Hep C Viral Load

Pip Says:

I have Hep c with viral load of 1,960,000 up from 1,100,000 8 months ago. Has any one tried taking Milk thistle, lipoic acid, Co-q-10 and selenium? Any info would be appreciatedFVSG

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Verwon Says:

I don't have any information on whether or not they will help, since they since they are supplements and herbs, so such things have not been studied.

However, some of them can be very potent, so I do want to caution you to check with your doctor, first. Some of them can be as powerful and dangerous as prescription drugs, so you have to be careful adding anything, when you have existing medical conditions.



Does anyone have any information to add?

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Lou Says:

Hi .hope somebody can help me,im to start epclusa next week.ihave a vety high viral load 14mill but my ultrasound came back clear no serosis FibroscanF-1 geno 3.recently had flu vaccine the strong one for over 65yr olds could that raise my viral load ??any ideas appreciated.

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