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O-pain-a Says:
I became a pain patient after I fell off a horse in March of last year and sustained spinal injuries which are still VERY painful. Opana ER was the first thing doctors gave me that helped at all and now that they have changed the formula I'm in a lot more pain. I want to break down the formula so I can insufflate it, as I am told I may get more pain relief and increase bioavailability of the drug. The new formula hardly offers the same pain relief, Please help me!

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Mike Hawk Says:
Old post but only a few months.. best advice is to switch to something like fentanyl for now, until the new year here. There are generics on back order at 7o% of pharmacies now. The new manufacturers will b Watson and Actavis. They've began making smaller formulations up to 15mg generics. But supply has not caught up w demand yet(being that Watson just won the patent rights lawsuit Sept 15th of 2o12. I too was content eating the old ones but these new ones release slow n steady like morphine. Where as the old formula (prior to the Bioconcave & Bioconvex ones came out) worked stronger at first to overcome pain then it steadily releases the remainder of the time. My PM Dr. Isn't a big promoter of breakthrough pains meds unless you have cancer or something as serious, so I really liked the old formula Opana ER helped overcome my pain almost how a BT pain Med would. At this point though, I've switched back to Fentanyl, n mostly bc of a wonderful website I found. I will list it below. Can search Med names n get exact price for w/e quantity plus coupons for all meds and also a store finder. To see where the coupon will make ur meds the cheapest around you. Watson now makes a generic gel fentanyl patch that costs SO much less than name brand gel patches called Duragesic. The latter(duragesic) was quoted to me costing over $4oo for a box of 5 patches.. where as Watson's brand cost $8o.o9 for the same exact quality medicine. These are prices on 7.5mg (or 75 mcg/hr over 72hrs) dosage. Qty 5.

Anyway, the site is

So give a try and check out the savings through their 3rd party card/coupons. Sure beats being shady n calling diff pharmacies for prices. They don't seem to like talking over the phone reguarding their stock of cII medications. Essentially due to robberies & whatnot.

Best of luck with the relief, hopefully you find something that helps effectively. Personally I was afraid of fentanyl for a while, n hated how ppl say to eat them. Such a waste imo. When I was still in the childish mindset of getting effed up, I found smoking a dot of it did SO much more than anything an Opana could ever do. Im not advocating this but just to mention, it saved a lot moreso than simply eating it all at once. Injection & vaporization are the two highest forms of reaping every possibly percent of bioavailability of any substance. But they both come with a heavy price. Gotta REALLY know wtf you are doing when getting into that s***. So better yet, take my advice and either switch to a more effective pain med or else take a good look at your situation.. bc I've experienced a lot of that headache, but can finally say I learned my lesson and changed back to taking w/e given as rx'd. If you actually give it a try, MOST meds work well. But these new formula Opana ER's are surely one of the worst medications now for actual pain relief. If you prefer that slow long release, switch to Kadian, Avinza, or my personal fav for keeping pain away.. MS Contin (brand name not generic morphine sulfate). In higher doses, morphine alone can be much more effective than seriously abusing your meds n running out early every month.

Have any of you that complain on here bout having to abuse your meds every spoken to pain mgmt dr's reguarding switching to Subutex? It sure helps long term, keeps u from heavy abuse, and could help keep you from getting your doctors in trouble in case any of you, God forbid, r dumb one night abusing stuff n die. I mean think about that. These doc's have been thru A LOT of schooling, n internship/residency, n jail/volunteer work.. to help ppl like you.. and you are basically spotting in their faces by not discussing pain probs with them, to adjust n keep ur pain meds at an effective level. Don't risk their professions bc u wanna get high. If that's the case, go smoke wEed. Abusing meds n posting online only hurts the community of fellow pain mgmt patients. I bet the old oxy's n opana would b around still if even HALF the ppl posting online didnt. But there's thousands of posts asking how to abuse and how ppl simply buy the drugs on the street.. that's what effs up good things in the first place.

Omg I will always remember that amazing tingle/burn/taste of a real/old formula Oxy Contin. Mmm. But thems days is over.

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Tiffany Says:
Please tell me the details of crushing the new form. opanas!!!!

