How To Avoid Tolerance In Order Not Increase The Dosage Take Of Modafinil

vomas Says:

I suffer of apnea during sleep and cronically to face the syntoms of excessive daytime sleeping i must to take modafinil, but this drug unfortumately give tolerance for neuro adaption , there is a way to reduce Tolerance In Order Not Increase The Dosage Of Modafinil?.
I believe that the key is in CYP3A4, but i am not a neuroscientist. Some suggestions? THANKS

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Verwon Says:

I am also not a doctor or neuroscientist.

However, from what I know, some doctors help their patients achieve this by having them take time off of taking such medications, or by occasionally switching to a different medication for a period of time. Doing this helps prevent your body from building up a tolerance to it.

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Have you tried any of the other stimulant medications? If so, did you have any luck with them?

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vomas Says:

the problem is that there's not a similar medicament and to suspend it means sleeping many hours a day, but the worse thing of sleeping apnea sintoms is that sleepiness crisis are abruptly, that means that is impossible drive a car or do a work

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Alex F. Says:


well, im not a doctor but i know people that took modafinil for 10 years straight without any days off. I dont think modafinil create tolerance and i dont know why you say that? Anyhow, ive been taking modafinil for a few months already.

Let me know what you think!


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WillChill Says:

Just some advise to think about. Stick with the lowest dose possible with any of these addictive medication in order to NOT develop tolerance. Instead of going up on a medication, ask for a switch. Do not look the drug up in terms of strengh and "powerfulness". This is the addictive mind wanting reassurance that it is somehow getting better more. If you must take pain meds understand that for the best control at the dose you are taking now there are going to be some not as good day. If you started with a "high" and that is wearing off , do not, I repeat do not go up on dosage in order to get that same high feeling. This is the road to addiciton. Understand that that high will fade away for good and you can stay on the same dose. You must be strong here unless you want to get on that rollor coaster. Particularly pain meds friends the Fat lady has sung and the docs have your number and will look for any signs of drug seeking . As hard as it may be be damn honest with yourself about this pain med. You want more to feel the same high or to keep the pain tolerable. This attitude is how you will win. Otherwise, you'll be a cranky baby if you go to the doc for the same high. Get this once and get this forever. YOU W ILL NEVER GET THAT SAME H IGH again no matter how you try. Seeking the high feeling rather than thinking about your pain relief is the addict monster in the back of your head saying to just go do it. You need more. It won't stop there. but friends It WILL stop and it will be painful unless you understand these dynamics. Be a patient not an addict. It is so subtle so you must stay ahead of the game of addiction and beat it at it own game by getting educated and get the frame of mind that you felt better with more life off of these pain meds. Always seek out alternative non addictive relief. Otherwise before you relilize it, you are a full blown drug addict and that's just not you or whom you want to be. A drug addict's life is always needy and lying and wants you dead. Yes, it wants you dead. Remember that. If it can't kill you then it will settle for institutions and prisons. Nobody escapes it when you get too far. Fair warning. You must be your own safety monitor and know addiciton is cunning, clever and a killer. Stay strong and if you are on pain meds taking them for years and not increasing the dose that works for you , that's fine. The addict has all the time in the world. He's patient and waiting. If you've ever had one high on a pain med or street drug then that was your high you'll never ever get that again. I'm telling the truth. Can I have an AMEN? Please remember if you've been prescribed an addictive drug you must do all that you can to wean off of it with a non addictive alternative otherwise it WILL bite you. Fortunantly, there are more and more non narcotic alterantives being made.


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myst Says:

Re: WillChill (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

modafinil is not the kind of stimulant you think it is it doesn't give any effect of being high,when I took it I still feel asleep on it so as far as waking up the brain it didn't wake mine up. I do believe there are other meds they give that will give a high and wake you up but they are ADD meds.
this is not an addictive type pill either so maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself when you have no clue what you are talking about

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