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christina Says:
I have been taken oxycodone for about 16 days now one to two times a day for a injury how long will it take in my system if I were to be taken a drug test next week

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Ema Says:
3 days tops depending om ur usage. quantiity, etc- or less, drink water, u will be fine. But do not take the day prior.

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Verwon Says:
It's actually 4 to 5 days, though it can vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, other medications you may be on, your metabolism, activity levels and etc.

However, if you have a prescription for it, you just have to inform them of this, when you go in for testing.


Are there any other questions?

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bhoward Says:
Do you really think anyone would ask this question if they had a prescription? I mean really. They ask what meds your on when you take a urine test. And generally most people know when you inform them of it that it's no big deal. They're asking because they most likely DO NOT have a prescription!!!!!

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hunter Says:
I have been taking oxcycodone for four years,prescribed for severe pain.I dont want to take it anymore,i was takeing ten to twenty milligrams per day.Iam in day nine without takeing anything.I feel a little nervous and my stomache seems to be upset .Is this part of the detox symtoms,i have no clue what to exspect.

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Verwon Says:
Hunter, yes, those can be some of the normal withdrawal symptoms, because even if you aren't abusing a medication and constantly upping the amounts of it that you take, your body does get used to having it.

You may also experience vomiting, fever/chills, rebound pain and insomnia.

When I stopped taking them, the symptoms lasted about a month, before they finally tapered off and my body started to get back to normal. I was miserable, for quite a few days, but since I only used the amounts prescribed, my withdrawal symptoms never got so severe that I was in any life threatening danger.

However, just in case, you should know to watch for any trouble breathing, accelerated heart rate or blood pressure changes and if you experience them, please seek medical attention.


and bhoward, no, I do not make any assumptions about anyone, when they post questions on here. We have had posters from both sides, those who are taking something illegally and those who aren't, but simply don't understand that if they have a prescription, they don't have to worry about it, for drug testing.

Are there any other questions?

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Desperate Says:
I started taking percocet about 3 years ago for an elusive stomach pain, (located in the "emotion basket" of my stomach). The more pain meds I took, the worse the stomach pain became and they upped the mg's then switched me over to straight Oxycodone. Today... (for about a year) I'm on 30mg 4 times a day. (every 5 hours) and the stomach pain is so horrendous that one tab does not knock all the pain and only lasts about 2 or 3 hours at best. I'm thinking it might be the Oxie that is MAKING my stomach hurt so severely, (through to my back like FIRE... seriously).
Since #1., the Oxy doesn't stop the pain completely, #2.I'm in an "opiate fog" all the time now and mostly because I'm thinking that it is so much Oxycodone in my system that is CAUSING the stomach pain, I would like to stop. It will be HORRIBLE to endure the pain but I'm hoping... if I get all the Oxy out of my system the stomach pain would at least deminish. Can you PLEASE tell me how's the best way to safely quit the Oxy completely? Thank you so much... I am really desperate.

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verwon Says:
Desperate, have they ever done any tests on your stomach to see if it could be causing the problem?

The reason I ask, is because I was in a situation very similar to yours, for many years. They kept blaming mine on a spinal problem and just throwing higher and higher doses of narcotics at me.

It wasn't until several years later, after I'd gotten disgusted with them and stopped taking them all, that I finally ended up being diagnosed as having Gastritis, all along and the medications were just making it worse.

Similar problems could also be caused by severe ulcers.

You can learn more about Gastritis here:


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Desperate Says:
Thank you "Verwon" for the "holler" back I appreciate it. Yes... I have a wonderful GI doc and his great nurse "Joy" and they have been "marathonin'" trying to find the cause of this horrible stomach pain. After about a year of all kinds of scans, (is it pronounced) endoscopy? anyway, blood work etc., etc., they have finally agreed with me that it's not your typical "GI" problem that a little Maalox will ease. It seems to be more "emotionally" based if that doesn't sound too weird. The pain is 100% EXACTLY in the "emotion basket" as I call it or... where everyone says they feel the "butterflies" when they're nervous, anxious or in a real panic. So... just take the feeling of severe butterflies then times 10 or so (until it becomes a true PAIN and no longer just a "feeling") and that is pretty much where I am. As bad as I hate taking the Oxycodone I am sure glad it does relieve the pain for a while. Any ideas I'd sure be happy to listen thanks again...... still "Desperate"

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Verwon Says:
Desperate, that sounds really awful and I am very sorry for how much you are suffering.

Have they had you try anything else to alleviate the stomach issue?

Even if it is emotional based, from getting yourself worked up, there are still medications that may help. It is a known fact that anytime we worry, fret, or get ourselves worked up emotionally, it can cause our stomachs to produce excess acid.

In these cases, many people resort to proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec, but these can actually cause stomach pain, as a side effect. When they finally discovered what my problem was, this is what they gave me and I still ended up back in the ER one night, with severe stomach pain. The first thing the doctor did was tell me to stop taking it, since it can actually contribute to the pain.

For those who already have severe stomach or abdominal pain, the other antacids, such as Pepcid, which contains Famotidine, can be a much better choice.


I realize my case was different than yours, but the doctor gave me the Pepcid, along with a few days of a low-dose Oxycodone for the pain, until it had a chance to work.

