How Long Will Oxycodone Be Present In A Placenta

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lild8468 Says:
I am 36 weeks pregnant and about a week ago i tested positive for opium when my doctor drug tested me. I took what i thought was a over the counter pain med cuz my back went out but apparently my "friend" had given me a 30 mlg oxy. now child protective services are involved and i was told once my child is born they will test the placenta for drugs and was wondering how long do oxys stay present for that kind of testing? please help i dont want to lose my kids.

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Verwon Says:
Oxycodone would test positive for Oxycodone and its metabolites, it wouldn't test positive for Opium. Did you mean opiates?

The placenta can keep and show what you have taken for the full term of your pregnancy. They will be able to tell, by the amounts detected, if you have just taken one accidentally, or if you have been taking it regularly.

When you are pregnant, there are so many drugs that can adversely effect the baby, it is never wise to take anything, if you don't know what it is and, even if you do know what it is, you should consult your doctor, first.


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Jazzy Says:
Im 14 weeks pregnant I'm on 10/325 oxycodone. I haven't been to the obgyn what to for please help is baby in danger I need to know.

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Verwon Says:
Jazzy, if you aren't getting proper prenatal care, then yes, there is a definite risk to your baby.

It's also very dangerous to use the Oxycodone, while you are pregnant. It does pass through to the baby and could cause problems and they may be born addicted to it.

I strongly urge you, for both your health and that of your baby, to see a doctor for proper care, as soon as possible.


Are there any other questions?

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Im sorry but you are a liar and terrible mother already. You knew what you were taking and i believe you have taking them on a regular basis and the drs will be able to tell thru the tests they run. If you took a 30mg oxy thinking it was an asprin you would have become violently ill as the body is not used to such an extreme high dose. Get your life together for your baby, stop now for the health of your unborn child. get the rehab help you need to styop taking the oxy as it only leads to a life of destruction and having your chid taken from you forever

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bash! Says:
My friend (seriously it smy friend) is preg n I was told she was doin pills (snortin) all up untill she was 7 months and I was wonderin do the docs do drug test on the baby/ babys placenta and would they have been doin drug test the whole time she was preg? I have had 2 kids n I ddint and never have done pills in my life n I would never have if i was preg especially! So ya I was wonderin do they drug test after baby is born? Or is it just random to some ppl?

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Sam I am Not Says:
I am a grandmother to be for the first time. My daughter is due mid June and i will hopefully make it in time for the birth. (she is in another state) I just found out that once in awhile during this pregnancy she smoked meth.I want to know how long it will show in the babies system either thru urin or the placentia. do you know if the state of Alabama test everyone? Do they always take the baby? Can the child be released to the Grandparent even if they live out of state? Please help I'm 2000 miles away and don't know what to do.

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Az Says:
I don't think they do the tests unless there is a reason, if the drs know the mothers have done drugs or the baby shows signs of withdraws. I would hope the state of Alabama would let the grandmother have temp custody of the baby. I wish you all the best, sorry I don't know 100%.

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kate Says:
my daughter just had her baby at 30wks. the baby didnt make it. they found opiates and pot in my daughters system and are now testing the placents for it. they said if there is enough to prove this killed the baby they will contact cps and the police. she lives in north dakota. how much drugs is to much for a fetus at 30weeks

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pediatric nurse Says:
When you have your baby they with collect the urine from your baby for about the first 12hrs..and after that they will do a test on his/her bowl movement. Your baby stores their first bowl movement at about 6 months gestation so if youve been using since then at any rate it WILL show up..they may only do one of these tests and if it is only one it will be the bowl movement. This is a f***ing joke seriously why would you even take any type of pain medication during a pregnancy dont you know this can make your baby seriously brain damaged??? Your baby can go through serious withdrawl and in most cases they will have to detox your baby after he/she is born with a drip. I have seen babies screaming for days because it can be so intense and children who are affected by drug use of their mother during pregnancy typically wont show defects until around age 1. Delayed walking, talking, and normal behavior. It is very sad and I cannot believe mothers do this to their unborn children. Stop makign reservations with presciption drugs, just because they are prescribed doesnt mean its okay to take them. Substituting one drug for another isnt solving the problem its prolonging it. find a meeting and go to it.

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tweety bird Says:
I am six mounths pregnant and was wondering if my spouse is takeing oxycodone and we have sex and he comes inside of me can that come out on a drug test of my child as positive?

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kathleen Says:
I am 38 weeks pregnant and recently relapsed on oxycodone as soon as I become clean something triggers me to take some pills... I don't know what to do and I don't want my baby taken from me please help what can I do..

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Heartbroken Says:
via mobile
3wks ago i found out I am 3mths pregnant and I have been taking opium for about 2yrs now. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I try stopping cold turkey since I was afraid what it can do to my child but it may me very ill. I called the doctor and he to me that it could have affected the baby the first 3mths. He has me weaning off them. I was doing 3-4 a day of 10/325 now I am at 3 1/2 of that a day. I cry everyday because I just want off of them period. I almost feel like I should not do this to this child and maybe abort it? I've never dont an abortion but in this case I might consider it. I feel terribly bad. Everyone tells me I am doing find to stop worrying so much. However they aren't the ones putting their child through this. Please help. I want to go into a Rehad but don't want any subtitutions I just want off of them!!!!!

