How Can I Get Prescribed Subutex Instead Of Suboxone

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cherie Says:
i get sick everytime i take my dose of suboxone. I throw up everytime. but my doctor will not switch me to the subutex even though it is in my charts that i have yaken the subutex and never got nausiated. what do i need to say or do to get my doctor to understand and switch me? i also have severe intestinal problems that get aggravated with the suboxone, what can i do. i do not want to quit treatment but i cant keep throwing up everyday all day. please someone help me.

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Doolalah Says:
hi cherie, i just read your post and you have me thinking...i have taken suboxone for a while now & have always been relatively ok with it, but for some reason the last month to 2 months, i have been experiencing weird side affects that sound exactly like what you are talking about...i am having increasing bouts of nausea and also for the last few weeks i am almost always constipated and that has never happened to me...i have even started using laxatives and stool softener and i can't believe i am buying this stuff like i am an old person...nothing has changed with my diet or medications, so i have nothing to connect it doesn't make sense, though, since I am taking less suboxone now than i did before...i still feel it's the suboxone causing these issues, however...definitely gastrointestinal....

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Verwon Says:
Cherie, if you're doctor isn't listening, I'm really not sure what to suggest, other than perhaps switching doctors.

And Doolalah, has the Suboxone you've been taking recently been coming from a different manufacturer? You might want to check on that, because if so, then the inactive ingredients can be different and may be contributing to the problems you're experiencing.


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Jamie Says:
say it gives you a bad bad migraine and your allergic to it it works everytime:)

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Tawana Says:
Hello can you email me i have some questions thanks xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy}

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travis Says:
if you are self pay let the dr. know that the suboxone strips or tabs are about twice as expensive as subutex. Most drs. wont prescribe subutex because you can still get high from other opiates because subutex doesnt have the opiate blocker. At least thats very true in the area i live in. My subutex costs $3.50 a tab and suboxone cost $7 to $8 a tab.

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SubMarkV Says:
Many doctors will prescribe subutex over suboxone.. Find a private , family doctor who is licensed, instead of a clinic.... It won't block opiates totally out- but it makes them kind of pointless.... Morphine will precipitate immediate withdrawals......

My view, and that of my doctor is there is no point in taking something which is not necessary- the subutex is, the naloxone.

If you're ready to quit=- you're done with all the crap anyway... hang in there... !

If you need help - here's a low cost treatment center in Western NC.... We're currently building a detox facility staffed with nurses and an on call 24hr doctor....


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mikeyf1973 Says:
doctors are reluctant to prescribe subutex as it is being abused and sniffed but they dont realise that suboxone can also sniffed. people also inject subutex but you cant do this with suboxone and they also prescribe suboxone as it contains a blocker, they kept me on suboxone as it was on record that i sniffed them but due to an error on my prescribing i am now on subutex! also the docters make you have supervised consumption by the chemist when on subutex but they dont supervise suboxone and i was lucky as i get to take my subutex home but never more than a weeks supply! this is how it works in England! and i didnt like suboxone as it gave me constipation and made me feel like my brain was going a thousand miles an hour!! so glad to be on subutex!! they are also careful about prescribing as people sell them for alot of money especially in the English prisons as people are getting up to £80 per tablet!! and the cheapest is £20 in some prisons and its causing alot of problems and addiction too but prisoners prefer this to cannabis as it smells strong and stays in your system for up to 28 days but subutex can be out your system in 3 days!! hope this helps you understand a bit better why doctors are reluctant to prescribe subutex take care x

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chelle Says:
i needed to answer this as i was a nurse b4 i got sick with lupus fibromyagia ms herniated discs osteoarthritis and soon became tollearant to the high doses of oxycontin, roxicodone etc. i got sick every time i took a strip or tablet of suboxone..after much research i figured out the issue,,told my dr and got switched to subutex...suboxone has an artificial sweetner in it called acesulfame potassium..if you are allergic to sulfa drugs you willll be very alergic to suboxone strips or tablets...look it up im very serious..regards chelle

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Kristina Says:
I have been subs for 5 years an subutex twice while pregnant recently my dr switched me to films and I had an allergic reaction so I'm on subs pills again but I'm still getting upset stomache headaches and sick. Also bowls have always been a problem since the start if my treatment dr just said take stool softner. I go to my dr soon an since sub tablets will be stopped come march 2013 I'm hoping subutex is wha I am given again. Subutex is better no headaches stomache aches an such. It sounds like you need a new dr one that'll listen know tht the suboxone is causing your problems.

