How Do You Take Subutex? Swallow Or Put Under Tongue To Dissolve?

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Nichole Says:

I have a friend who takes suboxone & recently got a subutex given to him. I take suboxone myself but ive never heard of subutex until couple days ago. I would like to know how is subutex supposed to be taken? Under your tongue or do u swallow it? I am worried about my friend & i have searched every site possible on information on subutex but none of these sites say how it is suppose to be taken. what are the side effects of subutex? why do doctors give pregnant women subutex & not suboxone during pregnancy? i need to know any & all information on subutex. i have hidden the pill from my friend until i can try 2 find some information on it & he has been sick but i dont want anything bad to happen to him.also is subutex a small white round pill with number 8 on one side & an arrow on the other & does it come in any other forms or colors etc.? I'm desperate for answers!!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Suboxone and Subutex both contain the opiate Buprenorphine, the difference between them is the Suboxone also contains Naloxone, to help prevent the abuse of other drugs, while using it.

That is also the reason that Subutex is given to pregnant women, rather than Suboxone. To use Suboxone, since it contains Naloxone, you already have to be in withdawals, or it can put you into very severe ones. Withdrawals are very dangerous to a fetus, so it isn't used when a woman is pregnant.

And yes, Subutex is a sublingual tablet, so it is meant to be dissolved under the tongue.

As to your question on the tablet, yes, that is one of the 8mg ones, but it can also look different, because it is now available as a generic.

The side effects are basically the same as they are for other narcotics: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

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tiffany Says:

there are so many diffrent shapes stuff for subutex. google it and it will tell you the shapes and colors and stuff. just not how to take it. If anything suboxen is the best thing cuz even if u take something wit suboxen its a blocker it wont work. subutex isnt a blocker. I put both the subutex and suboxen under my tounge it tastes a lil gross what not as bad as u would think. swallowing them for me has not been such a good idea it dont work for me. if someone is sick and you have a suboxen or subutex then give it to them. it will help them feel better.

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L33t Says:

wow never have I ever seen such ignorance as on this thread or post and a couple of the comments. Isn't any body going to point out the differences? Most people have no idea what these drugs are or what the name means. And no matter what almost under any circumstances should u hide a medication given to them by there Drs especially when there sick they may end up either killing u for it or hurting u. If someone hid my subs I'd be PISSED I'd probably start breaking s*** n beating them up. It's also very dangerous for someone to withdraw in an unsupervised by Drs environment it can be deadly. So no more hiding it till u find out what it is I'll tell u. But I also agree with the comment that said they tell u everything but how to take it just says put under tongue well were under on the vein works best I've had to experiment over the last 4-5 years I've Been on both for pain management just FYI. Multiple long name diseases. But needless to say I've had experience and I would not advise snorting anything ever really, but especially this since the withdraws would come on pretty fast I assum since the factors I found on a scientific study site stated that buprenorphine the active ingredient works best with these 3 factors surface area, time dissolved, and location. And the best locations are the mucus membranes so where ever that can bs found Wich is under toungue all in the mouth there are places it absorbs in the saliva being the best deliver method to get the most effect and in the bloodstream. It stays in the system longer then most opiates but may not show up on just a simple heroin urine analysis test it hasn't for me ever. But there are certain test that can detect it. Snorting it would be bad since the nasal does have mucus membrane but in 4 hours u will probably feel like diying and need more u may not even get a rush or high from it I've never gotten high off this med not like methadone but going to the clinic to get high everyday seems stupid and like a waste of time and $ I'm trying to kill pain so I can get out of bed in the morning and all day. But buprenorphine does not dissolve well or absorb well in the stomach at all the acid eats it faster then it can get into the bloodstream so don't swallow it. Just put it under the middle of ur tounge and don't move it as much as possible try to keep it still so the pill stays under the middle for as long as possible at least wait an hour to let it fully dissolve don't try to stir it to make it dissolve faster will make it work less. Since time is a factor u want to keep it in contact with as much surface area possible for as long as possible so one spot under the tongue don't move it or talk don't try to ear or drink and don't swallow ur mouth will fill with saliva possibly allot try ur best not to swallow any since that's how it's getting into ur system. The other way which I'd never suggest is IV but I'm not sure never tried if that would even work. I'd call a dr or detox center if u inject be sure to get the facts and that u have a high tolerance to opiates at least the equivalent of 30mg of morphine or roxy oxy per each 8mg of buperenorphine. Since it can cause pulmonary suppression in English this means it slows down breathing so this makes drinking alchohol very very dangerous on this medication I don't drink and after I've been on this stuff it makes me so sick and drowsy after just one drink it's not worth another so don't get drunk u will vomit most likely. Also be careful with other downers like Xanax Valium clonopin or other benzos like soma or carisiprodal and any other meds that cause drowsiness or sleepiness unless u have a high tolerance like I do I'm on all of the above or have been on all but this took 7 years to build up tolerance to. These kids trying to party on meds one word for y'all STOP!!! go smoke some weed or something If u want to get high go do it on something else. Pills don't make for a good party to the person without tolerance they just make u look like a passed out idiot or will cause u to do something u regret. I was one of those who tried it before I was prescribed it cuz everyone else did it and Xanax and alchohol don't mix well u end up pissing ur self in a bush falling in it or face planting a wall since balance is gone or stealing a bunch of s*** and forgetting it some have passed out while trying to jack off found with there dick in there hand and porn still on so leave ur self open to embarrassment or wake up in jail or even in some fights from just xanax and alchohol on a no tolerance party goer. JUST DON'T I'm all for having a good time but the right substance is what matters and in moderation. Stick to what u know.

