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Testicle pain.

I am suffering right side testicle paid during 10 days.I'm taking tablets 5 days,how many days took HETRAZAN 100 MG tablets,please suggest me. ## I have boh testis pain in alternative from last 2 years.what medicin should I take please suggest me.

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Hetrazan and alcohol

i have eusonophelia and doc advised hetrazan 3 times a day for 21 days.. is this a normal dose and can I consume alcohol while doing this course.. ## Can I take hetrazen with alchohal doctor prescribed me to take hetrazen 100 thrice a day for one month

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Hetrazan EFFECTS in diabetes.thyroidism...

how safe is hetrazan if you are suffering from hypothyroidism,diabetes, arthritis & gastritis ? ## I am suffering from vericose veins and inflammation of legs . I have been prescribed hetrazan alongwith some other medications. I want to know the function of hetrazan. ## Hi I have continuous isnophelia now @ 15 I had a angioplasty done july 29th 2013 2 stents. Please advise ## Can Banocide Forte be used when AEC exceeds the top range. I am having AEC 540. ## Any Side Effect By Taking Hetrazen 100 Mg BD With Other Diabetic Medicine

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should I stop taking hetrazan 100 if it is not working

My dr prescribed me hetrazan 100 for 21 days (thrice in a day) for heavily sneezing, mucus, and congestion, but after 6 days of taking the course i am suffering more than I previously was. So should I stop taking it or will it start being helpful after 21 days?

Hetrazan 100 COURSE

my daughter14 year old--microfilaria-in last 4 years attacked 4 times repeatadely in a gap of 18 months,6months etc.-course of hetrazan used for 30 days-swelling in arm,neck, disappeared in all occassions-now swelling appeared in middle finger of left hand-hetrazan 100*3 started & swelling disappeared in 15 days-kindly tell me for how many days i should continue hetrazan-today is her 23rd day. ## esr level 72 wbc - 14 cough and cold last eight month ## It's probably not that she's been attacked that many times in such a short time period, it's probably that the initial parasitic infection has never actually been completely knocked out of her body. Learn more Microfilaria details here. The medication she's been taking contains Diethylcarbamazine and it seems that it m...

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use of Hetraxan 100 & budacort 200

I was having wheezing & no cough. After sleep getting midum mucus. Initially took amox, citrazine,& avail but no improvement, later dr proscribed hetrazan 100. Cedadur 500. Budecort 200 2 puff. Like to know Hetrazan 100 is it safe to take for wheezing since it's given for asthma. Please reply

Trinervelc testiculal pain hetrazan

I have testicular pain for past three weeks.. Scan, xray, urine and blood results are normal.. Nothing wrong in these results..doctor prescribed me trinerve lc and hetrazan.. What could be the cause of this pain?? And are these medicines good? I feel ok now.. ## u may have filarial infection....hetrazan is used to cure filarial infection...if u r feeling well now then also complete the course of medicine

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Hetrazan 100 Side Effects

I am using it since last 3 months. 2 tablets daily. ## Hetrazan contains the active ingredient Diethylcarbamazine, it is used to treat infections of different types of worms. As to the side effects, they usually only last for the first 4 to 6 weeks of using the medication, so you really shouldn't be experiencing many, after 3 months. However, they can include: nausea, facial itching and swelling of the eyes. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am treating a Bancrofti infection in the US. I am using DEC. I am trying to gather information from other users of this medication. Please tell me why you are using DEC for three months? ## My friends' 20yr old son has just expired due to hetrazan. post mortem reveals cause of death as hetrazan. he was prescribed the drug for e...

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hetrazan 100mg Is Usefull

I Have Pain In testicle ..Doctor Suggestion Me For Use hetrazan 100mg.. For 1 Month & 4 Time In day' Is This Use full ..Ya May Be Side Effecct ## I Have Pain In testicle ..Doctor Suggestion Me For Use hetrazan 100mg.. For 5 days Is This Use full ..any Side Effeccts ## My AEC count was 1450 and took Hetrazan 100 for 3 tines 21 days. After that AEC has gone up to 1520? I had taken Hetrazan earlier 3 times similar dosage and AEC came down. Surprised to see go up this time. I have allergic rhinitis and eosophic eosaphaghitis for which taking Pan D and Librax. Also taking Meconerv for Vitamin B12 deficiency. Please help understand the AEC mystery.

