How To Find A Doctor To Prescribe Xanax In Tennessee Who Take Blue Or Tenncare


My Girlfriend is 26 years old and she suffers from a huge anxiety problems and panic attacks on a daily basis. However because of her age we cant find a doctor to prescribe her xanax because so many people her age do abuse prescription drugs and sell them. We know its very addicting but she been on them for seven years and we move for about a year and was having to get them off the streets and moved back to Tenn and there a huge difference in how she reacts to daily life without them. She isa different person when she get them and keeps better control of her self when on them. We feel that she should be on xanax for the rest of her life. So if anyone knows a doctor that would prescribe her xanax around Chattanooga or anywhere in bradley county TN, Please let us know we would really appreciate it thank you

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i need some help finding a doctor that will prescribe me 1mg or 2mg xanax .. that is the only thing that help with my huge anxiety problems. i will have anxiety several times a day with out xanax. . but with xanax i go through my day without any problems or anxiety problems. ..

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If you suffer from anxiety and need a Benzodiazepine class medication, your best bet it usually to see a psychiatrist, rather than a regular medical doctor. They are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and many GPs are reluctant to prescribe controlled substances due to abuse and the heavy regulations that they have to abide by from the government.

When you see a new doctor, you will also want to make sure that you take all of your medical records with you, or have them sent to the doctor's office, so they can see the diagnosis from other doctors, as well as what medications have and have not worked for you in the past.


Are there any questions or comments?

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i need a doctor to prescribe me alprazolam where i have been on it for 14 years. Now I have to find one to write it where i'm not with my old doctor who always wrote them. I'm on tenncare bluecare and i have so many things on me that i cope better with the bad and i'm a different person. If anyone knows of a doctor or psychiatrist on tenncare bluecare that would write for me would you please respond asap. i cope better with life. I live in maryville, tn. and i'm very close to knoxville, tn. as well. I will drive where ever i have to. Thank you

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Dr Robert Spaulding, he is a psychiatric & used to write them for me, but he no longer accepts insurance of any kind, so I'm in the same boat looking...... I'm trying another Dr Spaulding ( I think it may be his son) he writes benzos for a friend of mine & we both need them & suffer from major anxiety.

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There is a dr. in cookeville tn. that will write xanax but is hard to get into. Dr. Daversula 931-372-8700

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Susan did you ever find a doctor?

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I am 51 have generalized anxiety disorder like your girlfriend it started in my 20s...another alternative is beta blockers controls SYMPTOMS such as heart racing , shaking is used for blood pressure but works for anxiety...I was also given buspirone this is for anxiety...when you are young dr.s hesitate ....if she can she needs to see a psychiatrist not psychologist...psychiatrists are m.d. s can write scripts psychiatrist would object to starter doses of Ativan or xanax if the need is legit...believe me I know the hell from what you say she is legit. I am on 2mg. Xanax e.r. 3x per day total 6 mg very high dose but when your brain isn't wired right this is a physical's the only way I can live normally, my doc says I will always need to be on anti-anxiety meds...I only have to see him every six weeks at $135.00 I don't have insurance but if you keep aside 20 or so dollars a week it is not such a hit...enquire about psychiatrists....not family dr. This is what they do I am sure there are psychiatrists where you live....she needs help good luck to you

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Becca what doctor do you use? Mine retired and no one will even see me because of the same prescription you are on I had and they don't want to do that.
I'm starting to have anxiety so bad I can't even leave the house anymore. No school or work. I've been trying to find one for over a month now.

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No I did not

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Susan I also live in Maryville tn ...i have the same insurance. I do know a dr that will write a script for that. He's not around here and doesn't accept our insurance. I don't know what the safest way for us to talk privately?

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Dr Alez Fider Shelbyville, Tn he will give you a drug panel reg. And u need your medical records he used to give me (5 )1 mg day he is a psychiatrist. ..15-20 min and he just asks how your He will prescribe other s*** you dont want like serquel. telling...

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Thank you " hurt so bad "
Hopefully looking for someone around the Knoxville area - Shelbyville is a little too far.

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I also live in Maryville and suffer from anxiety disorder, however I have been very unlucky in finding a doctor to treat and prescribed xanax or other anxiety medications for me. Can you please give me the info on the doctor you're talking about? I do not have insurance, but I'm willing to shell out what I can for help.

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Jamie find a way we can talk

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I am in Blout County and looking for a MD that we write a script for anxiety. Can you please help {edited for privacy}. Need assistance soon!

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I am in Knoxville and was on 5mg of xanax per day, and my doctor just up and moved her practice and closed without notice. I had to go to ER for a seizure because I had one after no meds for 2 days. Can you let me know the info you were gonna give her. I am desperate, the ER Dr. Wrote me 3 days worth cause she said I could die. I have been on them 6 yrs after a rape, and the man was released from jail 2 yrs ago...I cant function without them at all. {edited for privacy}. Thank you.

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I also live in maryville and am currently looking for a doctor for my husband who has extremely bad panic attacks. Could you recommend any good doctors that can help? Thank you

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Please give me info. I have run out again, and ER bound another round. Anyway, its not my fault my Dr closed her office, I had been there for 3 years. Now I am suffering. You cant just come off of them, and I need them for PTSD and a seizure disorder. If you can help it will save my life.

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Help me too please I need a dr my dr closed her practice I live n maryville tn also but will go anywhere reasonable close. Please help!!!! I'm on 2mg xanax 4 times a day & I don't know what to do!! Thank u so so much & someone please help. Julie

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Does anyone know a doctor who accepts Tenn care in the bristol, kingsport or Johnson city area who will prescribe Xanax?

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Re: slipnot73 (# 103) Expand Referenced Message

It’s not against the site’s policy to share verifiable doctor information (e.g. office phone number/location/etc). They just don’t allow users to post their own personal/private contact info, albeit for good reason.

Thanks for being open to helping others in this way!

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Sorry I just reread your text and you don't live in Florida. I'm so sorry

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Concerning my last post, if it is not legal to help someone in this way I apologize to this website and its members. Thank you.

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If you live in Florida I can give you a doctor that will solve her problems on the same day of visit.

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Re: Twilly865 (# 74) Expand Referenced Message

Did you ever find a dr for Xanax? I’m very sorry but mine fell thru n I’ve been sick for so long .I only found this site again today. If you can help me find one I would be able to have hope

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Re: Jessica (# 100) Expand Referenced Message

Although all Medicaid programs currently cover benzodiazepines, at least 19 Medicaid programs impose coverage restrictions of some sort (2). Furthermore, many states have included benzodiazepines in their prescription drug monitoring programs (15), which reduce benzodiazepine use in the general population and among patients with severe psychiatric and physical conditions (15–17)

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Where can I be guanted to listen and pryrsptibt Xanax for my disorders garu nredes?

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Re: Optimistic (# 97) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, you can bring back a limited amount of medicine, and you will need a passport or passport card. I've heard it's best to research the pharmacies online. It also has been suggested to visit a Mexican doctor to 'hook you up'.

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Re: Lori (# 92) Expand Referenced Message

You drive there and you go to a pharmacy and you buy them, they don’t require prescriptions for a lot of this stuff down there. Last time I was down there they didn’t sell ADHD medication. Because it’s so much cheaper in the US nobody wanted it, but you can buy benzos over the counter there, or at least you used to be able to.

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She will have to get a psychiatrist, regular family doctors don’t prescribe this medication. She can go on her insurance website and look for psychiatrists that take that insurance, but I fear that because it’s a red state she may not get many results. Good luck though that sucks.

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