How Effective Is Lefno For Patients With A History Of Sle

Madhuri Says:

i am 58 yrs old, i was diagnosed with SLE with Evans sysndrome about 12 years back, i was treated successfully and my SLE has been in remission since then. About 2 years back i was diagnosed with RA, i have been taking lefno 5 mg dails for about 6 months now and whenever it gets worse i take steroids 10 mg for a week and then stop it.
My condition has not worsened neither has it improved greatly, i suffer from swelling and pain in my shoulder, wrist and fingers.

My doctor feels that lefno may not be working for me and therefore wants me to shift to Biologics treatment.
I have been reading about biologics and as far as what i have read it looks like it is an effective method to treat RA.
My concern is that i dont have sever RA my condition at best can be described as someone having moderate RA therefore i was wondering whether it is better to stick to traditional medicines rather than shifting to biologics.

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