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treatment for esnophiles

My child aged 8 years complained of headache and vomitting sensation. Her blood test report shown esnophiles as 18 while the normal range is 1 - 6. She has been prescribed hetrazan 100 mg (1/2 tab x 3 times), histafree M - 1/2 tab at night. Is this prescription right ?

hetrazan 100 will cure giddiness?

I am suffering by dizziness and finding difficulty while walking and difficult balancing my body in stand-up position. Having this problem for the last two years. Someone I know suggested me to take hetrazan for 10 days. since he got cured from this same symptom by using hetrazan 15 years ago. For your information, i took sinus operation for the last two years before i started getting this symptom. Can i take hetrazan for my problem? And if so for how long and what mg? Please suggest me. Thanks in advance

use of hetrazan 100 or other similar med such as Banocide Forte

I have pain in my R-leg starting just above the ankle (right side) going up to hip and to some where in the abdomine and often to the right of testicle 2-3 days back and my age is 77 plus. Long ago in the 70's, I had this trouble which has cropped up few days back again.

hetrazan 100mg

Hi, Good evening. I have a oenophiles last few years. Kindly provide me the details of Hetrazan-100 mg? What kind of effect does Hetrazan? I will be waiting for your kind reply! Thanks, Sharafath ## Hello, Sharafath! How are you? Hertrazan contains the active ingredient Diethylcarbamazine, it is an antihelmintic. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. Learn more Hertrazan details here. Is there anything else I can help with?

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high eosinophil counts--12 %

my blood results shows 12% eosinophil counts, recently i feel my inner palm to be more reddish than normal. some times i feel a pricking sensation for a few seconds anywhere in body . ## My EOSINOPHILS count is 18% wat it means? please tell me how to reduce it? ## My mothers eosinophils is 14 percent kindly tell me what does it means thnx

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banocide forte

i want to know the importance and side effect of this medicine ## In the US, this is sold under the brand name Hetrazan, it contains the active ingredient Diethylcarbamazine. This is used to help treat and get rid of various parasite infestations. ## what are side effects for heavy usage of fe vit-c syrup ## I Have been prescribed banocide forte tsblet for 10 dsays.For what it is used for ? ## I am undergoing infertility treatment. Before ICSI doctor has prescribed me banocide forte. From net i came to know that it is used for treating filariasis. ## doctor has prescribed me Banocide forte for 10 days. please i want to know for what it is used for? ## side effects and dosage of Banocide forte.any precaution to be taken by elderly sugar patients taking medicines for CAD,PERIPHERAL VASCUL...

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where can I get Hetrazan

My dr prescribed Diethylcarbamazine (hetrazan) to treat tropical pulmonary eosinophilia. I have the RX but cannot find anywhere that I can get it. Where can I find this drug?! ## Listed below is a pharmacy-locator site, that uses your zip code to find nearby pharmacies within a given mile range: Phone numbers and addresses are included in the list after you verify your zip code; so I would suggest calling a number of them to see if anyone can fill your prescription. You may have to consider looking at online pharmacies as a last resort if this doesn't work out. Please post back if you need information on finding legitimate online pharmacies here in the U.S. Hope this helps!

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hetrazan 100

for asthma it is precribed ## I am from India but presently I live in USA. I have Elephantasis with a swolen legs. ## i am having pain right side in the stomach and recently i got to balls inside right side of the stomach can u suggest me to use hetrazan and there is no pain. please do need ful i am afraid that to go to doctor becaz he say for surgery ## I went to a Picnic before 3 Months back.After Coming from Picnic.I have noticed Swelling on my Right Side Testis.I went to Dr. He suggested me HETRAZAN 100mg tablet ( 3 times in a day for 4 Weeks ) I'm taking tablets from 2 Weeks but there is not change at all...So you concern person, Please suggest me some Effective Tablets

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