How Come I Cant Find Viractin Cold Sore Treatment In Any Drug Store

Casey Says:

Viractin Cold Sore Treatment was the BEST. I have suffered with coldsores for years. This was the best treatment I have come acrossed. A small amount of this product and no more coldsore. I haven't found an answer to my question yet. Is Viractin still available over counter or do I need a prescription for it?

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, but Viractin has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It contained the active ingredient Tetracaine, which was a topical anesthetic, so it really did nothing to shorten the duration of a cold sore, though the moisturizing effects of it could help keep them from drying out and cracking and bleeding.

You may want to try a different over the counter product, such as Abreva, which contains Docosanol, it is an antiviral, which can shorten the duration of a cold sore, since they are caused by a virus.


Have you tried asking your pharmacist what other alternatives are available?

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nc-marie Says:

I too was dismayed when this product became unavailable. My research into its ingredients leads me to believe that it is the eucylyptus oil that caused the rapid healing. (ref: Much more info if you search for this topic.

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CeeinJax Says:

The tetracaine to numb the blister was helpful, but I don't care what anyone else says about Viractin... that stuff worked great to keep the cold sore from blistering up and getting really bad. Maybe it was the eucalyptus oil. All I know is it really did seem to work better for us than Abreva.

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Sassy Says:

I totally agree. Maybe it was the Eucalyptus oil. Viractin worked best but since I've not been able to find it, I tried Abreva. It does NOT work. I've tried it a couple times and each time, the blister just comes right on out. You pay a super high price for absolutely nothing.

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mom of 2 Says:

Viractin is the ONLY thing that kept the cold sore from getting bigger once you put it on. Abreva is TERRIBLE - worst product ever. It takes so long to get rid of a cold sore with Abreva. Viractin stopped the tingling and you could tell it wasn't growing anymore. The numbing effect was great too. They need to bring Viractin back.

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ladybutterfly Says:

I agree nothing else works as well. I also used it as a preventative if I knew I was going to be out in the sun. I sure do miss it.

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kjb007 Says:

I too agree Viractin was the best for cold sores. When I used it, the cold sore was gone in only days! If I felt the tingling of a cold sore and used Viractin, the cold sore really never came out full force. Abreva doesn't even come close to Viractin and does nothing for me!

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Marge Says:

Well I too would love to see Viractin back on the store shelves!! I wear a partial plate and right now I have cancore sores under it and dam they hurt. Viractin would numb the sore and make it possible to wear the partial. BRING IT BACK, PLEASE!!!

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Peppy Says:

I have used viractin for a long time. A girl at work had a cold sore and I let her use mine. It was the best medicine I have ever used to shorten the healing time. The girl at work wanted to get it and could not find it. I tried to buy it for her and then when I could not find it decided to check the internet and was surprised that it was discontinued. I have tried Abbreva, found it expensive and did not work like the Viractin.

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Brandy Says:

I have tried both Viractin and Abreva, and honestly, Abreva did nothing for my cold sores. However, within 24 hours after applying Viractin, my cold sores disappear. Although it is no longer available, I still have a tube of Viractin- a little goes a long way.. So, as a consumer who has tried both, I know that Viractin does in fact work, and that Abreva is only an average product that takes longer to heal cold sores.

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Julie Says:

I agree with you - Viractin works / worked much better than Abeva! Bring back Viractin.

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Kathleen Says:

PLEASE, PLEASE bring back VIRACTIN. It is the ONLY medicine that works on cold sores. Even though the cold sore goes away on its own, it HURTS and even bleeds for days and days. Viractin numbs it really good with just a tiny drop, reapplied every so often. I have tried Abeva for $15 a tube, and it does nothing for the pain. The duration of the cold sore is the same with or without Abreva. I've also tried a topical prescription, which, like Abreva, did absolutely nothing. By the looks of this discussion board, there are many folks like myself searching the entire country for a tube of Viractin. Isn't this pitiful!!! Somebody, please help us!

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Giggles Says:

I totally agree bring back VIRACTIN! Only product that works on my herpes!

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Sarah Says:

I have also tried Canker-X, Lipactin and Abreva..


Viractin certainly was more than a numbing agent.

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Jacqueline Says:

I too am extremely disappointed. The last time I purchased Viractin was about 3 or 4 yrs ago and the pharmacist ordered 8 tubes for me. I am on my last one and can't believe I can no longer purchase this product. It has been a life saver for me. My husband had pancreatic cancer. At one point I had 9 blisters on my mouth from stress and Viractin got me through it.

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KarenMarie S Says:

I am another who am very, very sad and disappointed that Viractin is no longer available. I am at the bottom of my last tube, purchased ages ago. I wish there was something else that was comparable.

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Sherri Says:

Abreva is the worst you can get i have ordered viractin off internet. The only thing I have found that helps is campho-phenique. $4.00 a tube.

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Charity Says:

Maybe we can contact the manufacturer or write to one of the rx companies and ask them to please take the list of ingredients and make their own version...maybe they can called it Herpactin or something...anything. Veractin was the only thing that worked. I too am down to my last container and I am not sure what I am going to do. None of the other topical medications, over the counter or not, work. I do recommend purchasing a tube of lidocaine....that does help to numb the lip. Ugh someone please help us get Veractin back!

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Mary Says:

It is the BEST! I want it back!!!

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Jay Squared Says:

Viractin has been a lifesaver for me as well and I have yet to find anything close to it.

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