Hetrazan Effects In Diabetes.thyroidism...

parwez Says:

how safe is hetrazan if you are suffering from hypothyroidism,diabetes, arthritis & gastritis ?

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nagaraja Says:

I am suffering from vericose veins and inflammation of legs . I have been prescribed hetrazan alongwith some other medications. I want to know the function of hetrazan.

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deeps Says:

Hi I have continuous isnophelia now @ 15 I had a angioplasty done july 29th 2013 2 stents. Please advise

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Mittapalle Says:

Can Banocide Forte be used when AEC exceeds the top range. I am having AEC 540.

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Aziz Says:

Any Side Effect By Taking Hetrazen 100 Mg BD With Other Diabetic Medicine

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