How To Break Up Oxycontin Op For Snorting ** Personally Verified**

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Surgeon General of Botswana Says:
This is a personally verified method for breaking down the new OxyContin OPs for snorting (20mg, 40mg and 80mg).

1. Remove the slow release coating with an abrasive. xxxxxxx

2. After removing the time-release coating xxxxxxxx

3. Now, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4. The end result you're looking for is xxxxxxxxxxxx

5. After the desired color is achieved, take the plate xxxxxxxxxxxx

6. After the pill returns to xxxxxxxxxxxx

7. Now grab a super sharp blade xxxxxxxxxxx

8. Scrape the pill off the plate xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9. Start xxxxxxxxxx the pill xxxxxxxxxxx. This is a slow and tedious process, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10. After about 5 minutes or so, you should xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11. Grab that McDonalds straw, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.

{This post has been edited for public safety reasons}

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love the last line...

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Vigz Says:
In regards to cooking the OP 80's in the microwave to be able to snort them. Is it possible to use a regular oven?

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sad to say a dopefiend like the rest!! Says:
i need the easiest way to brea down a op so i can shoot it, id rather do a pill than boy, so anyone out there with like 1-5 steps that would share!! please do soo i have ruined soo many i cant afford any more to waste!! soos please help me i shoot them so please help me get off sick as easy as possiable. when your sick you wanna get it done as quickley as possiable!! so the 1-5 easly explained way to do it would help!!

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mike Says:
K u want to shoot it step 1 get yaself in a rehab lol look iv done roxy 30s for years now an i snort an honostly thats as far as it should go ppl shooting pills is why we snorters are getting OPs im jus sayin if ya wana shoot stick with herion u wont ever need a 5 step process an we wouldnt have many abusers witch meaning we wouldnt be here

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droski Says:
Im tryin it right now, if i waste my last 20 doin this imma be pissed

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droski Says:
Do this method put th chopped pill in the spoon and do it. It works i just done a 20 like that

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whatfreakingever Says:
When you use the sandpaper at first, how do you know when the slow-reles coating is gone? Does it look different or do you sand it down to where you can't read the letters anymore?

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tantrum Says:
in the first minute it melted all weird....stupid

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Get A Life Says:
You are all as stupid as can be. How the hell do you put this kind of s*** on sites that are monitored daily by the dea. You dumb asses are the reason they keep changing the s*** anyways. Stop posting s*** . You make it hard for people who take the s*** for a real reason. For the ones that have real problems and are not just addicted to it.

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MedsChat Admin Says:
[ Site Admin ]
Hi everyone,

While we do not judge any individuals or what they are going through, this discussion thread is particularly hard for us - the reason is because we do like to encourage free speech, but at the same time, cannot encourage dangerous or illegal activities.

With that said, we must recommend avoiding this and all other methods of altering or using such a strong drug in a way that it is not intended. Please consider that there are a number of treatment options available for anybody who is interested in ending their addiction.

A couple of examples are, You can also contact the manufacturer Purdue directly and explain your affliction to them confidentially, so that they can refer you to an appropriate drug treatment program.

We hope this helps and wish you all good health!

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Vee55 Says:

1. Go to Walmart and purchase sandpaper. That it used to remove rust from cars. It is dark green and circular, and they come in packs of 3 for $4.

2. Take a pair of tweezers xxxxxxxxxxx

3. Empty the powder xxxxxxxxxxx

4. Place into xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5. I then get a larger plate and put cold water xxxxxxxxxxx

6. Place plate into xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

It looks funny when you scrap it off plate, but it doesnt gel up in your nose, you get a great drip ;)

{edited for safety reasons}

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trav Says:
everything number 1 and the last post is dead on..i just did it step by step and it worked perfect..finally ive found someone with the right advise..and he was right this high is great and the drip taste just like a herion drip..and im higher then s***.......great advice guys....

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eric Says:
I agree with "get a life" you all are f***ing up for us that really need them not just to get high

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pablo Says:
im suffering an erectile disfunction,im a diabetic with high and low high pertention,i drink trajenta 5mg and zanidip 10mg, furusemide 40mg,carvidilol 6.25mg,atovastatin 20mg,aspirin 80mg and gliclazide 80mg,what medicines i will drink in order that my disfunction will be cured

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HelpingBuddies Says:
after it comes outta the freezer... at room temp, is it transportable? And if so, in pill form or after being chopped.

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podpod Says:
lost my supplier and just need someone to prescribe me some genuine oxys that I can snort. Been ripped off and getting no-where searching locally. Someone pls help me out. Happy to pay you a decent price for your efforts or buy you some as a thank you. Im in London, UK.

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plshelpmegetmyoxys Says:
Can one you users please tell me a safe and genuine place to buy some Oxys. Too many rip-off sites and fakes out there. I just need a lead. thanks so much. Btw I can get loads of cheap vals if your interested.

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Bob Says:
F*** all that, just take the dam pill...

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Opionaut Says:
I just tried step number 1 with 30 sec intervals, I feel great just with 20mg. Yes these are prescribed to me although if I bought these off the street I wouldn't value anyone's opinion talking bad of me haha, a couple things, if you use a bottom plate with cold water in the freezer make sure you dry the bottom of the top plate when you go to scrape the powder on the counter, (I used a book that was flat and black, I like to see my goods) because I didn't and had a droplet right next to the powder. Almost costly. There is a tiny bit of hard plug in my nose but it taste and does feel like the great days of using the hose clamp or ped egg with the good old OC's. Also for the plate you use in the microwave it's better to have a all the way flat one. A regular plate has curves around it. This made scraping onto my book more difficult due to the powder catching the edge. Also, it took mine about 5 mins at 30 sec intervals to turn light brown. Keep in mind this was a 20mg, not sure if the polymer to powder is different in higher mg's. Happy Cooking!

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