How Long Will Suboxone Be In My System?

Stephanie Says:

Okay guys, I need some feedback and fast. I am only 25 and I have severe TMJ I live in Mobile, AL and because my condition is so severe I have to go to Birmingham (5 hours away) to see a doctor that is qualified to handle it. Because of Alabama Drug laws. A doctor in a different city has to have seen you to prescribe you Narcotic pain medication. I was going to Birmingham about once every 2-3 weeks to get my prescriptions filled but that was getting costly so my doctor referred me to a Pain Management Specialist here. Without even looking at my MRIs or surgery history he put me on Suboxone, and told me it was a strong pain medication. I took it for about 3 weeks then went to see my Oral surgeon in Birm. He was furious he told me that Suboxone was for people with a dependancy problem and that was not the case with me. He called that doctor and he said since I was so young he assumed I was a pill seeker and put me on suboxone. I have to have another surgery very soon. I have been off the suboxone for 8 days. My Oral surgeon put me back on the Lortab 10 and told me to take it on the 5th day after the suboxone. It is not touching me. He told me that the suboxone is a narcotic blocker so it could be a while for the Lortab to start working again. I am in excruciating pain. I do not want to get out of the bed in the mornings. HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS CRAP GOING TO BE IN MY SYSTEM. My doctor will not agree to my next surgery until he knows I will not be is horrible severe pain afterwards. PLEASE TELL ME HOW LONG THIS IS GOING TO TAKE?

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Jerry Says:

Geez man, sorry to hear that. From what i know suboxone can stay in the system for 5 days or even more depending on the dose you were on, and for how long. After 8 days of being off it I think it should work for you by now. Please verify with your oral surgeon.

Another idea for the time being might be to take some OTC painkillers such as Advil, Tylenol, etc. But I am not a doctor so pls make sure that you won't have any reactions to taking those with whatever else you're on. Just wanted to suggest taking some non-narcotic pain killers since Suboxone only blocks the opiate receptors in your body.

Good luck brother!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, so always verify what is said with a qualified physician.


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noah Says:

I was on pmgmt, taking oxycontin 40mg 3 x per day. And also lortab 10. 6 x per day for break thru pain. After my surgurey i went on subx 32mg per day. But it is prescibed to take every 6 hs, By doing this i was able to avoid the terrible withdrawls from opiates. A few weeks ago I had terrible pain and my pm Dr gave me roycodone which is much stronger than hydrocodone. You dentist should know that you will need a class 2 narcotic until your receptors are back in line. Dont be so negative about the sub you may need it in the future, it has helped many people break the horrible cycle of addiction to narcotics. Your pm dr should did not even do a urine on you to see if you tested positive for opiates? If this is true tell your dentist as this pm dr is not following the rules he has agreed to do with the dea. Did you know a dr needs a special dea# to prescribe suboxone, as well as 8hrs of special training on how to despence the correct doseage how mcuh was he giving you and did you get any pain relief? But have your dentist call him and tell him to treat you with a class 2 drug there are many. But please say away from oxycontin. Ask for roxycodone 15mg every 8 hrs. good luck. (noah)

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Jodie Says:

Suboxone is not only used to treat narcotic addiction--there are other reasons. It is so new, many doctors dont understand the full potentional of this medication. Addiction is currently what the FDA has approved it for. In my own personal situation, I was on high doses of oxycodone for several years due to severe chronic pain. It was so bad that i had to stop working for the last year--ps i am only 28. I truly believe there is a difference between narcotic addiction and narcotic dependence. My body was very used to the narcotic, as it would be with taking high doses of any medication. I was not addicted to the meds. I was not emotionally seeking the high, but desperately seeking some sort of pain relief. I finally found a new pain doctor who suggested I switch to suboxone- not only to allow my body to get off the oxycodone, but to continue to treat the chronic pain in a more managable way. Suboxone can be used for patients who have built a high tolerance to the usual pain meds (which might i add has become nearly impossible to obtain any more anyway since the fear of abuse is such a problem with doctors and the government). Since switching to suboxone, I have gone from taking an average of 16 oxycodone a day with no quality of life and still experiencing intermittent sever pain, to taking 2 suboxone a day. It has made the world of a diference to me. There was no withdrawal once I switched, which was a big concern for me. And more importantly, my pain is more under control than it has ever been!! I dont have to worry about living a life being controlled by taking pills all day that provide up and down relief. For the first time, I dont feel like my pain is ruling me-- I am controlling it! It is certainly worth a shot for those who fit-- do some research and talk to a doctor who specializes in pain management and undertands exactly what suboxone can be used for !