Ok so that's about it besides the science here and my opinion on the difference between the 2 suboxone ew hate it and subutex yes love it will probably be on it for life since my disease only gets worse.
Suboxone is not good for pain patients actually I find that it's not good for anyone unless it's used for a very very short time like say about a week but even in detox situations suboxone is less helpful and achieves the same effect as subutex just without all of the negative side effects of an unnecessary second active ingredient that's called naloxone. This is a miracle ONE TIME USE TYPE OF DRUG for EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY it's a life saver to anyone who's overdosing in the hospital on heroin or other opiates. But it comes with some very serious side effects such as dysphoria anxiety rage energy it's bad for the liver and kidneys and mixing it with opiates will put u into rapid withdraws. This is the reason that the FDA and the evil and unnessecary DEA force this chemical on us "addicts" no matter how u got there from a surgery or car accident or painful illness through no fault of ur own eventually became physically dependent since opiates of any kind can get u addicted physically which means u will have to go through physical withdraw symptoms if u stop taking them and it doesnt matter the dose or if u taper down it will just make the withdraw less intense but still a living hell literally it can make u want to kill ur self or find ways to harm ur self when I was taken off of vicodin after being on it for a yr only 10mg 4times a day on day one or 2 I was thinking about breaking my own arm or throwing myself down the stairs to get a script from the er for only maybe 12 which would have only lasted 3 days for 3months of a broken arm logic got the best of me and I checked into a detox were the put me on methadone and I got higher then I'd ever been on vicodin so I told them to put me on subs instead and they did. But since this is about the only way to get this medication it's like a trap a catch 22 once u go to a rehab u get this big red flag on ur name when u go to a dr or the er or in any situation u may need real pain relief instead u get some Advil or tramadol which doesn't work! Since this big red letters ADDICT DO NOT PRESCRIBE NARCOTICS POTENTIALLY ADDICTIVE OR ABUSED EASILY MEDICATION! I've seen that side of the screen at the hospital myself and they treat u as such at any pharmacy as well since they IDIOT PARTY KIDS F***ED IT UP FOR THE REAL LEGIT PAIN PATIENTS DRUG SEEKERS MADE ALL LEGIT PAIN PATIENTS BE LABLED AS POSSIBLE DRUG SEEKER! this isn't fair at all. But anyway since so many morons lack self control or just don't care and want to get high they screwed the rest of us. And now the DEA and FDA are heavily involved in medicine they are cops not Drs so they have no idea WTF they are talking about or doing when it comes to drugs it's just that if they happen to search some kids and find some pills then they put a flag out and attack it or if some angry parent gets mad there kid tried some or stole it bought it or ended up in the hospital for it then they must make more strict regulations on them. But anyway due to these problems that only affect 0.01% of the entire population the other 99.9% of us have to suffer. And since that 0.1% of all people who use opiates happen to like shooting things up (which btw is they're perogative they're life there business if they want to die or get high n die trying and screw there life up I say let them! It would be much safer and much less disease would bs spread if they were given free clean needles. I find it disgusting and despise it but some people get off on it if that floats there boat I say let them have it and make it legal and as safe as possible and keep them away from the rest of us. It's not like a bunch of people are going to go out and pick up a new habit if it were legalized tomorrow) but since the FDA and DEA like to micro manage other peoples lives to "protect" them and they supposedly "care for our well being" they make it illegal for most Drs to prescribe buprenorphine without the poison naloxone in it unless u have a major pain case that takes years to bs approved. But here's the facts. Subxone and subutex do the same excact thing the same way only one does it worse and with unneeded side effects that can last 8 years later since the FDA had already approved naloxone for use but in a 1 time er setting they figured it's safe and just pushed it with suboxone, but the truth is that there's no medical reason for it the only reason it's there is in case some body might want to shoot it up or tries they would go into withdraw. They claim that not enough naloxone gets in the bloodstream by taking it the way it should sublingual. But this isn't true they claim it just passes through the liver when it actually stores with chronic use and can cause permanent damage and also cause some brain or psychological damage like rage fits aggression dysphoria unusual burst of energy or excitability nausea vomiting headache in the short term but the psychological damage can take up to 7 years to recover from if taken for more then 2 years and IMO even less time then that. It also if used correctly since it's orally administered causes rapid tooth decay and eats away at the enamel so in 4 years u won't have any teeth FACT. and that's taking every counter measure possible to prevent such as pronamel tooth paste floride rinses and even custom made floride trays that u sleep with also fillings root canals caps crowns will all rot out just as fast if not faster from this poisonous drug that should never bs used more then once to save the life of a person ODing on opiates. Now the falacy here is to stop people or prevent them from abusing it the FDA and DEA need to stop trying to prevent abuse it's only making the health of the non abuser normal patient. The percentage of people that abuse meds is significantly lower then the number of people who use them properly for legit reasons such as myself. Now they're 2nd argument that naloxone must be put in subs to prevent abuse is that it's a detox drug and must curve the addiction and cravings of normal opiates. Well this is false yes it will stop the cravings