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Vktoria Says:
They cannot be crushed, snorted, or melted down.....just do it the right way, orally...they all are being made to not abuse.....for the right reasoning....

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Margo Says:
They helpm me and to me they are very strong and I am a snorter but with the new Opana Thank God its helped me it saved my life! I was snorting up to 19 to 20 or more percs a day 120 would last maybe a week! So yeah Im very greatful that these are like this,they help with my pain and I do get a buzz. Like now but sleepy after, Its late and now i can sleep well

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Vktoria Says:
TO:Margo... I am sympathetic to read you snorted that much medicine a day, I'm actually surprised you can smell a thing still, let alone have bad sinuses 24/7????

I am not sure if I have read your post correctly, are you saying that with the new Opana's your not abusing the narcotic anymore? That your taking the new Opana's as perscribed and it is working well for you, other than being tired? I am hoping you are stating this?

This board is here to help others now, fight addiction and temptation..Many of us, more than not,,,,wish to keep it clean, no anticing of abuse of drugs..We well most of us are facing addiction, have faced it, or are looking for help to defeat it and deal with the pain at the same time...We dont want others to discourage the ones that have come this far in doing right, and dealing with pain at the same time...

I'm not imlying you are doing any negative posting, I am just stating I want to keep it clean for us in here...We are a support channel for one another..SUPPORT to get us to the next and better step in life, away from the pills as much as we can...Its a good thing we are all doing here...A DAMN GOOD THING...;)))))

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Shotgun Willie Says:
I was JUST prescribed the 20 mg Opana ER's today. I'm having a lumbar fusion in 2 days, and met with a pain mgt Dr referred to me by my surgeon. I have been taking norco 10-325's for 8 yrs, 8-10 per day. I went cold turkey off them about 2 yrs ago (flushed an entire script) b/c I had some relief from facet injections. It took 5 days and i almost died, but i got off them. I took tramadol for 2 yrs, then the pain got really bad really Doc put me back on the Norco. I cannot afford these, even with my insurance. The pain Dr also gave me a months worth of percocet 10-325. What should I expect with the opana? I want the pain to go away, and get on with my life w/o being chained to pain meds. I read these posts and it scares the hell out of me. I'm having this surgery and humbly asking God to make it work. I'm 42, in good shape, married with wonderful kids and a great job. Should I ask for something different? I have a friend who took Dilaudid and said it was the only thing that made her pain go away (pancreatitis). Should I tough it out? Man, I am confused after all this.

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Mike Hawk Says:
The new ones can def be crushed(or powderized rather). They can also be smoked. Even injected. But none of the ways are worth it imo. Smoking pills, especially ones like this, burn one's throat bad. Injecting.. I wont even get into.. if its messed up you can do damage to yourselves. To sniff.. you hold the tablet w needlenose pliers in one hand, over/inside a bowl, then take a dremel w stone bit(or metal.. NOT SANDPAPER drums!). While grinding, point the direction debris is extracted/shaved towards the bowl bottom and/or side so you don't lose it. Takes roughly 5 mins maybe less.. then can be wrapped in a paper tissue n swallowed.. can let the powder sit in water for hrs and squirt it up your butt(prolly best way that it'll absorb), or you can rail it in lines. Caution tho, it is made up of mostly plastics, so while it gets stuck, clogging your nose until the next day, it is absorbing via your mucous. Honestly the tp swallowing method and the railing methods work roughly the same. Also effective in conjunction w one another. As I said tho, you will b blocked up until the next day n then it'll slowly clear up.. sticking a tissue in your nose helps to remove some sooner, but it will b sticky. Better off allowing it to absorb.
For ppl who feel this new formula does not work.. the latter methods can help. Takes 3 taken reg to relieve severe pain where as the parashoot/insufflated method takes one tablet. There is a difference of shortening its activity or release to roughly 8 hrs, but is very effective doing that w 1 every 8hrs than to eat 3 every 12hrs. Im not talking to get high and nod out either.. im speaking of relief from severe pain.
I too hate the new formula. Why couldn't they keep it the same but w some additive which peppers one's nose? They say abuse-proof or resistant.. but that is a crock of s***ter. Addicts are extremely smart, w less concern for their well being. I can see more ppl dying in the future from trying to figure out new methods to abuse a drug than there were with the overdosing of the old formula. Which is true for all pills. I knew people that'd break down and inject Xanax for God sakes.. and there is nearly ZERO absorption via injection bc it is NOT water soluble. Yet they still do it.. some are simply addicted to the method of doing it. I can understand with Oxycontin and why they switched formulas.. those were better than most illicit drugs. But if they spent less on r&d, to come up with a cheaper but effective way to combat these probs.. (like think about ppl who have sniffed seraquil.. most don't do it again bc it fn hurts), it'd b cheaper meds bc of lesser r&d, less additives and $ spent in plastics being formulated into "abuse proof" surfactants, and all around better for the addicts brains being "retrained"(in the Pavlov's dogs sense). Think about it.. if one sniffs something that in turn causes pain.. that association of a good feeling from abuse would eventually turn most ppl away from doing that. Ppl will do what they can to obtain their feeling of choice reguardless, but it seems unfair to the millions of ppl who benefit from the medications. We pay more to feel ok.. just so addicts who will find an alternative way to get their feeling can be "deterred" from abusing the drugs? Very unfair imo. But it is the world we live in unfortunately. So I say, I will share my knowledge with anyone who wants to hear, so that many years down the road.. maybe the pharmaceutical companies will realize they are not nearly as effective as they think they r being in combatting abuse.

