How Long Does Opana Stay In Your System If You Took It Once

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gigastheopanasnowninja Says:
i took a half of an opana 40 on tuesday about mid day and have a drug test on friday also this is the only time i have done opana in about 3 weeks exept for the same amount about 8 days ago you think i will pass

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Verwon Says:
Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone and, like most other narcotics, it is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 days, after taking it.

There is, however, no precise time frame that can be given, because it will vary from person to person depending on your metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and many other factors.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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sharon Says:
I took opana 10 mg 3 days in a row and on the same day had nothing in my urine.

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Mike Says:
I snorted half an opana 40 mg on weds will it be out by Friday morning! Haven't used in 3 mnths just worried

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disappointment Says:
I gave myself five days after doing about 60mgs. On new years. I tested positive, and it was snorted. Opanas suck if u have to take tests!

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Justin Says:
I finally got referred to a pm doc here in Charlotte after being in chronic pain for over a year from an injury where I snapped/ripped my leg in half at the knee in '09. I'm only 25 and already have bad arthritis and docs say I have severe nerve damage due to ripping the perineal nerve in the injury. I ran out of the 7.5 Endocets I was being prescribed by the doc that referred me to the pm doc. I already took my initial drug test at my first appt. and passed. The pm doc doesn't prescribe any meds on the first visit so I haven't had anything but Tramadol(which we all know doesn't do s*** for help) to take for pain for the past 2 weeks. I took 40mg of opana today cuz I couldn't stand the pain and insomnia any more. I have my next appt. on Monday at 3:30. Is it likely he will drug test me 2 weeks in a row? And if he does, will I fail from the opana today(Thursday)?

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Willis Says:
I was just in the same predicament but I only sniffed 10 mg of opana on Thurs. Took a test Tuesday morning at 9 AM. Every day since thursday I drank atleast 8-16 ounce bottles of water, 30 minutes of cardio evceryday, Sun drank 3-8 ounce glasses of cranberry juice +1000 mg of niacin,Mon: 2-8 ounce glasses of cranberry juice + 1500 mg of niacin, Tues: Day of test peed 3 times first then took my test. Am I clean????

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Willis Says:
Thurs at about 4:30 I sniffed 10 mg of opana. Had a urine test today(Tues @ 9AM) Everyday in between drank atleast 8-16ounce bottles of water, 30 min of heavy cardio daily, sun: also drank 3-8 ounce glasses of cranberry + 1000 mg of niacin, mon: 2-8 ounce glasses of cranberry juice + 1500 mg niacin, woke up on tues and peed 3 times then took my test. Am I clean????

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Opdkey Says:
You will be tested every time you go. It's new protocol for pm clinics to help keep in compliance

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may Says:
My wonder for looking up and finding this page is I'm going to be returning to pain management. I will be going to back to my old pm doctor. I stopped seeing him about 3 yrs ago and have not been back to pm. I still have had a few opanas left in my bottle he prescribed me back then. My appointment with him is on tuesday and todays sunday. Im wondering if it would be okay for me to take one today and it show up in my urine test if he prescribed it to me then?

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Mitch Says:
via mobile
I have done the new opana 15s, also known as half moons, basically everyday for the past 4-5 months. I drink atleast 8 water bottles a day, but I am also 6'1 and weigh about 270 lbs. I have to take drug tests regularly beginning in approximately 20-30 days. If I do not do any drugs at all beginning now do you think I will be clean by then? Same with weed. I have been a regular smoker for about 5 years if I clean up, starting now, would I be clean by then as well?

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billy bob Says:
i weigh 240lbs i took an opana 15mg ir at 2am on sunday. will it be out of my system by monday at 3:30. I am totally clean of any other drugs. How can I make sure it is out of my system for a urine test?

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Chey23 Says:
i have been doing opana for 7 months today is the 8th i have a drug test, standard, for probation on the 14th im doing my last one ever tonight at 12 will it be out of my system by 4 pm on the 14th, in 6 days? i drink lots of water i take subutex to get over withdraws, i work and sweat alot and im 5'4'' 135 lbs. should i do one of the system cleansers? idk, please someone give me a good guess at least, asap. thank you.

