How Can I Naturally Get Off Norco 10 Mg 3 Times Per Day With Minimal Withdrawals?

Sarah Says:

I have been taking this for almost 2 years. I started because of a major back injury in October 2010-my twin daughters were almost a year old, and have since discovered acupuncture-which is wonderful! I want to stop taking the Norco(I was prescribed 10 mg 4 times daily and took it all up until about 4 months ago when I began cutting it down to 3 a day). At the birth date of my girls I weighed 213-I had gained only 50 pounds, after I got hurt and started taking the Norco, I slowly gained weight until I was up to 218 lbs a couple of months ago. Now I weigh 205 after having started the acupuncture and changing my diet. I feel slovenly and like I am a slave to this drug-physically speaking. I still have major pain but am just sick of taking these things. I want to get off of these pills and give my body a chance to detoxify completely and have a better chance of responding favorably to the acupuncture. I still have pain but believe it is caused by digestive problems and can be fixed through a whole foods diet and exercise. I have gone without the pills for not more than a day and it was HELLACIOUS. I thought I was going to die from the pain and discomfort. Any advice on how to wean myself off of this poison without feeling completely awful throughout the whole ordeal?

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Verwon Says:

The best and safest way to do so would be a gradual taper of the medication. Many people do it by stretching them further and further apart over time, or by cutting the tablets and taking less of each one over time.

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Has your doctor offered any suggestions? They should be able to help you decide what method would be best for you to try.

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cam Says:

Kratom. Google it! It's a plant leaf that helps tremendously with withdrawals.

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sgtusmc Says:

hi lady i will be blunt with you and tell you 10/325 its a high dose what you should do is ask your doctor to lower the dose to 5/325 ...your body will try to find anyway to get you to take more and if you dont have the will power you may need some help. if you get to 10 mil. in a 24 hour guess what lady your done but remember don't ever take them for any emotinal issues this is what addition really is and if you have never taken more than what your doctor gave you... your good. people who abuse it have made it extra hard for anyone who may really need it, there have been cases where people take 40 pills a day its like taking heroin its sad! these are nice people too like you and me...may god bless

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