but it's not the naloxone that's doing it it's the buprenorphine. Which has a half life of 12-24 hours they say it's 32-72 but if this were true I'd not being waking up sick every day and going to bed starting to WD since 12 hours after my daily dose I get sick and can't take more since it's so highly regulated that they won't allow a script for more then 28 days at a time unless u take suboxone with the pointless poison for this use. So u get ur exact daily dose and no room for stretching an extra day or 2 god forbid there's a holiday or some reason the Drs office is closed or anything too bad for u cuz yaknow UR just an ADDICT a substandard citizen not worthy of relief from constant pain right. Give me a break. Now here's the science behind why these both do they same thing just one doesn't need to exist but for maybe only the most extreme cases of drug abuse but even then the person is either never going to stop or is trying. Now some people who do claim suboxone has helped them want to quit and curve cravings but I believe the excact effect can bs achieved without the naloxon on just subutex. Oops still not time for the science srry will get there soon tired of typing. But I've been on both for the last 2 years I've been on subutex. Now while I was on suboxone I had a few instances where I was hospitalized for a palnidal cyst excrutiating pain, it's like a boil that has to be cut open with a razor stabbed several inches deep the core cut out and then they pack a string in it and it has to be changed out every day. Well they wrote me a script for some vicodin and it did not work as intended by the suboxone this thing took 3 months to finally go away it sucked! And the hole time the vicodin didn't work since naloxone stays in ur system for 90 days u will withdraw get the sweats s***s constipation sometimes blocking the runs and the RLS(restless leg syndrome) will drive u crazy. Plus the buprenorphine causes ur tolerance to sky rocket and u really require break through pain medication in these situations but instead get treated as a drug seeking addict that a computer will not allow even the most compassionate of Drs and nurses to write u a script for more pain meds even if they see u bleeding knowing u could be suffering from the worst pain and still not be able to do anything about it cuz the FDA DEA put drug seeker on ur file if u ever went to rehab or are on suboxone, idk about methadone only did it twice once before bupe and once after the 1st time it got me high the 2nd it did nothing. Now a few years later when I was on subutex but the damage was done and 99% of my tooth enamel was eaten away by naloxone I had to have them all surgically extracted. And now instead of a big red ADDICT I have an orange addict from dependence. So I have to by law let my dr know if im undergoing any kind of procedure that would require me to be prescribed any pain meds and what to recommend for break through pain. So we did this song n dance and I had to as always go off the bupe for 24plus hours before so I went into this thing in WD when they give u the demoral before to get u ready to be put to sleep it had no effect so they gave me 3 times what a normal patient who weighs 400lbs and has a tolerance would get they were amazed that I was still awake. I remember everything up until they gave me the gas and after counting back from 100 I was still awake they finally injected me with the milky white substance that knocks u out after ur entire body burns and stings then I count to 3 and finally passout. This was only 4 months ago maybe 5 so i was on subutex. But 4 years ago after being on suboxone for almost 2 years I required a colonoscopy and I had the same effect only they didn't give me more demoral after the 1st didn't work and then the gas and counting when u reach about 30 there like ok let's just knock u out here's the milky stuff goodnight and the same. After they gave me like 12 vicodin for any discomfort they also did not work as expected from suboxone and the naloxone. Now how after 2 years and 4 months later could I have the same effect from the 2 drugs but still get the blocking effect of the naloxone without it being present for over 2 years all of it's abuse potential gone it's completely out of my system all that's left Is the liver kidney and psychologic damage. But after both surgery real painkillers don't work?! And after my full mouth tooth extraction I was in severe pain they gave me 4 shots of max dose morphine that exceeded the equivalent of my 90mgs a day tolerance and they gave me roxy oxytocin 30mg pills and I was still in severe level 11 of 10 on a pain scale for a week or 2. The 1st 3 days I was asleep for most of it at home with ice pack around my head. By day 5 I was awake more on day 4 and ran out of medicine that night the bottle of 20 should have lasted a week but I was in so much pain there just aren't words to describe how bad it hurt. The other thing is my body is used to an opiate that last nearly all day not 4-6 hours so I'd get dope sick about 3-4 hours after taking one and I wasn't even feeling any euphoria only pain and itchyness the most I got was the 1st dose of each morning for 30 mins I'd have that slight warm feeling that I remember being much more intense years ago and lasting hours not mins I guess that's the "high" ppl talk about. The rest of the day is just itchy. And this is only 2 examples of many er visits broken bones and other infected teeth or boils I'm a health nightmare a cycle of problems that all make eachother worse. And the oxy is the only thing that was able to break through but took 3 days to work after bupe. Now those are the examples of why both suboxone and subutex achieve the same goal and suboxone should be done away with for the nasty side effects. Suboxone cost me my teeth, mental health is worse then it was prior, I lost 30 lbs on it due to nausea vomitting almost daily and never having an appetite having to smoke weed in order to hold food down even after trying some pills compazine which only ended up giving me a facial tick or twitch I still have plus the naloxone caused some nuerological damage. And both drugs suboxone and subutex do the same thing! Here's the science warning big words I'll try to explain in English