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Lucy78 Says:
You do not need to abort your child because of this! I'm 37 weeks pregnant, having a C section in wo weeks, and had been on oxycodone for the first 5 months of my pregnancy. They were weaning me down, and once I got to a much lower dose, they put me on Subutex to finish the pregnancy. The subutex prevents you from going into withdrawal, and it also prevents the bay from going into withdrawal. It's more dangerous to stop cold turkey while pregnant. As long as you are under the care of a doctor who is prescribing these meds, it will be ok. They usually prefer to do a subutex program first, then lower the dose of that, and then assess the baby when it's born. It's better for the baby to detox outside of the womb because they can monitor it better. Your baby will not be brain damaged from the narcotics, as someone said earlier, they just may go through withdrawal, which they can control in the hospital. If you stop cold turkey while pregnant, you risk losing the baby. I ave a chronic pain condition that required the use of pain meds, so I've been working with many different doctors throughout the pregnancy. But please don't feel like you need to have options, and you're still early enough in your pregnancy that it can work out for you. My baby has been closely monitored in utero, and she's doing great! I've decreased my subutex and will be off of it about a week before my section, so that the meds they give me after surgery will work (subutex blocks the receptors in your brain so that other opiates won't work). If you need to talk to someone, let me know and I'm happy to share more of the information that I've been given...and I'm working with many f the top doctors in my area! Good luck, and as hard as it seems, try to enjoy your pregnancy. You CAN have a happy ending!

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jdhazel Says:
via mobile
I am about 36weeks into my pregnancy and I am So afraid that I continue to do every Tip and trick out there on how to post pone a earely fast labor even with the fact of me being healthy and the baby is snuggled inside of me. Just so I can buy some time until when I do give birth, to figure out what I'm going to do. It's all because I am a User with any opiates. Mostly oxy cotton , for the first 2years. l went to rehab twice. First time I was there for the 70 days, a total of 5 months but I then relapsed for a few months until June where I went back to treatment. This time I was away from June 14th and completed the program on October 22 I was doing better this time. I left with a sponsor, I was going to na/aa meetings 4-5 night's per week etc.. unfortunately I relapsed again in April of this year. I got pregnant in February and after that fRom February to April which was the month I found out, I was using around 40-60 milagrams a day threw out that time . I still am. Now I received a letter from children's aid since I am already without my first son who is 3 and not in my care. So most likely it's a check up for a review. I got off them before , off from a higher dose at 380 milligrams cold turkey to nothing. But now I am 36 weeks pregnant now, getting to sick without them. I will still always pray for strength and for the lord to watch over us and not to please look after her as I am not well enough to do so. To also get off these once and for all , to please keep my daughter because besides this illness I am an amazing mom and I love children so much and would lose my mind if I was to llose my babies and not being able to be a mother. I will be okay. Thank you for taking the time to read my storey, I just needed to be open and honest about this to someone. Any advice would be appreciated or being able to read replys so I know I'm not alone and there still is hope. Xxo

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uhohimsccareddddd Says:
via mobile
I need to talk to you I'm in same position iim. Due october 30 I've been to rehab and relapsed I am so afraid they r goung to test baby for drugs do u tuink they tesst everry baby or just babies they suspect to be withdeawl? Ii don't have a cps case n I've mever tested positive for any drugs but my dr knows I used to struggle with oxy continn so he knows I weent to rehab when I was 5 mon preg please replt we jave so much in common

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angie Says:
i 39 weeks pregnant drank /iv herion.first 20 weeks then went to jail for three months i continue to binge drink weekly will this show up in merconium placenta or urine I stopped ll now but havin c section next week

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Jess Says:
Ladies I feel your pain, free, and frustration. I understand that many people posting to this board have no idea how controlling these medications become an the effect they have on your body. If they took the time to ask for information, please dont slam them and tell them what monsters they are. You don't know them or their personal situation. My personal situation is this I have a severe neurological chronic pain condition, I didnt even think I could get pregnant for a very long time, but alas I finally did! I was on 100mg of Morphine ER 4x daily at the beginning and weened my way down to Morphne 15mg 1x daily. For my last week of pregnancy I was on nothing. It was a rough ride, but I never went through true detox because I did it slowly and wth the help of medical professionals. I didn't go to rehab or anything like that. I worked with my doctors and was honest about where I was at with the process. I gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb baby girl today, she scored a 10/10 on her Apgar, is eating and breathing normally, all her vitals are fantastic. I understand the fear, the pain of physically coming off these medications, and the guilt you feel. If any of you ladies need some guidance or just someone to listen to you without judgement you can email me at {edited for privacy} Good luck to you all!

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jaazy Says:
i am 25wks into my pregnancy i have stopped taking oxycodone 30mg will this come out in the baby my due date is feb 17.2013 please advise

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amber Says:
via mobile
Fedal alcohol sendrom is the #1 cause for birth defects. Stop drinking. It would be better for the baby to withdrawal than be permanently damaged.

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Chey Says:
via mobile
I am 37 week with my second child and during both pregnacys my doctor has precribed me Percocet because I am very prone to kidney stones while pregnant! The doctor would not precribe it if it wasn't okay. You should not being taking anything like that whiteout your doctors knowledge tho that is dangerous. I would see a OB ASAP and work it out with them to see what's best for you and baby! Good luck

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