Thank you for reading. Hope I answered the question asked reguarding how things are done. Those who say things can't be done simply have no will to want to "do" in the first place. Even if you wont use it, it helps to know factual info rather than the bs opinions spewed off as "facts" by many visitors here online.
Take care, and use your brains b4 doing things ppl.

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SeveredCliche Says:
Silly Junkie. Stop thinking you know everything about being a user. One of the main reasons we become junkies is because we need the meds for pain ;)

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donna s k Says:
My husband prefers the ER, or new formula of the Oxy.. it lasts longer..for him. everyone is different
but i do wish, if it is true about the 30mg being re-formulated that it is soon!

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Vktoria Says:
To: Shotgun Willie....

Dont abuse any medicines, just be honest with yourself, and doc...Dont sniff s***, OR GRIND it with a dremel...It adds s*** from the dremel into your meds, and honestly, it isnt worth your time my friend..The new Opana ER's are not as effective as the old ones only because they had to go to extremem to stop the abuse, and its not as effective and many will agree...I have been on the Diaudid which are called EXALGO ER, and they work very well, not abused...I am in the process of getting off them slowly because I got the pain pump which i 100% think CHRONIC pain sufferers should really look into and talk with their doctor..I have recently had morphine put into my pump from a general anestheiptic for pain, cause being the holidays I am more active and need a bit more help with thenpain I suffer every day, but I also tell myself I can live with some pain, as long as I dont have to deal with damn pills going through my system and the addiction to them, dont you agree...Lets face it, PILLS are a cruel way to take over our lives, we have to be the ones to make the decision whether we wish to continue to travel down that road for the rest of our lives, or take control and NEVER STOP until we find the alternate pain method that will not only subside most of our pain and most of all, get us away from thenpills...We all look to pills first I think in nature to take pain away but there are many other forms of relief, we just have to make that decision to take them..FOR INSTANCE, there is massage therapy, physical therapy, pain pumps which to notntrVel the medicines throughout your body, and in turn a great alternative for thenlong run for your mind and body, all these alternatives are...your favorite hobbies that wnt cause extra pain, like a slow walk, being outside, whatever makes us happy, lets try it on top of our pain control and slowly make a process, it cant be done over night so dont expect that...;))

I wish you the best in your surgery...Study up, the world wide web has so much information to look up on it...Lets face it, way back then....there were no pills and humNs fou d ways to help the pain, so can we...;)))

Let us know how your surgery went, and dont ubuse the RX's, thats just another s***ty road you dont want to travel or concour to get off of...;))

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ozzzman Says:
I really liked the message and it is an issue because abusers will die and that is okay because every day is suicide for them on the installment plan. THERE ARE NEEDS THAT HELP JUST BE OPEN TO YOU DOCTOR.