Suboxone active ingredients: buprenorphine and naloxone. Purpose bupe is a partial agonist semi-agonist synthetic opiate ( in English it's a man made opiate that's modified to be only part opiate or a sort of half of the molecule if u will ). What it does is attaches to the opiate receptors in the brain (the pain center) and it fills them to the max and blocks any and all other opiates that are full agonist or real like heroin or opium vicodin oxy roxy ect. So if u were to take any of those after taking buprenorphine what would happen is that those drugs would not work they wouldn't reach the receptors in the brain due to the fact that the bupe has already filled them as full as they can get ( this is what causes the instant tolerance and with any extended use makes treating breakthrough pain other then chronic pain such as a broken arm or tooth ache to be very difficult or maybe impossible and research is desperately needed to properly manage pain for these patients and what to give us). This also is what curves the cravings since if u take it and get no effect there's no desire to take it since the $ and or effort is wasted. Now the difference here is that the FDA and DEA force naloxone the 2nd active ingredient in suboxone to be put in it. Naloxone is an opiate antagonist which is the excact opposite. And what it does is rips opiates off of there receptors in the brain. (it cancels full agonist opiates out or real ones like heroin oxy morphine ect). Now what this ends up doing in the brain is it causes a sort of tug of war if u will buprenorphine is trying to fill receptors and keep them full while naloxone is ripping them off and replacing itself as a blocker as well. Now the FDA claims that this only happens if u abuse it. Not true since there's 2mg of naloxone to every 8mg buprenorphine about .2 mg gets in the bloodstream yet isn't "activated" supposedly but if it's in the bloodstream even only 1%-10% or more depending on how it was ingested since the way it's made is the faster u get it in ur system the more the naloxone works and the less the bupe does and the more precipitated WD is caused so the theory behind this is that if it's snorted swallowed or injected then the stomach will eat the bupe and it won't work and what small amount does will be ripped off the receptors causing rapid withdraw. But this happens anyway due to sometimes it dissolves too fast or on days there's more saliva or if accidentally swallowed then ur in for a miserable at least 8 hours or more. This happened to me once and I threw up all day it's bound to happen at least a few times. Another negative affect is that when the 12 hours is up the naloxone has a much longer half life and is absorbed by the stomach much easier so some always gets in and will cause u to get sick WD on some days. Now that's incentive to take more but ur taking more naloxone with it so relief is hard to achieve. Now this may not happen to all people or those who are just starting out but will eventually and especially to those who are hypersensitive to naloxone. I'm some what sensitive to it and have grown more sensitive the longer I was on it. And to this day almost 3years after being off it suffer from the neurological side effects such as depression and anxiety anger and rage fits paranoia that was not nearly as bad as it was before I started. I've always suffered from anxiety and depression but was put on all anti depressants known to man and Xanax has worked best but now I still suffer extended effects and require Valium as well and get muscle spasms I never had before since it gets me so tense and up tight that I clenche everything. Were using the Valium as a muscle relaxer as well to replace the no longer prescribable soma thanks again to the DEA FDA f***ups that think there Drs that know best. I've tried every single muscle relaxer heating pad salonpas patches and other brands bengay creams head on for the body massage chiropractor everything and even the Valium gives minimal relief. But since the DEA FDA deemed it as a High potential for abuse it's nearly impossible to get it's literally easier to get weed or oxy then soma carisprodal which is the only and I do mean ONLY thing that works for muscle spasm pain. Yes the Valium takes the edge off but doesn't help the pain. And ofcourse when something works and one is in constant chronic pain even if it were tylonal (I wish it worked but so slight can't even tell) it would still be addicting to the person in pain since it relieves the pain. There worried about dependence well I'm not since I'm already dependent on so many drugs as is whats one more anyway right. But it's potential for abuse this war on drugs is hurting real legit patients not abusers