How To Order Dilaudid Over Internet

steve Says:

want to oder dilaudid from known sites uderground.

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David Says:

If your intent is to order medications that require a prescription, then there is no guaranteed safe and legal way to do so outside of the standard "doctor-visit" procedures.

There are many more hazards involved when you order online from a non-legitimate site; such as not receiving what you ordered and just being scammed out of your money, or getting something that isn't even the medication you ordered (and you end up accidentally taking it).

Not too long ago there were quite a few posts on this site from a number of people that had each ordered different medications from the same company, but they had all received the same exact pills from them, so there is no possible way they were actually getting what they should have.

I can understand by all means why patients would opt for ordering online, due to the pharmaceutical industries strict regulations and a host of neglecting doctors. But going the online route is worse in my opinion, because they are not required by any law or jurisdiction to give you what you pay for. And when you do get scammed, it'll take all your effort fighting with them to not even get a piece of your money back.

I hope this advice helps!

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mikey Says:

how to order dilaudid in canada without perscription

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Stephen Says:

Stephen grattA I have 3 bulging discs and 2 knee operations from. Bad accidents

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