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charlie Says:
via mobile
How long does oxymorphone stay in system?

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Thats whats up Says:
If you drink the hell out of water for three days and I mean like a gallon a day it will be out of your system in 72 hours.

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Dave Says:
via mobile
Abusing your Rx RUINS things for people in real pain because you abuse the system and make it hard for people who need stuff legit. Go find something else if u want an opiate high. 1) cheaper, 2) won't screw up Rx for regular people

.. Oh but that's illegal. You can go to jail for buying it.

You people are the reason most Drs are so hesitant to help people in REAL pain b/c some have trouble deciding: real pain or drug seeker?

My mother died on 6/1/2013 from an Oxycodone / poly substance OD. She was getting oxy from 5 Drs and 5 pharmacies. Plus: soma, Xanax , flexiril. She didn't have enough of any one drug in her system to kill her but the combination of 60mg oxy, 5mg Xanax, and 2 350mg soma caused her breathing to stop and her BF woke up next to a cold corpse. When we boxed up her things, she had over 300 5mg oxys, 200 30s, and about 120 15s... Plus about 300 bars of 2mg Xanax. She used 5 friends to beat the drivers license chk system.

You people keep this up, and you will end up like her, or with a ruined liver, or OD and have brain dmg.

It does not take much. For MY pain I take ONE 30mg Oxycodone plus ONE 350mg soma 2Xs every 24hrs. One night, I forgot what I took and accidentally took another 30mg. An hr later my partner couldn't wake me. Called 911. They couldn't wake me. I woke in the ambulance on the way to the ER cuz they hit me with a shot of an anti opiate. The ER doc said that wasn't enough to kill me but enough to walk a fine line. As a nasty side effect, I was 95% deaf for 3 days, and had no feeling in either hands for 48 hrs.

This was 4 weeks ago. Now.. I don't take ANYTHING else with oxy in my system, and my pills are no longer next to my bed.

My Dr rotates me between opiates and barbiturates every 30-60 days so I don't get addicted to either. Then after I've been on both, it's Tramadol for 30 days.

I have to dried up discs in my back l3/4 l4/5, and muscles that were torn all from a car accident 5 yrs ago. I'm in constant pain. Nothing can be done. Back fusion makes it worse 50% if the time so my DR manages my pain until technology lets them put in silicon discs - which is only a few yrs away.

And I don't see a PM dr. My GP manages it all for me. Luckily I have a good dr that's known me for a decade and knows if never abuse it. That's RARE. Most are pain med phobic b/c so many screw ups misuse this stuff and abuse it

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thedoc Says:
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You take 30 mgs of oxycodone every 2 hours and you think you dont have a problem? Wow, you don't know you're pharmacology either, soma is not a true barbitutate, it metabolizes in your liver to a compound similar to one. Your going to run into real problems if you don't lower your oxy intake. Please take this advice seriously

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thedoc Says:
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Read your post wrong, 2 times a day is still a very high dosage

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Dakota Swallows Says:
You sir, are ignorant, and a liar. Oxy - Morph - hydro - codeine stay in your system from 2 - 3 1/2 days, depending on your metabolism. If you were some super fat guy with a terrible diet, it would only take close to 4 days for it to get out of your system. BUT, no matter your weight, diet, fluid intake, exercise, it is impossible to clean your system of a narcotic in less than 1 day. I run 2 - 5 miles everyday, I drink water with occasional milk and juices, beer on the weekends, and I train for mma, which means I cut weight (water) and I have an extrenious routine. It still takes me 2 days to clean my system. Your comment is dumb and unneeded, causing problems for anybody whom bothers to read and believe your statement.

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bb Says:
i would not think you fail that test from all you have drank and also you can drink nothing but lemon water for 2 days and drink a big glass of it and you will pass it works

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cat Says:
via mobile
Did you pass?

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