they move on and find something else to abuse they'll always cook something up so it's an unwinnable war that ruins millions of lives helps none and cost trillions of $'s a year around $3-7trillion wasted and wasting space in jail and since prison is privatized it's a business and when that happens and u profit off keeping people locked up it causes a conflict of interest since now those prison owners use this profit to buy political lobbyist that persuade or buy laws to make more things illegal and it easier to put the people in prison and keep them there when's it stop?! When the entire planet is a prison? Since with profit enough is never enough. Which what must also be causing the DEA to go after soma since some other new "non addictive or abuse proof" meaning more dangerous poison chemicals to put into ur body to just prevent somebody who might maybe try to abuse a medication. And or something that doesn't work or relieve the pain but since some pharmaceutical company put millions of $s up just to get there drug on the market they may spend a few more to ensure it does well in studies that get messed up like they test on people who don't really have pain or give them something other then what's being tested. Which has happened many times for example everything the FDA used to make MDMA illegal was based on testing in rats and was mislabeled they tested meth amphetamines on rats to get those holes in the brain and such deadly results. Yet some how adderal which is just meth that was made in Germany instead of the bathtub in ur local trailer park or hood. Meth is meth but were calling it adderol and giving it to our kids for add or addhd cuz hyper kids means they have a disease that 90% ended up not having it was just a sugar rush. Then they try to sell u the misconceived notion that we can cure hyperness with stimulants that make u more hyper. Ok that logic isn't. As in that's illogical. How have we allowed ourselves to bs governed so much. That laws are made based on who will profit from them instead of what's right and wrong and isn't freedom for us to decide whats right or wrong for ourselves? We don't need a massive govt. To make all these laws and there all basically taxes to keep the war going on which I've lost all faith in and don't believe a single word about it since evidence tangible evidence which trumps a thousand page report on what happened without any tangible evidence NIST I'm talkin about u! Polythermite covers ny city for weeks as if no body was expected to look at that with a forensic microscope and see the chemical and it was even a special unique one of a kind brand with a chemical DNA stamp that's only used like how bomb makers use a certain style to leave a signature well the govt is also required to do this as well when they pull buildings aka demolish them this is a term used in controlled demolitions and the govt has a company they use anytime they need to pull an old building well this brand of polythermite is what was found at the site of 911 and that's how building 7 just fell without taking any damage since that's were the paper trail was the one that had all the insurance policies that were taken out just 2 weeks prior by the mayor, the owner of wtc, and the new head of security for the wtc George bushes lesser known younger brother this new insurance policy specifically covered terrorist attacks plane crashes and fire. I guess they also thought it was a great idea to play war games 3 states away so no jets would be within a few 100 miles of nyny at the time and for the 1st time in history 3 planes go off track off course and for several hourss loose radio contact and not a single jet gets scrambled well maybe the war games had something to do with it. Also the pentagon look at pics of a plain crash notice the grass is black and has a trail is all messed up and pieces of burning plane are everywhere. Now look at the pentagon that day u could play golf on the grass there was not a single piece of a plane nor were there any holes for the wings in that circle and even zoomed in close a book is torn in half right down the middle u can read the letters on the other page. There is not fuselage no engines no cockpit no seats how did all of this stuff vanish? Cuz it was never hit by a plane but by a tomahawk missle and every witness that saw a military plane is dead. It's not a conspiracy theory when there's stacks of evidence that prove a plane hits a building and in 15 mins it falls in it's own footprint. And also the 1st building to fall by fire and also the tempature recorded was 10times higher then jet fuel or kerosine burns at and the melting point of the steel was built to withstand fire like many buildings have survived