 40-60% of the absorbed dose is recovered in the urine as unchanged drug in 24 hours. About 50% of the absorbed dose is metabolized in the liver. Neither food nor the race of the patient influences the pharmacokinetics of clonidine.

Does this help to answer your question? Please post back if there's anything else that needs clarification.

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Steve Says:
I detoxed off the last 30 mg's of methadone with Clonidine. Doesn't help w/nausea, but does help with everything else. Not sure of the half-life, but I do know it should be taken 3x's/day for opiate withdrawal. Ask your dr to check your BP, and if it isn't low, have him either give you more doses or raise what you have already. My own personal experience had me taking 0.2 mg's, 3x's/day. I then slowly lowered my mid-day dose, then morning dose, and finally the evening dose once I felt I could get some sleep on my own. Very important to check you BP, even if it's at your local pharmacy. I still take it to this day as needed for anxiety symptoms. Life-saver for opiate w/drawals.

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Ok mom 2978 Says:
Helpful,but I'm a little confused by "half life"?is that half a clonidine?

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Steve Says:
To make the math easy, lets say you took 10 mg's of any drug, and it has a half-life of 12 hours. Well, in 12 hours your body would have eliminated half of the drug, and you would have 5 mg's, (or half of the original dose), still in your system. Although IMO I don't consider the half-life important unless you are worried about passing a drug test because even though a drug may have a "half-life" of 8-12 hours, (Xanax for example), the effects are only felt for 4-6 hours in ppl taking it regularly, (in my case I feel them for 4 hours) . Better example would be the benzo sleeping pill I take, (Dalmane), which has a half-life of 45-250 hours. Even though it helps me sleep for 7-8 hours, I sure don't feel it 45 hours later, nevermind 250 hours. So don't confuse a drugs half-life with how long it's effects last for. Sorry for rambling.

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farmer joe Says:
I know it sounds crazy , but I take 140 to 200 mg of vicoden a day . Just wondering what am I to expect when I quit in a few days. Have stockpiled some clonopin. Plan to taper off my vicoden doses gradually.

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Cholas Says:
Expect the worst... Opioid withdrawals are one of the hardest things I've ever been through. :(. The experience can't kill you if you are in decent health. I recommend looking up the Thomas Recipe or , if you are as lucky as me, use Suboxone extremely sparingly to get past the first 4-7 days; this is when "the sickness" is at its most intense. I had a "worse" habit as I was on ab 120-160 mgs of Opana; do believe me when I say it is no Fuggin Joke.

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casey Says:
I went to the hospital 4 nights ago for opiate withdrawals. I was given a clonidine patch and 10my clonidine. I was also given 16 librium. I took the patch off the next day and took 3 of the clonidine and 5 of the Librium over the next 2 days. I have not taken either now for about 36 hours but I still feel incredibly tired. Does anyone know which drug is causing this? If so how long will it last? Any help would be great thanks.

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Hiawathette Says:
Casey, both Librium and clonidine can keep you feeling extremely exhausted for a few days after you've last taken them. Of course, so can first and second stage opiate withdrawals. When I was kicking, I was very tired for a few weeks, but it passed. My advice to you would be to just sleep when you can as your body will resume feeling better faster that way. good luck!

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Mom needs help Says:
via mobile
My dr gave me an anti seizure med to take for a week and .1 clonodine to get off Klonopin. Starting it today....I was taking about 12-20 mg Klonopin a this gonna help? I'm scared to just stop the K and start the other meds but I need to. Will I be miserable? Already detoxed off opiates...that was awful but I survived. Will this be worse, same, better? TERRIFIED of the anxiety :-( any advice please???

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Sandy Says:
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Thank you, for all the info i have read u have helped the most. Been on 100mg of methadone for 2 yrs and stopped 7 days ago but haven't slept at all. Dr just prescribed clondine patch and i was wondering if it helps. Any more advice to get through this? Thanks!

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Bruce Says:
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I take about 15 10/325 precocet a day I have Clonidine 30 pills 0.1 I need to know how many to take and how many times a day to quit the percocets help please

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Stella Says:
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I took a 15mg morophine pill today and am still feeling sick. How soon am I able to take Clonidine?!

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Lee Says:
I was given 0.1 Clonodine @ 5 hours when awake for paraxsysmal hypertension. This was an incredibly STUPID prescription, as I now cannot get off the Clonidine without my blood pressure spiking as high as 250-300/120, putting me at risk of heart attack and/or stroke. I am so strongly sedated by the drug that I've spent most of the past year in bed asleep—the worst possible thing for my cardiovascular condition. I can't hold a job, can't even keep my apartment clean. My whole life has been destroyed. I am thinking of suing the sorry excuse for a doctor who did this to me.

Be VERY careful with how much, how often, and how long you take Clonidine or you will simply trade one addiction for another, possibly more lethal one.

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meme1987 Says:
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I take clonidine .1 mg and I accidently took two this morning is it going to hurt me ?

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Jenna Says:
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I completely agree! My dr gave it to me to help get of Klonopin but it was AWFUL! I couldn't function at all!!!! I just ended up going back on the Klonopin for my anxiety (but no abuse of it anymore) and things are SO much better...totally agree it's a terrible drug!

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Lee Says:
Meme-No, it won't hurt you, but you'll probably go to sleep. I often ended up double-dosing because, taking it so often, I was too drugged to remember my name, let alone whether or not I had taken my meds. I finally had to lay them all out for the day and put alerts on my phone.

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Mary Says:
via mobile
Hi I'm in the same situation on 30 methadone and have prescribed clonidine. I can only get 4 weeks off work. How long did it take for u to get through withdrawal? How well does the clonidine work? Chrs

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Lee Says:
I don't know how well it will work for your situation. I was inappropriately prescribed Clonidine as a prophylactic to prevent episodes of paroxysmal hypertension—that is, my blood pressure suddenly jumps to 250/120 or higher, for no apparent reason. I've been on it for two years, most of which I slept through, and have been trying, without success, to get off it for about 6 months.

It has what the med industry coyly calls a "rebound effect." So now, I not only still have the original paroxysmal hypertension, but I have zero cardiovascular fitness, my heart races from just walking from one room to another, I have essential hypertension too, and if I reduce one dose by 1/4, my blood pressure and pulse rate go quite high.

After serious struggle for months, I have finally been able to cut my dose in half. I am able to maintain a reasonable blood pressure most of the time, I now sleep no more than 12 hours a day. But I still can't gain any cardiovascular fitness because of the tachycardia. That's just a vicious circle caused by a cardiologist who should have his license yanked.

Assuming they don't experience a serious "rebound effect" a healthy person should theoretically be able to get off it within 30 days. But that's just theory, and it's a very dangerous drug. Whatever you do, don't try to go off it without monitoring your blood pressure and pulse regularly and always check yourself one hour after taking a reduced dose. And don't even dream of stopping it without tapering off.

Good luck.

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Lee Says:
Clonidine peaks at about 5 hours. Sorry I got on my soapbox and didn't answer your question. I just am sooo pissed about my situation and had another bad spell yesterday, so am rather raw today.

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Mary Says:
via mobile
Hi I'm currently in the same position as you I'm on 30 methadone and tapering down ever two weeks. Have got clonidine pills. How long will it take to come clean with help from clonidine? I can only get 4 weeks of work. How well does clonidine work can u still go about working etc or will I need to take time off? Thanks for your help.

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