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Mike Hawk Says:
I agree with your post Vktoria. I play both sides though. Mostly bc I've been in both situations n learned the hard way. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. It taught me a lot. I continue learning too, to better understand n help ppl that want it.
As for advocacy of abuse, I may answer questions reguarding the most effective ways with the least harm to use, but always say try something else if one feels their meds are not effective. Talk w professionals such as your Dr. Hell I even advocate smoking weed if it helps one steer clear of abuse of pain meds. Personally I don't feel we with real chronic pain should pay for negligence of others. But you must understand, ppl abusing medications are not gonna listen to someone saying don't do this, or this is bad for you. That is why you must relate n understand what these ppl r going through. It is frustrating to go through life with pain wo relief. You yourself had mentioned days b4 pain meds tho.. sadly you are badly mistaken. People have used all sorts of substances throughout history to alleviate pain. From substances we have yet to learn of the ingredients to plants such as marijuana & opium. Others have taken advantage of coca leaves to regain strength & energy, while even secluded tribes nowadays still use combinations of potent substances mixed together(as in Papua New Guinea for example). I recall watching Survivorman where Les Stroud had tried one concoction of the tribes, n on camera admitted (as well as u could see) he was fd up. But those tribes don't totally abuse these things. Some r strictly ritual, others r remedies used commonly. They don't become junkies. So im sorry but I don't totally agree with your POV. Even where u mention PT and other methods of pain mgmt.. those things r well & fine.. extremely effective to many, but the doc generally prescribes a medication to manage pain to even be able to push through PT to feel better.

Reguardless, you are correct that there are other methods to effectively relieve pain. But everyone had different factors. They treat pain n interpret it differently. So one course of action, one type of pain Med, may work different on one person than the next. Their method of action may not be what they need. And in the case of the changing Opana ER formulation, they r crappy now. Yet they began with one of the best formulas, it is a prime example of how some ruined it for the rest of us. Ppl then try to cope bc unfortunately not everyone has your lvl of pain, n eligible to be put on a pump. Many dr's don't want to talk about what drugs you think you should take, n many more push the drugs their drug reps introduce to their practice. But what u r talking about, many doctors would consider drug seeking behavior. So your advice could possibly get one kicked off needed medicine jus bc they tried talking to their Dr saying "I heard this online".

My advice is, plz try to encourage a lil diff way of non abuse, wo saying go do this or that. It mostly falls on deaf ears to those who are not ready to stop abuse. But to those who listen, you shouldn't be leading them in a direction that could effect them badly w their drs. It'd b better to simply say, tt your Dr about the mgmt of pain n see if the Dr can give any other courses of action. Not, oh this person says this drugs works better id like to be specifically put on that. In your case, im sure there's np w your doc, but its not the same case for everyone.

Thank you

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Vktoria Says:

I have been on the posting for awhile, and I use to be an abuser in the past, only because my pain was so bad, my doctor before sucked ass and just wanted to write out those RX's to get me in and out, collect their insurance money, and off to the next door and patient.. I am trying to stear others on this postings to know that there are ways other than pills, or just pills...I know there are MANY true pain sufferers out there and believe me, I feel for each and every one of them..I was lucky as you say in your post to find myself a good doctor, and others can too, it just takes time in our lives to study up on their practices,licenses, and their main medicL studies to pin point what practice to go to...We have to be the responsible ones to do our research, and if were not happy with one doctor, I say keep searching until we do find one we are happy with, can talk to, and explain what our goals are and our pain levels...It CAN BE DONE...It took me many years to find that physician, but I am proud I never gave up on myself, my health, and my well being..I do wish though, It was back in the days when the good ole doc would make home visits, wouldn't that of been great back then?? Lol

I dont agree with telling others how to abuse the drugs, call it what you wish, but doing other than what you are prescribed with your medicine, is abusing it, so lets not encourage others or tell them how to do it ok?. I am trying to help others on here, I know I am not a psychyatrist but I am a lady who sincerely cares for others, and I am offering my opinions, voice, and advice, to ANYONE who wishes to talk to me and others on here to atleast know they have someone on here that can relate to what they are feeling and going through..I know they are in pain, I know they need more relief, most of them do anyways..But just my examples of alternate methods such as therapy is just an encouragement and suggestions. i remember when I was counting pills each day, crushing them, snorting them, and all I really wanted was to talk to someone who knew what I was going through to allow myself to know I wasn't a freak, abnormal, or the only one out there doing this, I wish I could have had some with encouragement for me, and atleast know I could reach out and talk to others, I KNOW that would of helped me..