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stephen5675 Says:
Have you ever tried methadone. I have been taken them and I finally fell like my old self again. And they work great on my pain from the 3 back surgeries I've had. I thought I would never get back to this level again. Some people don't like them. If your looking for something to get high on then this isn't for you.. good luck

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Danielle Says:
hi kristina, i was very glad to read this! i just saw my doc today, my "monthly visit", lol...i've been taking suboxone since october 2010. i started at 20 mg and have been taking 12 mg the past year. i have taken the films and they really knocked me on my butt, and the suboxone upsets my stomach from time to time, but it's the going to the bathroom part that is reaching a critical stage...i take Miralax a few times a week and it's helping, but it's also expensive...i have been curious about subutex for a long time now but have never asked my doc to try it, too afraid i guess. i know the suboxone tablets will be gone very soon and the thought of taking the strips is throwing me into what is going to be full blown panic soon...should I ask my doc to try subutex? anything must be better than this constipation im dealing with! My doctor and i have a good relationship (i think we are both 42, lol) and he knows i work my program and has seen my life flourish the past 3 years, so i'd hope he has my best interest at heart...i need to taper down again, like get it to about 8j-10 mg....thanks for any info I appreciate it Kristina : )

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sublingualmingleCOM Says:
Same with me- and I brought up the fact thtat I try only put things in my body that are beneficial- Idon't eat nails, for example. so why would I want that added ingredient with no other medical value that to possible put you into a coma?

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ADC Says:
I just switched from suboxone to subutex simply put the subutex pill is much less costly as the films.constipation is my primary issue. Being out of that haze has helped me take back control of my direction . Chemist who discovered this wonderful assist gets my regard.

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Jen Says:
Suboxone AND Subutex can be and ARE injected by abusers of the medication. They also can be and ARE sniffed by abusers as well. Suboxone strips can be and ARE injected by abusers AS WELL, and they are ALSO sniffed when liquefied. I have been taking Suboxone myself for 6 years now, a very long time. I'm 28 now; 22 when I started. Subs were rather new when I started...none of the local pharmacies in my area even carried it or knew what it was. The drug was a miracle back then; there wasn't even a mention of taper or having to stop taking it at all by my Dr. at the time. I was driving 55 miles and got it from him for 3 years--4 8mg tabs a day and cut off with nothing for (not kidding) nothing. I have never failed a drug screen or had a problem on this medication. The Dr. had patients lined up to be seen and decided I was no longer a priority, not even to ween me off. I went through TERRIBLE withdrawal. Went to ER but nothing was done because they didn't know what to do for Sub withdrawal. I was scared because I was sicker than I'd been from opiate withdrawal. I managed to get Subs off the street and found a new Dr. about a month later.I was with the 2nd Dr. for almost 2 years...driving 73 miles and on 2 8 mg tabs daily. This doctor decided to discontinue me due to lack of counseling--mind you I WAS seeing my counselor who was 60 miles away in the other direction, but he wasn't sending enough information back to the Dr. so I was given a 1 month "taper" script to get off of myself with instructions that read: Take 1 8mg tab 2x dailly for 1 week, 1 8mg tab daily for 1 week, 1/2 8 mg tab daily for 1 week, and 1/4 8mg tab daily until prescription is gone.
Now I know as well as anyone who takes Suboxone that is hardly a taper; Subs need a long taper...enough said. Anyway, I did try to make this script last until I could find another doctor....and I did. 120 miles away. He would not do tabs due to the higher chance of abuse and gave me 2 8mg strips daily. I was okay with them for about a week...I have no interest in abusing the Subs in any way shape or form, but even if I did the strips do NOT prevent abuse. I prefer the tabs because they are easier to keep track of, they last much longer if need be, and tapering is much more effective. The final Dr. is my current Dr....I recently transferred because she is only a HALF MILE away from my house. She just moved to the area so that was much less stressful after all my traveling. She currently has me on 1 8mg strip and 1/4 strip daily. she is doing a slow taper; I've been seeing her for almost 8 months and was on 1 and 3/4 when I started. I can honestly say I noticed a change from 1 1/2 , but not much above that. I struggle on 1 and 1/4 some days; nothing close to withdrawal but the desire to take more is there. I have done great on Suboxone, it has TRULY saved me for the last 6 years. I'm terrified to be without it. My insurance company recommended Methadone maintenance for life yesterday. WHY isn't Suboxone an option for life?? WHY allow it for 6 years (by doctors) but not allow it for life? I would honestly LOVE to be clean and free of everything if it didn't hurt so much, but the fact is it does hurt. We all know as addicts that it is severe pain beyond physical withdrawal. If any medication works to treat it why stop and wait for relapse and pain if it knowingly can be prevented? When I decided to go on Subs it was after treatment from opiates and almost 4 months clean. The physical withdrawal was over but the mental was overwhelmingly painful. I relapsed on Oxys for a few days and found Suboxone through online research. I have done everything I can to remain on the Subs to avoid overdosing on opiates just to feel normal. If anyone has input or suggestions I would GREATLY appreciate:) If you're hurting I FEEL for you:(

