How Can I Tell If My Lorazepam Is A Sugar Pill?

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Lorazepam /2 mg / round white / 2 / EP 906. it tastes like sugar and doesn't seem to be helping


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a1daddyo Says:

i have been taking lorazepam for several years and got a new script from a different pharmacy and I haven't felt the same since i have started to remember my dreams and having panic attacks since i started this new script also they almost dissolve instantly and taste sweet i feel like i am not on any meds now so i don't know if the pills are real. any help would be grateful thank you

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Denise Says:

I've been taking Lorazepam for about a year, just recently I started just putting it under my tongue it melts quickly and it is sweet but it's always been like that since I've taking them and it does what it's supposed to for me.

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Verwon Says:

The taste is actually irrelevant and doesn't mean anything, that actually just depends on what inactive ingredients the manufacturer chooses to use.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability.

How are you all doing, now? Has there been any change?

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Maimee Says:

I take Ativan from Leading pharm. It takes just like sugar and doesn’t do a thing. Is it possible it’s not the real thing?

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Dame Says:

Re: Maimee (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Dido. Same exact thing. I noticed no results and have been on for a few months. Now, funny thing is is I had to take lab work for something and wrote down lorazepam as being a drug I'm prescribed any, test came back clean...a little too clean. These test were sent out to a lab and apparently there was no benzodiazepines, the group of meds lorazepam lies in. No lorazepam. Nothing. But other antidepressants and special meds I take were there. How to I go about changing?

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