I also know talking to some doctors and telling them what is being done with pills will get them thrown out of the office, but thats where we have to choose our words wisely, but also let the doctors know we need some extra help out there, their not stupid, its an epidemic problem, and I am sure a good doctor would like to help his/her patient as much as they can..

Lets stay positive on here, If anything its the Holidays and very hard for some this time of the year..I want EVERYONE to know I am here to listen, give advice if they ask, and do whatever I can over the computer to be there for anyone who asks me for suggestions or just an ear to listen to them, thats some of the best medicine in my opinion, a companion who knows what they are going through..;)) HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE, and I am always here for anyone who needs me..;)) I'll do the best I can, and I truly enjoy it as well...;))RW

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really Says:
Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly Vktoria... You constantly put down the use of pills and boast of how you don't rely on them... But you have a pain pump that puts narcotics directly into your spinal fluid... I kinda find that hypocritical and misleading. There is not much difference between the two, as you body eventually will process the meds passed thru the brain/blood barrier. Like I said, maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, and I'm not bashing you either, although it does read that way...not intended! Sorry! Can you shed some light on this for me, cause I don't get it!

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Vktoria Says:
TO: Really..
When I first started posting in here, I realized and still do there are many people who need pain relief, and are not abusers, but there were also people who said they were abusing to relieve the pain but are true pain sufferers.. My intensions and always will be is to talk to others and know that for one, abusing is a bad choice, I had been there and it does nothing but worsen the way your mind and body thinks about itself and our self worth at times. I want others to know that abusing isn't an alternative to getting better and there are many other ways out there than just pills..If one has no other choice but to take pills, it is what is needed, but abusing them isn't the solution..and I don't feel when others come on here and tell others how to do it, is not of any help either!!!! But when people come and ask for ways to find alternatives, I am going to express my passion to help them and also other medical possibilities that are out there for them to explore....

As for my pain pump issue, I am a true sufferer from an auto accident when I was younger, and we all know injuries from the past, only progress to a chronic issue in the future..So I searched and studied and found information and a good doctor and seeked the testing and progress needed to see if I was a significant candidate for the pain pump, and I am..I did this because in my studies, I knew I did not want to put a large amount or amounts of pain pills orally throughout my "entire body and organ" each and every day. so what could I find to help my pain and also not speed up my death date by toxifying everything my body and I consist of..So if there is a possibility that I can do this, and also can educate others of this possibility for them as well, why in the heck wouldn't I do such that???

So I hope this answers all of your questions, I have been there, I still crave being there sometimes, but I also know I am a strong person and if I can better my life in anyway and help others possibly do the exact same thing, then I will....;)))


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Vktoria Says:
Also, not to be rude, but the pain pump isnt close to the same thing as orally taking medicines, if it is, they would not be making it one of the largest, fastest, growing medical breakthroughs right now in medical facilities and physicians.

It does not have to be a permanent procedure like back surgeries either. The system can be turned off or surgically removed if you do not like it or of you decide to pursue a different treatment...

Unlike oral medications, drug delivery therapy releases a very small amount of medication directly into the fluid surrounding your spinal cord rather than traveling throughout your body in your bloodstream to all of your major organs. This leads to fewer side effects short and long term and also takes away any nausea and constipation you can experience with oral medications...

Also Drug delivery therapy offers

Significant reduction in pain, at-least 50%..
Improved ability to function and participate in activities , this can make us all feel so much better in itself, don't you agree??