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technotom Says:
From what i understand they should be able to do suboxone maintenance for life if you live in the USA because it is approved by the FDA for such use: { In October 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States also approved Suboxone and Subutex, buprenorphine's high-dose sublingual tablet preparations indicated for detoxification and long-term replacement therapy in opioid dependency, and the drug is now used predominantly for this purpose.}

The only issue with Suboxone is the idea behind it was it was supposed to be easier to get off of altogether as it's partially synthetic and was (supposedly) designed with that goal in mind but it's not fun to withdraw from at all, I've heard withdrawals can last a month. OC's were designed with the same idea behind them and were advertised as a "less addictive" alternative, what a joke that was. The thing about suboxone is a doctor can only prescribe up to 30 patients at a time and i KNOW the big kicker about not getting it for life is the COST. Methadone is in the public domain, invented in WWII by the Germans who were running out of their opiate supply due to being cut off as they were losing the war. so any Pharmaceutical company can manufacture and sell it therefore it's relatively cheap. Suboxone which is still new in the pharmaceutical copyright world, appeared & approved in 2002 has 20-25 years of exclusive manufacture and sale (for TOP DOLLAR) by it's creator. It's your insurance company that wont pay for it for life for you. If you went to buy 60 N8's a month you would pay $450-550 a month out of pocket, methadone is a tiny fraction of that cost-wise. Simple economics in the insurance companies mind.

I worked for Pfizer, the worlds largest Pharmaceutical corporation, these businesses stay afloat and on top of their game ONLY by getting FDA approvals on new drugs that give them the 25 years of exclusive sale before anyone else can manufacture it and compete.

( Suboxone coincidentally appeared and was approved shortly after the US invaded Afghanistan, allegedly just in time for opium poppy growing season and freed all the opium warlords from prison and is now supplying 93+% of the worlds Heroin, breaking records year after year. With the opiate abuse epidemic in the US and abroad you can imagine how much money they're making. hand over fist!! However it seems you may be in luck, I just came across an article stating that the FDA is breaking protocol which is likely happening only because of the herion epidemic (or their buddies that own pharma companies wanting a cut) and allowing two (2) other Pharma Corps. to produce GENERIC SUBOXONE well before the 25 year cap. meaning that Suboxone should become wayyy more affordable sometime in the near future!!

Read this article!!

Good Luck!

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technotom Says:
Here's a MUST READ, the Downsides of SUBOXONE & METHADONE:

Here's a quote about the dangers of Suboxone that sounds scary to me...

"the "Suboxone" version of Buprenorphine IS MORE TOXIC than Methadone, itself, because of naloxone in it - that really destroys kidneys and liver. "SOB

Resime - In bottom line :

Methadone is an full synthetic opiate agonist.Very effective at treatment of any kind of opiate addicts, as it is effective also in short - 21 day - detoxification.Buprenorphine, introduce just few years ago, did show some really promising results, and as the result of many clinical trials - buprenorphine is approved for maintenance and detox in majority of world countries. Patients often question the efficiency of the buprenorphine, as methadone showed as an "gold standard" in treatment of addicts. Buprenorphine showed a as lot less euphoric medicine, but still very specific. It has an "maximum line of effect" (let's call it that), which means when dose reaches 32-38mg, the buprenorphine amount added beyond that "line" is INEFFECTIVE.So, You can take, as many pills as you want, after you reach the maximum line, but they will still remain inactive and you will notice NO difference at all or what so ever.Heroin addicts, find buprenorphine, SUBOTEX (not suboxone), pills handy in cases when they can't reach or get their dose of "H". I.V users, usually crush pills, suck in to syringe, trough the filter, and then shoot it. Than, after agencies for monitoring drugs, realized the abuse - made the suboxone, impossible to shoot and ineffective if it is IV-ed.

