How Long Will B12 Remain Usable Past The Expiration Date

Don Says:

How long will B12 remain usable past the expiration date?

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David Says:

When it comes to vitamins I think it is best to not take any chances with the past expiration date if it's been more than a few weeks to a month. They MAY still be ok to take if they haven't been exposed to a high amount of heat or various other conditions outside of the bottle, however I am not a pharmacist or MD, so I cannot guarantee if it is in fact safe for you to consume. There is still a high likelihood that it lost some of its potency and MAY be ineffective to the point where it could harm your body by not doing it's job all the way, per say.

I would recommend contacting your local pharmacy or doctor to assess if the quality of the drug still remains. They may have certain tools, charts, or methods for measuring this sort of thing. If not, your better off just buying a new bottle of B12.

Please post back if you have any more questions or comments to add.

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Gia Says:

Usually 1 year past expiration.

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Donald Says:

I saw todat there is a exp date on Glimepride 2 mg , can I still use it if after that date I was taking 1 mg ( they had me cutting it in half - now doctor says lets increase it to 2 mg so I have 3 bottles of 90 pills 1 has date 5/2014 and another has 7/2014 can these be used?

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James Says:

How long is B12 liquid good for after the expiration date?

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