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teddy Says:
word on the street is that you {edited for safety} i haven't tried this nor will i but i sure sounds smart using the citric acid to totally take away the gummy substance;}.

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Verwon Says:
It still wouldn't be a safe thing to do. These tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, but are normally expelled in your waste.

If you try to alter a tablet, to snort or inject it, you are putting these substances in your body in a way, in which, it cannot get rid of them. This can lead to blockages, that can cause health conditions, such as strokes or embolisms.


Are there any comments or questions?

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Rowdy Says:
I am a former Marine from the Gulf War. During my first deployment, I fell from a heilocopter causing sever spinal injuries. Having lived with sever pain for many years, I finally found a doctor who prescribed me Oxycontin for the continous pain. I really relied on chewing the OCs when I had sever break through pain. In this method, I found some sort of relief. Now, due to street using junkies, I am at no choice but to buy OPs which can't be broke down by chewing, and I have no relief from this agony. I just wanted to say, "thanks yall who screwed that up for me." "Thanks to you I no longer can have the quality of life I once recieved." Because of you junkies, my kids watch me sqirm in pain and my life sucks because of it. And, for anyone who wants to get on to me for saying this stuff to the junkies who screwed me and my families life up, you go to Hell with them.
Semper FI!

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Grace New Jersey ----- Says:
I agree I finally was able to get out of bed without help from my husband and daughter, they change the formulation and with that changed my life, not for the better.

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girlinpenn Says:
you can email me at {edited for privacy} and if you are any where near maryland, virginia or pennsylvania i can give you a pain doc that can treat you well, a fentanyl patch or opana er should kill your pain, or even the two of the 30mg oxycodone instant release roxis will do it if you had to chew an oc. I also know connections in mexico where you can buy these things if you don't have the records to get them from a doc for lack of insurance or the many other reasons we find ourselves without proper pain treatment. when i told my new doc the other day i was seeing for the first time that my records would be lacking because he was a family doc and was run out of town when he classified himself as a pain doc, after telling him where i was from he stated "yes all 'pain' docs from there lose there license, just bring me what you have when you come back in two weeks and we will treat you" and he treated me with hydro and xanax until then.

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Aht Says:
Ask the doc for roxys and ull have ur quality of life bak.... Semper fi from a three time
Purple hearted devildog

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mayrose Says:
I am disabled with several ruptured disks and degenerative bone disease, not to mention arthritis! I am taking oxycodone, generic I think, called roxycodone. I need it for the pain but it makes me dizzy and nauseous so bad that I just dread taking it sometimes. Can anyone tell me if there's any foods that you can eat when you take it that will help?

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one popper to another Says:
This is a reply to the guy that fell from the hellocopter. First i would like to thank u for ur service to our country as to you comment about junkies ruining your quality of life that my friend is completly wrong the reason they made op oxys is yes in part to prevent abuse by recreational users and also because patients like yourself who would chew their oc up their by defeating the time release action of the pill many times leading to a leathal amount of oxycodone being introduced to the patient many times causing a deadly overdose. Also fyi oxycotin is not ment for breakthrough pain it is for continuous cronic mild to intense pain most pain management docs normally perscribe percocets or roxis for the breakthrough pain u described hense the name oxycotin cotin meaning continuous release so before comming down on all the junkies as u called them u should also thank youself for the switch to op my advice to u is before u blog about something u dont fully understand u should get your facts straight that way you dont sound quite so ignorant also talk to your doc about perscribing u something for breakthrough pain i recommend a 15 or 30 mg roxicodone because thier instant release and they should more than take care of your FIX and remember your as much a junkie and responsible for the op swich as they are hhuuuaaa

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Mofookin Says:
"i recommend a 15 or 30 mg roxicodone because thier instant release and they should more than take care of your FIX and remember your as much a junkie and responsible for the op swich as they are hhuuuaaa" -One popper to another

Too true! But I believe it has been a little overplayed by law enforcement about obout their concern for oxycontin/roxycodone overdoses. And also Doctor shopping. They blew it all out of preportion with one goal in mind, to remove "in house filling of prescriptions." First the shake downs of all the doctors and pharmacies, then the passing of a bill stating that clinics must either be owned by a medical doctor, or the owner of a pain clinic also owns a pharm that is off site. Thus creating a need to be able to sell ONLY a time released brand of Oxycontin. I bet somehom the gov is involved in the pharm company making the OPs... lol what do I know, I am just a man with no med insurance no job, very little money, and a-lot-o-pain! Oh and I also have a shy bladder, so I have a really hard time peeing for the damn UAs.

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not really important Says:
u can to find the relief its just no longer in the oxy contin the next time u got to your doctor who gave you the oxys ask him about changing you over to the new ultimate opiate called "Opana" but be very careful for whatever dose u receive is way strong than the oxy contin ever thought about....the highest dose is 40mg and it is equal to a 80mg oxy contin do your research on them first find out if it would be what you would be interested in and then ask your doctor

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have been smoking op 80 Says:
all you do is shave the pill with something sharp like a razor or pocket knife. i have been using a swiss army knife because it has a small blade that is pretty damn sharp. after shaving off however much i wanted to smoke i would sprinkle it on top of a bowl of weed. yes, it can be broken down and yes, i am high as hell and probably going to nod out soon, but beware, smoking oxy is not the same as snorting it. smoking oxy gives a more quick and intense high yet makes the addiction stronger and it is easier to overdose from smoking than any other form of taking the drug.

