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dcogs47 Says:

I've tried Horizant for two nights with awful side effects. Had to take 30mg of Oxycodone along with it to get me through the night. Am also being weaned off 5mg of Requip XL at the same time. The doc now wants me to take it at 1pm instead of 5pm and on an empty stomach because it won't absorb as well and may cut down on the side effects. Any thoughts out there?

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Verwon Says:

Taking a medication on an empty stomach, usually means it has better absorbability and you can experience more side effects.

Horizant contains the active ingredient Gabapentin, it is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat certain types of nerve pain.

The normal side effects can include: nausea, irritability, increased appetite and dizziness.

Some of the problems you are experiencing could be from starting this new medication and tapering off the other one, that can kind of compound how badly you feel.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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dcogs47 Says:


If you go to the link you provided me, it says that food increases absorbability. It turns out that the real rub here is having to take an opiate (Norco) along with the Horizant while weaning off the Requip. My doc says I will always have to take some dossage of an opiat while I'm taking Horizant even after I get off of all the Requip. I have RLS extremely severe even during the day. The Norco and the Horizant is a bad mix. The side effects are severe and last for over 24hrs. This just isn't going to work. Ideas? Should I try Tramadal insted of Norco? What's wrong with just ramping up the Requip? Parkinsons' patients use a lot more on a daily basis than I had been using (14mg/day).

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