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JB Says:

Sorry you went through that Stephanie, Doctors are f***ed up, how can he just give you Suboxone like that without checking your history and assume you were pill shopping? I went to a pain management clinic a few years back trying to get Methadone pills prescribed to me so I could detox off heroin, I was completely honest with the doctor that seen me, I told him that I didn't need very many, just enough to get through the next 5 days, so I'm not in to much of pain, and said their was nothing he could do for me. This clinic was well known for passing out narcotics like candy, that's why I went there in the first place and walked out empty handed. If I went in lying, and told the doc I had severe back and neck pain, I would of walked out with all kinds of pain scripts. The next day as I was driving home, guess what? That clinic come to find out was under investigation by the FBI and they were raiding the joint that day, and I drove past laughing, cause the docs probably will never be able to write anymore narcotic scripts.

Jodie, congrats to you, I hope you still are doing good :)

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cookie Says:

I am trying to get off suboxene, it's not easy. My problem is the cost of the drs. visit and the cost of the pills. I'm on disability and get $768.00 monthly. There is no way I can afford these pills. I don't know what i'm going to do. I have a small amount of pills left, any suggestions?

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kim Says:

I have found taking a very small amount of the suboxone works fine. I went from taking 3 pills a day to a half pill split in half morning and night time and feel the same. It doesn't take much of the drug to treat you. Drug companys dont want you to know that. Try it it works. Hope this is helpful. I use 15 (8gr) pills a month.

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james Says:

Hey where do you live,cause I am in Georgia.also on disability.medicare/Medicaid pay all my Dr visit,and my Medicaid drug company pays most for suboxone.i pay $3.50 a month.a little tip I get about the same as you,you can call whatever company handles your meds and apply for extra help,or u can apply by calling Medicaid /medicare.also another way is,the company reckitt bensicker who makes the suboxone they have patient assistance program,which would allow you to get it free for a find you a doctor don't give up it's a mean disease.oh one catch with Dr .he can only let 3 of his patients at a time do go to you can get all the info,and they send you an application.i really wish you the best

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Chrissy Says:

I am a chronic pain patient for like ever and I've taken everything. doctors over prescribed to a comfortable dose now suboxone is price prohibited for me but I will tell you it is one of the best painkillers. I think it's in the Family of stadol. it breaks my heart that it's considered only for opiate withdrawal because if you talk to any pain patient who actually has pain but could not keep up with the bulls*** hoop jumping of chronic pain management they will all tell you Suboxone is the bomb for pain. it makes me sick that it's only associated with addiction -- when it's finally associated with pain I hope to find a way to afford it then but the Doctor Who told you it's for Addicts is an i****. That was its first line of treatment. I don't know why because it's amazing for pain.

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Floridagrl Says:

Hi All,
I've been reading your posts looking for info. Not sure if I'm doing this right. I have been taking only 2mg of suboxone daily for the last 3 to 4 months. I do not have a script. I take them for the extra energy and the high. It's been a week since my last suboxone and I am sick...withdrawaling I guess. I've never experienced this before. I'm not sure what to do. I called off from work today, that's something I never do. I've felt sick to my stomach all week. No appetite at all. I would only take subs once home from work. Never more than once a day. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you.

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Itsnevereazy Says:


You chose a very dangerous substance to use recreationally. Like many (including myself ) you would change that in a heartbeat. Sadly, that's not possible so the kindest thing I can suggest is to seek professional assistance since a comprehensive program will be necessary to recover completely. Mind, body and soul. The physical withdrawal may persist for more then just a few days. The hardest part may take months to years to return to some sense of normalcy. Please contact your local hospitals social services department. They can effectively evaluate your needs and point you in the right direction. I sincerely hope your journey will be easier than most but experience leads me to believe the contrary will be so. Either way best wishes and God speed.

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Floridagrl Says:

Thank you for your response. I feel a little better today. I appreciate your kindness and understanding. I really don't know that I need professional help? I would never touch subs again. EVER, lesson learned here. It was a very foolish thing to do. I will never sacrifice my health and well being again. I was unaware of the withdrawal symptoms with this med. I work in healthcare too, how dumb of me! I have a great family, home and job. My husband is aware of what's going on and if I get to a point where I need professional help, I'll do so. Just trying to feel better at this point. I'm going to try going to the gym even though I feel weak. Thank you again for your support and kind words.

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Tre6chamberz Says:

What insurance do you have?? If you only get said amount of money a month I'd assume you're on Medicaid? If not apply for it and you will get your suboxone free every month along with all other prescriptions as I do. If not though go to and print out the coupons as they help a lot! Also you can go to and ask your doctor to put you on the program to receive free monthly supplies of suboxone from the company Reckitt Benkiser. I think it is now INDIVIOR UK limited.

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Jerry Says:

I am from Mobile also and l take Suboxone for pain. Have been for two years and it works good. I would much rather take Suboxone than Norco 10 any day. I think your doctor is full of s***.

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SaryJane Says:

Re: Jerry (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

From what I understand, Suboxone has been prescribed for pain management. I know when I was taking it, I didn’t have any pain. I was taking it for substance abuse maintenance though. I’m sorry they did that to you. Suboxone has a long shelf life but after 1-2 weeks you should be noticing a difference.

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