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Silver Says:
Everyone has right to say what they think. My feelings is I wouldn't ask Vktoria anything. This person has a pain pump. I have had 17 operations and still I have more in front of me. I have had these in the hospital. They do work but not to many doctors are going to give their patients one. There isn't enough money in it. So, chronic pain patients should be aloud to have meds that work so they can live their life the best they can without pain keeping them in bed. Yes the druggies and people who post on here how to abuse drugs have hurt the people who really need pain meds. The FDA and Endo are fighting now about generic Opana. People who don't have insurance can't afford Opana. The generic should be approved. The doctors who give prescriptions for pain meds now have to keep all kinds of records. You have to go every month to see your doctor and take a urine test. Most states have a place online where doctors, pharms, etc. can go to see if you are getting meds from any other doctors. If you see a good doctor that hasn't been in trouble with anyone they are doing their job. If you feel you are getting into trouble with your meds, if you have a good doctor, they will help you. If things keep it up, unless you have cancer you will not be able to receive anything stronger than lortab. That is next. I read it on one of the medical sites and I know someone who goes to a pain clinic and their doctor also told them that. Everyone needs to speak up or we all will be in bed because they will not approve anything stronger than Tylenol 3's if things kept going the way they are. All of us who have chronic pain for other reasons than cancer are going to be at level 10 being the worst pain. Endo states that their new Opana is just the same as the old when that isn't true, but because Endo's studies shows that it is. People who have been prescribed Opana and take it by mouth like you should knows the new doesn't work as well. For me, the new bothers my stomach a little. It takes longer to start working and it doesn't last as long. Below is just one article I have read out of many about Endo. If they get their way, people without insurance will pay a lot of money till their patent runs out like in 2023 before you can receives generic Opana. If this gets approved that means it is going to be hard for any pain meds go generic and other meds will follow. Endo just wants the money. They made $90 million just in 3 months from the new Opana. People who are responsible with their meds are the ones who will hurt from this. If the doctors do their job and we do ours, the druggies will go find something else to abuse. They always will. I have also read since the new opana, heroine is on the rise again. You see, no matter what, people who take drugs just to get high will find something else. I would like to know why Endo didn't stop the old Opana ER in 5mg, 7.50 mg and 15mgs from going generic. They are the old ones. Its money that drives them. It is funny why they waited until the old opana patent almost ran out before they came out with the new abuse free. Really, is it abuse free? Look what you have read on here. Before long people will just start taking a hand full at a time trying to get high. That will kill a person too.

Should FDA usher old-style opioid generics onto the market?
December 4, 2012

On one side stand Endo Health Solutions ($ENDP) and Purdue Pharma. On the other, generic drugmakers that want to introduce copies of big-selling, high-powered painkillers. In the middle, the FDA, which has to decide whether to allow those cheap copies onto the market.

The powerful drugs in question include the notorious "hillbilly heroin," OxyContin, and Endo's competing painkiller Opana. Under pressure amid a nationwide epidemic of painkiller abuse, both Purdue and Endo pulled their original versions of the drugs and rolled out abuse-resistant formulations. The newer pills are harder to crush for snorting and injecting.

But the generics makers–including Watson Pharmaceuticals ($WPI) and Impax Laboratories ($IPXL)–want to market copies of the older formulations, without crush-resistant protections. Unfair, say Endo and Purdue, which admittedly spent big money developing and testing their new formulas. And Endo has sued the FDA to protect that investment, seeking to block generic versions. Meanwhile, the FDA itself has been encouraging drugmakers to develop tamper-resistant pain pills.

Now, at least one study has found that tamper-resistant versions of these drugs appear to be putting a damper on abuse. But it was funded by Endo–and the company added the data to its citizen petition against generic Opana.

The Generic Pharmaceutical Association has a point in saying that Endo and Purdue waited to launch tamper-resistant pills until patents on the originals neared expiration. "There is obviously a dollar motive to this and, if we can't touch the technology, then generics are kept out of the marketplace completely," GPhA's Brynna Clark told the Financial Times.

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Vktoria Says:
i will agree with one thing silver has to say, they are really really pushing hard on anyone who receives pain medicines, its a goal the law enforcement for one is coming down strong on, and they can dig into your personal life and find out almost now when and where your taking your meds, its kind of scary really, there is no privacy in your life when it comes to your pain management...They are getting real personal and strict, even if you fill a rx a few days early, they know of privacy but when it comes to RX's and the abuse going on, dont plan on any privacy...