that were on fire for longer and also hit by planes yet never went down. Are we really expected to be so naive to believe all this at face value and take the medias word for it? Nobody knew who did it but within 15 mins the media figured it out. Some Muslims in caves half way around the world using box cutters and cell phones and a laptop successfully pulled all of this off against the most sophisticated defense and strongest military in the world?! We really must be dumb to believe in this war or that any of these countries that are all CIA assets now used as scape goats but were supposed to believe that the WMDs are now in Iran?! So we should jump the gun and invade them starting ww3 since there backed by Russia and china India Pakistan and many more coutries. No! Were in the wrong here it's not our job to police the world or be a police state that's not in the constitution that's not freedom. Many are waking up since there getting extremely cocky and messy slipping up here but it's waking more Americans up. And now election fraud somebody thinks they're being patriotic ny hacking the election or just being paid to like the guy who did it 3 times in a row now and keeps getting away with it. Romney is not the front runner nor did he win all those delegates. Ron Paul did in reality the truth is that Ron Paul should win and most people really dl want him to win and restore freedom so we don't have police acting like they're Drs and forcing poison knowingly or not upon us. And then forcing us to pay $500+ a month for just buprenorphine which also fills the receptors and doesn't allow any real opiates to get in and raises the tolerance so High that real opiates won't work so the desire to do them is gone. And if u wish to stop some day u can since u can taper down to 2 mg from 16 in a couple years without brain damage or loosing ur teeth cuz the FDA argues that the reason suboxone makes us teeth fall out is dry mouth! R u kidding me then why doesn't subutex do that? They both can cause dry mouth. Another reason might be that the naloxone not only weakens ur enamel but it causes much more nausea and vomitting I threw up daily on suboxone. Now I haven't thrown up in years on subutex. If it's safer for pregnant women why would u be worried and hide it from ur friend? Serious lack of logic there. WD is more deadly n to the dude that said if somebody sick give it to them to makem feel betta well be careful in how u interpret that. Don't give it to someone who's not addicted or doesn't have a tolerance to opiates and has a headcold or the flu. Only give it to people who are dope sick. The other messed up thing they do is write the suboxone script for 32mg 4 pills a day is rediculously high dose double what's needed or more if the person doesn't have a tolerance like I did. But back then I didn't know I figured it's the same as vicodin take 4 a day. No u take it once a day the same time every day usually as soon as u wake up. But the reason they give so much suboxone is $$$$$$ and the reason insurance covers it is they don't care if this poison is abused cuz ull feel like s***. But subutex might maybe replace heroin on the streets is what the DEA argues and so can't be covered by insurance and cost over $500 and u can only get 28 days no more then 2 a day. Which is also btw the ceiling effect of the buprenorphine so any more then 16 mg is a waste the opiate receptors are filled to max and with suboxone this happens and ur just going to be getting more naloxone and sick. That's it my knowledge bomb has been dropped. Show up on election day vote for Ron Paul or bust. He's the only one going to make life better for us not worse while raising taxes and making health insurance required by law like car insurance u get to pay a fine if u can't afford it and jail if u can't afford the fine u got cuz u couldn't afford insurance meds and taxes plus rising gas prices. Instead of making oil out of the hemp plant that's not a drug but is just too valuable to be legal since it's too easy to grow and can make so many things like gas clothes wood paper and so much more plus the female plant has so much medical value and has never killed anyone but alchohol and tobacco have combined killed more then any illegal drug. So if ur still reading I hope I was able to wake a few sheeple up and open ur mind think for ur self freely ask questions spread the word. Don't just be a mindless drone who believes WTF the tv tells u that's owned by the companies that want to ruin u and profit off it. Look everything up question it get angry protest we must non violently fight again for our freedoms and God given rights. God bless all not just america how selfish that is. Plur. Peace love unity respect.

