How Long Does It Take For Hydrocodone To Get Out Of Your System

Amy Says:

I have been on hydrocodone for five years 10 mg for what started out for back pain. The time has come for me to stop since it has become an addiction.

I will be out Friday 05/11/2012 and will begin to detox myself @ home. just wanting to know how long they take to get out of your system, and things to do to help while going through the with drawl process.

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David Says:

While I don't have any personal experience with this medication, I have read that it could be in your system for about a week or so (depending on a number of factors). Usually for drugs like this, I think the safest way to stop taking them is to taper off them, if possible. Some medications can be taken in fractions (actually cut into pieces) and these smaller pieces can be taken in place of the regular dose for a period of several weeks until the body is no longer dependent upon them.

I hope this info helps!

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earthlinglight Says:

I know this is a quite a while back, but if you are still having problems, Subutex or Suboxone Is The Way To Go !!!!! What's sad though about this program is that you have to see a special doctor, and they don't take insurance :/ But, I would not be alive today without it !! I started on Hydrocodone, then went to Heroin. Was on Heroin for approx. 3 years. I Could Not Detox on my own. I would go straight back and use, even if I was 3-4 days clean..Subutex Saved my life and my childrens mother, unfortunately my husband, my childrens father did not make it. He died of an overdose 08/19/12 . Subutex !!!

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Kim Says:

I just wanted to add that the Suboxone is the best way to go. I tried numerous of times to kick the abuse of hydrocodone but failed everytime. I just recently started a program with a Dr that prescribed me Suboxone and it makes it 10 times easier! And safer! Good luck!

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Beenheredonethis Says:

Suboxone doctors, do in fact, take in insurance. It is the easiest way to gett off of opiates, by far

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James Says:

I have taken two hydrocodone 5mg tonight for blown knee and both elbows. Should i continue to take them or deal with pain until i get insurance?

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lynz0803 Says:

Also I have been taking one tramdol a day. And it has helped my withdrawals a lot. Is tramadol addictive? They say that its not a narcotic. I mean I only take one a day. I guess what I'm trying to ask is will I get addicted to tramadol? I just planned taking one a day thru the next month. Until the suboxone is out of my system. And then bye bye tramadol. It helps a lot.

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Crickett Says:

I am currently on oxycodone 10/325 for back pain. My husband has some Lortab and I took some for a couple of days and really helped but I go to my Dr Dec.5th and I have a checkup. Will the Lortab appear the same as oxycodone on a screening if i stop taking it?

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Thankful Says:

If you have a prescription it should not be a problem. You are allowed to take your prescribed medication. When you take your panel just inform them you have a prescription and have been taking them for your knee pain re ordered by your doctor. If you come up with it in your system a medical review officer will call you and verify your script. I used to do panels and know how this works. Good luck. Hope I was helpful.

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UAworries Says:

They are not the same. It will come up differently.

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Leelee Says:

I have been taking hydrocodone 10's for around 2 yrs now. I ran out 5 days before I had to take my drug panel. Would it still be in my urine after 5 days?

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Nacolla Says:

I would NOT detox from opiates at home. I tried and cant begin to describe the pain I was in all through my legs well whole body. I had detoxed myself from methamphetamine and coke so I thought heck opiates would be a breeze, NOPE!!!! that was the worst feeling I had ever had I wanted to die. Please go to your doctor and ask about Suboxone. It will help you through the withdrawal from opiates. It's really a must.

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Tank Says:

Maybe you should try getting a script from your Dr for suboxone. This seems like most of the other peeps are saying this because its as hard as trying to wheen pups off their moms teet's.

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Cheri Says:

That's what I am taking as well, and let me tell you, it works!! I don't know what I would have done without the help of finding Suboxone/Subutex I just Thank the good Lord above that I did!! <3 <3 :-)

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Kathy Says:

Can you get in trouble at pain management if u take pain meds that you were once prescribed

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ann Says:

tramadol is highly addictive I've been on em for years the withdraw is horrible its a nightmare my advice if you can stop em do it but if you have been on em awhile don't quit cold turkey slowly do it good luck

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PeaceAndLove Says:

YES!!!! Hello all. To answer your questions, I am in pain management.. I am on Suboxone that saved my life because I was addicted to hydrocodone! I slipped up and took 10 pills a day or more for 6 straight days (Also With AZO'S Every Day) without taking the Suboxone on those 6 days, then stopped the hydrocodone and continued on with Suboxone for eight days and I had a 12 panel drug evaluation on that 8th day at 10:30. I drank a gallon of water each day for five days. On the eighth day was my drug panel, so it had only been out of my system for 7 days really 8 if you count the day of my drug panel as well!! I'm 5'8 and weigh 140 pounds! I knew and had been warned that if it was in my system I would be arrested or be kicked out period. No questions asked per the dr. so I was so worried until I saw him again in 2 weeks. Doesn't matter they're all pills you had or a prescription you just happened to pick up, you're out or worse jail! I passed so needless to say I will never be stupid enough to even consider doing it ever again in my entire life. I will stay on the Suboxone! Glad I passed or it was over for me so 7 or 8 full days for hydrocodone not to come up on a 12 panel. I know this is old but I'm just letting you all know that I would at least give it "7" full days! Thank you. Hope this helps

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nacolla Reyes Says:

I would NOT recommend detoxing at home! I can't begin to describe the pain, there is a medicine called Suboxone it is to help take you off of opiates without wanting to hurt yourself because of how painful it is. Please trust me call and get Suboxone to help you.

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Beentheredonethat Says:

While everyone is bragging on suboxone (which really does work and helps unbelievably, just don't use them for a long period of time) as it is very hard to come off of them and in my past experiences actually harder to come off of than the actual persciption(s) your trying to kick. But in a step program and in a very short amount of time like only a weeks worth it would work great. But don't allow yourself to go into a month of use as then it is harder IMO to get off of the suboxone' than the original PRESCRIPTION your getting off of. Most will tell you continued used for this is just as hard if not harder to come off of than the actual drug is itself for some reason. But when used for short times like I said in the above for a week or 2 tops then you should be through the withdraws of the original drug or PRESCRIPTION your trying to beat, so wean your self from them as well, because your body is use to being more/less addicted to one or the other and you will become dependent on either one of these also.. I hope this helped and "YES" I have learned this from personal experiences and also others issues as well, so I would have to claim this as factual.

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doodlebug Says:

suboxin is a nightmare to just like pain pills

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nacolla Reyes Says:

I would NOT recommend doing it at home it's more pain then you realize. It'll take days before your out of pain. There is a medicine called Suboxone you really need to get on it instead of just detoxing at home it will help your body not go into so much pain.

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