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lee Says:
i love your response to that dude. i agree the oxycontin was never made to snort or inject, on the prescription bottle it says take by mouth, i agree the new op's, suck but its all the same s***. and that dude that calls everybody junkies, he is writing on this board because he hates not being able to snort or inject (so that makes you a junkie too. i know your pain i am on op's too, i was blown up in afghanistan, and lost my legs and one ARM, AND I AM STILL IN ACTIVE DUTY. SO AS FAR AS PAIN GOES, I KNOW WHAT THAT IS. WELL TAnks everybody.

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james Says:
i fill on being s***ty i fell 3 flights at a power plant same pain roxi work just as good opanas dilaudid 8 great 2.

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dr satan Says:
i feel all the true suffers of pain i take the new op with 15mg ir the ir works great but the op gives me the sweats and chills and severe constipation. my doctor wont just up my dosage of the ir to 30 evry 4 hrs instead of the 15 wich by the way causes no constipation with fiber pills. i just want to beat all the teenagers who fucd the true pain suffers

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ftfunkj Says:
f*** u dude, "thanks to us junkies." u do know that there are over 50 pharmaceutical drugs used for pain, opiod based that u can chew. Talk to ur doctor. sounds like he is the one u should be bitching at. u volunteered 4 that bs war so dont blame me bro, i also have a incurable disease.

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bmorepride Says:
to all who serve our country god bless you guys. my grandpa is on of the soldiers on the korean war memorial in dc. they molded is face n all.once youve

opiates for extendeded
time you will be dpendent whether you meant to or not. if ur willin to die for our country then a doc should do whatever it takes for you to be as pain free as possible. you guys are why this country is the best.

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michael Says:
Hello To the Marine who fell from copter, first, Thank You for serving our country, you are right this new oxycodone is a joke it does not have the pain relief power as the old. I am 60 and screwed up by wonderful Mayo and its fantastic surgeons and they could care less they raped the insurance company. Is there a solution I don't know, I personally put blame on Purdue Pharma, King Pharma and Pfizer (500 Fortune Co) all they are concerned about is profit, I am having a lot of help in writing a book only being the ghost writer as my skills are terrible but my findings unbelievable, they are behind so much corruption and they have been shielded by a potential Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012, these companies do not care about us inner Americans they give millions of dollars of pills to Haitti at a small cost but full tax deduction and also look at J. Bush and money given to Florida the drugs is a lot of politics, look at both fact and fiction, one thing needing speculation is a 12/03/10 surprize visit to Afghanistan and what is real reason? I have received 100's of emails from people wanting to help put end to Purdue Pharma give em back to the Canadiaans they do nothing for us. Any input appreciated positive or negative. God help you, me and everyone with pain find help.

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Rachel Liss Says:
Why don't you ask your doctor for 200mg Kadian morphine sulfate capsules as they last 24 hours and to enhance their effectiveness I recommend phenergan to be taken concomittally. I am sure that this will be able to quell your pain better than oxycontin. I was on the 80mgoxycontin which I would always chew too twice a day after a herniated disc and pinched sciatic nerve and the surgery somehow was botched. I know that a 100mg Kadian turquiose takes the pain away a lot better than the oxycontins did. Good luck. Don't smash up the round balls inside as I don't know about your opiate tolerance but if you do and are not tolerant to opiates this can be fatal. I have never had a problem, but I found that relief lasts longer by taking them like your supposed to. Fentanyl patches are excelled Duragesic in the strongest dose you can get. The phenergan is actually an old drug used for nausea and it seems to enhance the effects of opiates to a certain degree.

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Rachel Liss Says:
I am in an awful city Rockford IL and other than what I can get from friends I am in suffering the majority of the time. I have a doctor who will write for Norcos but they are not worth filling. I take 100mg morphine and I am good to go but they are costly. I was wondering if anyone know of a good pain clinic to go to as I want these for legitimate reasons and have no insurance. Please advise if you know of a good place to go; I would go to Chicago if I knew where I would be able to find a doctor who does not feel like he will be in trouble with the DEA as all the physicians here are underprescibing and the people who get the good medicine are selling them-go figure!

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pressingtheissue Says:
You yourself are also the cause of this from happening. You were still misusing the drug, just as a "junkie" was. Don't come on here and talk down to people with other problems! I realize that you are in pain, but you can just go and get a prescription that is right for you! Certainly, Roxy 30 for breakthrough pain while taking opana should help.

Taking your misery out on others with addiction problems only makes you look like a jack ass.. Bitch at you doc, not everyone else!

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SPC Four Mike Huey Crewchief Says:
I used to kick u chicken hearted kids out the door of my Huey cause u were too scared to jump! Lol... Did you folks know there are more people overdosing on Tylenol than all OP's, and heroin together? I take 'Opie' 30's twice a day, since they changed the formula they are not nearly as effective. I called Purdue and took a confidential quiz I guess to let them know what I thought of the new mixture. The Purdue tech I talked too said that yes 'junkies' were in their thoughts for the change, primarily it was for idiots like you that chewed your meds causing OD's etc! NOT the junkies!!! Call Purdue University and talk with them if you don't believe me! The number is right on their website & they eager to say the least to speak to me!!!

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