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whoa boy Says:

^^^^^^^^^^^MY GOD THIS WALL OF TEXT ^^^^^^^^^

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whoa boy Says:

thats the biggest wall of text and letter I've ever seen

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trxey Says:

This dude actually makes a lot of valid points. The bupe in subutex or suboxone is stronger then the naloxone they put in suboxone, it is only in there as a deterrent for abuse. If u shoot suboxone u will get sick if u shoot subutex u won't, I agree the naloxone is poison, and insist on only getting subutex, plus subutex comes in generic form now so its much more affordable then suboxone which only comes in brand form and if you pay cash they r almost ten dollars a pill vs 2.50 for the generics. My Dr has no prob giving me subutex, and it saved my life!!!!

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Nibbs Says:

Wow great post and very good info I've been on 16mg of suboxone for a lil over a year and I always wondered why I would get sick every now and again even tho I was taking exactly wut was prescribed THX for all the useful info

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Hockey Mom 2004 Says:

It's great that you get on here and try to be helpful, but it's comical that you have the audacity to label others as ignorant. After you figure out the proper way to spell, punctuate, and use the words "their" and "there," then you may have the right. I can't stand reading posts like yours, it makes me cringe. I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I thought you might want to know how stupid you sound. No need to thank me!

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I just have to say that the use of naloxone with the bupe (AKA suboxone) to stop people from shooting (injecting) it is absurd and DOES NOT work in that way. I myself, along with many of my friends have dissolved both the strips and pills and injected them for reasons I will not go into here. However, we DID NOT experience instant withdrawal or any other bad side effects when doing this. In fact, it became our preferred method. It's been years that we have been doing this, leaving us to wonder what exactly the purpose of the naloxone is. Any doctors out there care to reply with an honest answer?

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sadie Says:

Dude....your info was greatly appreciated. I am trying to kick the subs out of my life completely. Was on Suboxone and now was just switched to subutex. I was only on 2 mg. of suboxone a day when I jumped off. Now the subutes. How do I take it and can I taper with out the side effects and withdrawl symptoms? I hate this evil cycle. thanks for your info.