A natural remedy that some people get great help from is Ginger, it tends to settle the stomach and alleviate excess acid, too. Having Asperger's, my roommate tends to get worked up frequently and he can't control it, so he often ends up with stomach pain and nausea, but this is what he uses, rather than adding in another medication.


I don't if you have any other medical conditions, but make sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist, before trying any of these suggestions.

And I'm just trying to come up with ideas that may help. If you want to ask anything else, feel free and I'll keep thinking on the matter, too.

One other tip is to make sure you don't take the Oxycodone on a completely empty stomach, make sure to take it with a small meal or snack.

Does any else have any suggestions?

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Desperate Says:
Thanks again "verwon".... I mean really! Thanks SO MUCH. You very well might have saved me some pain with the tip about not taking the Oxy on an empty stomach. I had been doing that quite regularly THINKING that an empty stomach would allow the med to start working faster. I will not do that again. Might not hurt to try the Ginger too, (if I knew where to find it) also... as for the stomach acid... I was on Nexium for quite a while and it made no difference. My GI is going to get me into the internal medicine dept. at UAMS (that's a great hospital in Little Rock AR near where I live. I say "near".... about 50 miles). We are hoping someone has seen something in a medical journal or maybe has treated someone with these symptoms. One "gift" I have is the gift of GAB HA! so I am thankful I can (hopefully) articulate the symptoms to them in enough detail to help them help me. Your moral support has been amazing too... can't say thanks enough! BTW... Im still desperate but... I'm actually Ron. :-)

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joAnn Says:
I thought my husband was in bad shape. Be thinking of u God Bless n my prayers

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Jaay Says:
Frequent urination during rainy season or when I am in air conditioned place at low temperature setting.Though urination during low temperature will be more, the frequency is alarming in my case , sometimes every 30mts or 1 hr. I am Not diabetic. BP normal. Blood test & urine test done .All normal

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joe Says:
does anyone know of a pharmecy that carries the yellow 10-325 percocets?for some reason they work better for me then the white ones do.but i cant seem to find a pharmecy that has them lately.

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Lara Says:
Exactly. These are the type of people who make it nearly impossible for those of us in true pain to get our meds. I have had a hard time getting the 30mg oxys in my area (NM) too. My suggestion to people is to have your doctor write your prescription for 10mg. I take 30mg 4 times a day. So the doc would have to write the rx for 300 per month and I know that's a high amount but it's better than having to drive all over the state for them.

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mrs v Says:
okay... i had a miscarriage on July 28th... the ER prescribed me no medication for pain or what have you... when I got home from the ER is was too late to get ahold of my MD and see if he could give me something for my pain... (its the worst pain i've ever felt in my life...still feeling it now) Anyway, my mom gave me what she THOUGHT was a Lortab 5.... and the next day my doctor wrote me a script for 20 lortab 5s... well, gave the pills to my mom to doll out to me because i didn't want to in a narcotic induced fog, think it was time for another pill, and accidentally OD... on sunday, i asked her for 2 lortab because i was having HORRIFIC pain... the 2 pills she gave me weren't my lortab. it turns out they were Percocet 5s... she had inadvertantly given me 2 of my dad's generic percocets instead of my lortab... an innocent mistake. Thing is.. i start LPN school on monday... I have a drug test tomorrow... will the percocet show up? I dont want to be kicked out of school over an innocent mix up....

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Verwon Says:
Mrs. V, yes there is a very good chance that they will show up. Most narcotics are detectable for up to 4 days, after taking them.

The Lortab contains Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen and the Percocet contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen, so they would show up as different substances.

However, you might be best served to simply tell them of everything you've been through recently and they may take the mistake under consideration.



Are there any other questions or comments?

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Curious Says:
Sort of unrelated question but important to me: I would like to UNSUBSCRIBE from getting the e-mail notices with each new post. I have searched the website but found no way to do this. Any suggestions? :-) Thanks!

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mrs v Says:
well, yesterday was 5 days from taking them... so i'm hoping everythings all clear... guess i'll find out monday morning, eh?

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Verwon Says:
Curious, the link for that is in the actual email you receive that notifies you of a new post. It will be towards the bottom of the email, so just check the next one you receive, because you have to unsubscribe from the specific thread you that you are getting the emails from.

At the bottom you should see the following message, followed by the link to unsubscribe:

"Please note that you have received this message because your email address was provided to the above forum. Your privacy is very important to us. If you no longer wish to receive email updates for this discussion thread then you may opt-out at:"

If you still have any problems, please post back and let us know!

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Curious Says:
Thank you so much Verwon... I have SOOO greatly appreciated this forum. You being there with answers and just your all'round encouragement has meant so much.

I know I will check back to this site now and then but I must admit... with a lot of my (stomach) problems being emotional and me struggling at times to "keep it together" from THAT standpoint, (as rediculous as it might seem to some), I must really be careful about what I read or hear on the news etc... (I am a very much HYPER-SENSITIVE type) and I seem to feel everyone's pain so... when I read some of these "cries" for help it is often very (emotionally) disturbing to me. (I have the feeling you know exactly what I mean). That is the only reason I need to opt out of the e-mail notices. I will not forget you my, (like "passing ships in the night"), friend. God bless you. You really have been a big help to me... more than you know. Seriously.... I thank you.

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