How Sulpitac Tablets Work On The Brain


How does Sulpitac tablet work and how does affect the brain?

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changing moods and getting angry without any reason and always wanting to find faults in somebody else.

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My wife;age-34 years is suffering from very angry from 3 years and find fault to every person.she think that any person harm her.for her safety,she close always door and hear songs of year before,she had given to SULPITAC TABS(100 mg) SUN PHARMA for 6 months.After that,she was OK but problems in sleeping,so,doctor give her C-PRAM-S TABS(20mg) daily one dose and MIRTADEP TABS(7.5 mg) in night.After one month taken, her problems started as,you are requested to advise me to start SULPITAC TABS again.please advise me today.IF yes,what will be dose and time.

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my daughter is in depression to what extent this tablet (sulpitac 100) would be useful.

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i am taking sulpitac100 one in the morning and 2 in the there any side effects of it in regards to menstruation

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my sister suffering sczophenia. i give to her sulpitac , bexol, and zepnap tablet to her.

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I take Sulpitac 125 mg. for undifferentiated schizophrenia for past 2 1/2 years.

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sulpitac is a steroid tablet.diabetes type-II WILL come due to taking this tablet

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who will use sulpitac 100mg, sizopin 100mg , wyeth & cabgolin 0.5mg. for what kind of diseases this median will use.

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one person is taking sulpitac 200 tablets since 2 months and was becoming alright by his problems but now he is refusing to take the tablets, he says that he wont take them as he would become habitual of it.
please recommend that we should continue giving him or not and if yes then how much dosage??
please reply as soon as possible
thankxxxx a lot !

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Normally doctors prefer sulpitac100 for first two months and thereby reduce the dosage to 50 for next 2months.Within that period normally the patient will be ok.However if the patient, is still continuing problems, consult doctor again, Its not good to take this tablet wthout consulting a physician..He cn provide the patient with some new medicine..And it will be more better..

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Normally it is for those people who are totally disrupted in their mind.Outsiders cannot find out this problem from the patient.But the person who is most close to the patient i mean wife/husband, best friend can under stand..And they will be the victims for this...this tablet is usually given for mental depression, Suspicious nature etc...

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After taikng Sulpitac OD 400 (Sun Pharma) there is complaint of excessive sleep. also there is mind fatigue. What course of treatment should be changed to overcome this problem.

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getting totally emotionally vexed and anger wen taken for long time.. person with no depression but reserved type 4 everyone..

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You should advice to take SULPITAC 100, I was also suffering same problem, But last 4 years I have taken this medicine and till now I am taking. Now I am doing my job properly. I am not facing any problem. Side by side I am taking KOOL medicine.

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When i am before taking tablets i went for a long walk in outdoor and i try to taking that tablet(sulpitac-200) in afterwards i feel worry in getting back to my work as i feel difficult to solve that situation happens to me. Now i tried to get that tablets in as addiction to survive my life not to get any distraction from others.

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I am suffering with psycological problem it may be sizoprinia or dimensia l don't know
But I was using to the tabs of sulphitac 100mg or sizopride 100mg last 6 years

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A girl ARTO Kanpur trapped me and insist to come her home town then only the relationship will continue. I refused to do so due to my involvement in career causes anxiety and depression. Continuous thinking about her causes schizophrenia. Now I scolded her and not feeling problem from last 3 yrs. Should I left Sulphitac medicine now.

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Dear Sir,My wife age 40 dr priscribe the Sulphitac 100 once a day,She had a problem that his mensural is not coming from last 3 -4 month and his complete body is getting heavily swelling ,kindly let me know the side effect of it. Is it happening due to this medicine?

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My son is suffering from schizo affective disorder.he has become very aggressive (only verbally) these days , argues with his professors , thinks that his course (academic) is useless and wants to drop out .stays very unhygienic , bunks college quite has started sulpitac 100 one tablet a day for him.15 days of treatment over. how long does it usually take to cure such patients?

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Hi, i had been taking sulpitac for 2 years then i was told by Psychiatrist to take Nexipride, tablet... Then he advised me to take arpizol tablet. But After taking nexipride tab i didnt take any tab for an year and half. My symptoms of schizophrenia started again. Can i take arpizol now? Or should i have to take sulpitac again ?

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I am 29yrs old. Mai last 10yrs se manshik Rog ki dawa le raha hu. Mai sabse pahle resita 5mg aur alprox 0.5mg liya tha 3-4 din baad Mai teji Mai aa gaya tha, ek mahine ke anter par Mai ocd Mai chala gaya. Uske baad 4-5 mahine tak fludac 20mg chala phir baad mai dicorate er 500mg lagbhag 7-8 mahine chala. Abhi meri jo dawa chalrahi Hai wo Hai dicorate er 1gm, sulpitac 50mg HS, vilazine 20mg BD, betacap tr40mg od, abhi mujhe need bahut ati hai susti lagti Hai, chird masses hota hai, gussa lagata hai, teji mahasus hoti hai, Gali Dene ka man karts hai, marpeet karne ka man karta hai.

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I am taking sulpitac200 1-0-1 since 3 years. what is side effect of it.

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My husband is taking sulpitac 200 last 5 years; when he takes medicine he will be happy but then he can't ,he can't sleep and lost in his own mind now what i do ?can i give him sulpitac regulary

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Continue taking 400mg of sulpitac...i been taking from past 1 yr

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Do more house work and hand embroidery, painting, yoga and meditating.

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My daughter is suffering from schizophrenia. She is heterozigous for MTHFR gene. We checked her 1. Plasma Homocysteine....6.87micromol/L, 2. Serum Folate....12.20NG/ML, 3. Red cell folate....193.06ng/nl (Reference range is 252.6-813.7ng/ml) .....If we correct the Red Cell Folate levels will it be help the above ailment?

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Yes it will affect mensus... Since supitac increases prolactin levels in body... So it stops mensus

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I am depression patient I am having sulpitac 50 once a day along with other tablets oleance 5 mg and optimize, but I feel sleep always in the morning hours

Always negative in my mind, like somebody harmed me.....

Can I take Sulpitac 50 only without supporting other tablets
Please advice

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Dear , your wife needs to take sulpitac 300 daily before going to sleep at 10:30 PM everyday. if required she may also take sleeping pills as advised by doctor. this is life time medication and should not be stopped unless doctor advises

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