High Prolactin Levels Medication To Lower It And Concieve

SareBear Says:

I am wanting to conceive again, irregular periods for a long time now, especially after losing our first baby to pneumonia.
I am having irregular periods, to hardly any. Its been nearly one year.
The doctor gave me norithisterone. It brought on one period, but not come on this month, i did a pregnancy test the day i was late and negative, yet. Bloated and moody!!
Does anyone have any info about reducing my prolactin levels and regaining regular periods? I used to have regular ones, but losing small amounts of milk from left breast, when slightly squeezed, due to prolactin levels raised.
Also, does anyone have any info on whats the best fertility tablets to get from the doctor to ovulate, i heard Clomid was good, is there any more? I never had this problem before and really want to be a mummy again and get us on our way to pregnancy! Please any advise will be received with smiles and full gratefullness, look, forward to anyones response, thnx

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