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ModeGordon Says:

Just for you're information, you can swallow subutex, and it works rather efficiently. Also, if you snort subutex, you get around twice as much of the Bupe as say putting under your tongue. And lol at the xanax + alcohol, dick in your hand HAHA

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lebanistos Says:

The small round white pill that has 8 on a side and an arrow on the other is a different, less efficient form of subutex, called Buprenorphine arrow. I've been on this pill for 2 months and it's working for me. Plus, it's waay more affordable than Subutex! If any1 has more beneficial info, please text it so we can all benefit from it. Thanks

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Sanchopanza Says:

Hi. I take 2 mgs of subutex daily. I take a half in the morning and half at night.The ones I'm taking are white 2mg tabs, that have the arrow on one side. They seem to work as well as Brand version, to me.

Sadie, above, was asking how best to come off 2mg of subutex. I'd like to ask the same question because I'd like to stop using. I appreciate all the sharing here. It answered many questions I had. So anyone, how quickly can I safely step down from 2mg subutex? Thanks

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lovelife Says:

way to go hockey mom, my spelling may not be perfect but i turly understand what you are saying! it is nice to know there are few more people like us around !

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Life Is A Wonderful Journey Says:

Angry much, L ? Been taking Subutex 16mg for four years and have NEVER had any issues! Oh and by the way, you can and should chew up the pill and cover the entire insides of your mouth since you maximize absorption this way. PS Life's too short to be angry. Smile and the world will smile back :) !!!!

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Shannon Says:

Does subutex taste as nasty as suboxen? I can't stand that oarnge taste. That's why I won't take suboxen. Reminds me of the old oarnge methadone tablets.

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jamie Says:

Oh good I swallow mine I can't do it the way you have to taste so. Grossly I have been off of pills for 2 MONTHS that's a long time for a every day life style I lost so much stuff in pawn lost my grandmas ring I am hart broken that I lost it we where Varry close anyways I got red flagged in all drs an er an I owed so many people I thought where my friends but now I look back they had what I wonted kinda odd they don't call me but I came to my brain lol I don't need them not in a million of years did I think I would say that I have had Dr in the Er just be a big u no what to me. So iam Varry proud of my self an my family is to so anyone wanting treatment go get it you will save you're life an the money I have had my family die from ods my uncle then 2 weeks later my aunt so I am thankful for treatment I think it saved my life

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mikeyf1973 Says:

HI i have been using subutex now for a few years and it is a sublingual tablet which means it is designed to disso;ve under the tongue. Do not swallow these tablets as they will have no effect also people have been misusing subutex by crushing the tablet and snorting it! most dont realise that you only need one milligram of the tablet crushed and snorted to have a heavy effect and snorting more than this can be fatal to someone who has no tolerence to opioid drugs!!! so be warned!!! taken the correct way they will allieviate withdrawal from heroin or methadone but you must be in the withdrawal stage to take subutex and if taken when you have other opiates in your system will only send you into a withdrawal and it is a bad place to be so make sure you are cold turkey before you administer subutex or suboxone!! suboxone is the same as subutex in the way the drug works but suboxone contains a blocker and also cant be injected like subutex! they are lemon flavoured too and its good how it works as it allieviates withdrawal but if you take heroin then the suboxone blocks the receptor site so the heroin cant attach to your receptor and give you a high and can also make you feel very ill so be careful, i hope this helps you to understand about this medication take care x

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mikeyf1973 Says:

i was impressed with the post as it was lengthy and quite detailed and i just wanted to say about the bit you mentioned you not sure about the sniffing of subutex/suboxone well just to let you know that only about a mil or two mil of crushed subutex or suboxone is enough to get the same effect as an 8 mil tablet would have if taken under the tongue! this will differ with certain people as we all have a tolerence but if you do know people who sniff tell them to be careful as its way much stronger when snorted and you get a rush and a real high too but it takes about an hour to be fully working and also if you been sniffing the day before then be careful when sniffing again as these drugs build up in your system so it can lead to OD OR DEATH!! hope this helps you understand that part of your essay you was not sure about! take care x

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shazooo Says:

Hi, please I need your advice. What other medication can be used with Subutex to prevet the withdrawal, itching,stomach cramp and body pais.

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