So, now we know that Methadone is SURELY more euphoric, but is it more toxic than buprenorphine? - Nobody actually knows, one is sure - the "Suboxone" version of Buprenorphine IS MORE TOXIC than Methadone, itself, because of naloxone in it - that really destroys kidneys and liver. What's more effective, methadone or buprenorphine? - The answer to this question is different from person to person. Someone finds buprenorphine more suitable, someone finds methadone more suitable.It's the matter of tolerance, the "T" of heroin usage,along with many other factors like speed of metabolism,liver state (because of enzymes) etc...

When it comes to the withdrawal, methadone withdrawal is longer - for sure, because of the fact that methadone accumulates in fat tissue. If you were, for example, on long term maintenance (T of treatment = >2yrs.) , methadones half life will be up to 48h . After two days, you will start to feel the real withdrawal.Some of the patients, say that methadone withdrawal is worse than heroin. Yes it is. Heroin is, in basis, SEMI-SYNTHETIC opioid and it is much less toxic than methadone - in PURE edition like that in Switzerland for treatment - diacetyl-morphine or that in Britain - diamorphine.

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Jen Says:
Yes I am very aware of the pros and cons of both Suboxone and Methadone...I should have added that I refused the Methadone maintenance straight from the gate because I do not have any interest in taking it long term or even short term for that matter... Like I said before, I considered Suboxone a miracle drug when I first started the program but in my heart of hearts knew I was getting myself into another addiction and possibly worse if it wasn't given to me for life. I have thoroughly researched Suboxone throughout the time I've been taking it which is just over six years and do so a lot because I want to gain as much knowledge as I can and I talk to and counsel with both new and long term Suboxone patients.... You wouldn't believe the calls I get with questions about it-- I'm from a smaller area and like to share and discuss information with people and help them if I can.:) one of the things I do say to people is that it is true; in a sense you cannot abide the Suboxobe if taken correctly; you can only get so much off of it, the difference in taking 2 or 10 is nothing; you are just wasting the medication because you're not going to get any "higher." Also the Suboxone is highly abused with IV users; they most definitely get high from the Subs; I am aware that it isn't supposed to be that way but sadly it is. As I said before I am not and have never been an IV user but I do know first hand that both the Suboxone and Subutex are abused by IV users and that is both pills and strips. They may need another dose sooner than if taken under the tongue but they are high as a kite either way. The main reason why the strips were made were to protect children and make it less easy to tamper with, however I've heard it from more than one doctor that they will only prescribe strips because they are impossible or way less likely to abuse. This frustrates me because I know fully well they are being abused even MORESO and for someone like me who does take the medication correctly and taking it for so long I know the pills work much better for me because I am able to make them last longer if need be and when I have to taper this would make it much easier and cheaper as well. I have managed in six years to get my insurance to cover my Subs for about five. I currently have them covered now; I recently got another extension approval so I have been very blessed compared to some. I do not expect to get them covered forever-- I just opened an automotive body and repair shop about a month ago and will be able to afford them in a few months when my extension is through. I feel the ONLY option for me is Suboxone for life or detox and treatment to get fully clean; Methadone is not an option and NEVER was; I shot that down right when I heard it. I feel that would be going down from what I have accomplished on Suboxone-- that was my point-- why the Methadone for life and Subxone for life is still so uncommon? I have a completely different life since I started Subs six years ago. I am also unhappy with it because I am absolutely addicted still but my actions are completely different and I don't feel like I did when on opiates. My Dr. was so happy when I turned down the Methadone, but she will not prescribe Subs forever. ( she isn't the Dr. that would prescribe Methadone-- I would have to go to a clinic out of town.) My insurance company suggested it after Suboxone treatment is over or instead of Subs. They're worried I'll relapse when the taper is low and they didn't want to cover it again at first. I did get lucky and they agreed to cover it again but the main issue for me isn't so much the coverage, it's getting off of it or how to get it in pill form or even Subutex. Thanks so much for the input!!

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frank Says:
suboxone has Narcan in it, subutex does not. methadone users should get subutex.

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Zach Says:
Hey. Where do you live? I have had an opiate addiction, everyday for the last year. Yesterday I went 24 hours then went to community bridges, in Arizona. They put me in the crisis room for about 18-20 hours, then every time I'd get my vitals done they'd rate me some low number, when I'm there kicking in a room that's 59° inside, so they didn't admit me to the detox clinic, they just had me in there for roughly 36-40 hours. I guess what I'm saying is that I've never gotten subs medically. I was just wondering how'd you get so many prescriptions, like what did you say to your doctor? Any addiction is hard to overcome. I'm not sure how'd they'd get you off subs?

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Comment Says:
Suboxone can be abused. The only difference is that it has a blocker in it. Tell your doctor it gives you migraines and he will switch you.

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