I dont feel that not asking me anything is crap...I have been to many places with pills in my life, and I am still tampering down on them since my pain pump has been put in..There is money in pain pumps, mine cost a good $53,000 to have put in and filled with medicines, then every 2 months they fill my machine or (pump) which is normally $500-1500 depending on what medicines and how much needs to be some research on this device before knocking it, its a great breakthrough, and IF WHAT YOU SAY, is true, id think If I had to rely on pills only to illeviate my pain, Id definately start researching other alternatives for pain relief that does not involve JUST pills...I know I began this process a year ago because they began watching every step I was doing containing to filling pain pills. Its degrating, sad, and a breach of privacy when law enforcement looks into who is getting pain pills filled every month and can find everything about you, without you even knowing..

Lemme tell you something, to all of you...I was arrested months and months ago with my family home, while I was cooking dinner, caught off guard and had to go to jail, and why?? Because I had had my RX filled at different pharmacy's and the only reason for this was because my original pharmacy did not have my RX in stock..Even though I used the same pharmacy name but at different locations, they saught me as drug seeker, TALK ABOUT HUMILIATING AND REDICULOUS..I never searched for different doctors, had only one doctor but because I had them filled at different locations because they were not in stock at one pkace and even though it was by the same doctor, I was labeled a SEEKER...Talk about a blow to anyones look on trying to be as pain free as we can?? they dont care out there and trust me, from what I learned in jail while I was waiting to be bonded out, They are WATCHING EVERYONE who has pain meds filled every month...

Now, the reasoning I want to give everyone a different alternative to look at besides pills, IF THEY CAN, I say do it because they are getting stricter and stricter...and I really dont want this to happen to anyone who is NOT abusing them, or if they feel they need to abuse them because the pain is so bad, id like for them to look into alternatives...So if you dont like that I have mentioned the pain pump, well im sorry but I am trying to give others knowledge of alternatives down the road for pain relief other than pills, cause from what YOU say, the pills care going to be gone pretty much, now wouldnt you want an alternative to not have to deal with pain severely every day?? And the worries about loosing their only alternative to pain is going to be gone in the future?..I honestly dont feel they can illiminate pills, they make billions of dollars off of those every year and the pharmaceutical businesses would go down hill, they cant afford that..But all I am saying is tey to look at different ways to subdude the pain if they can, its worth it and makes a better way of living for individuals as well..

Well, its up to anyone else if they wish to make things better for themselves..I feel for everyone who suffers pain, I truly do..My objective is to be here for them, give advice if they want it, and just be here to talk if they wish to..Im not a bad person, anyone can TRY to make me look that way but I know who I am, what Id like to do is help others, and if no one else likes it, then Im sorry for them but I wont ever give up trying to be here for them, Nothing anyone says will deter me from trying to help..Its just the person I am, and I never look down on anyone who has to take pain pills or other ways to make theirselves feel better, I just want to give information to help, and that I will continue to do..;) HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!

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Silver Says:
I am sorry you got arrested just because you were trying to find some place to have your script filled. Everyone is having that same problem but you are the first I have heard to be arrested. What you have said doesn't make any sense. If that is all they had on you and nothing else that is crazy.

I am not putting you down. I just said I wouldn't ask you anything. For one, a pump most likely wouldn't work for me. I had rods in my body and after years of them being there my body rejected them. Since then I have had more put in my body but it hasn't been as many years. I had an infection in my system from those rods that I had a temp of 103. I was put in the hospital for 2 weeks with an IV. I have spoken to cancer patients that had a port in their body and got a bad infection from it. That wasn't the first time. Not everyone has the money or insurance to do what you have. All I am saying people with real pain problems need to speak up before its to late. Like I said, the next thing to come is that chronic pain patients unless you have cancer, you won't be able to have anything other than lortab.

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James M Dorrycott Says:
Evidently can handle pain or are one of them tight fisted no matter what i'll take it. Guess since you know you already get high so get off your high horse your a junkie that has no program (N.A.) Most people on these meds for any period of time are required in someway to participate in some kind of substaance abuse program. BUT EVEDENTLY YOU JUST GET HIGH!!! On pain meds since 1983 and a proud member of N.A. don't abuse and wish people like you would get educated before you open your mouth. Like the saying goes "If you haven't anything nice to say shut up" or get educated at least!

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