Hemineverin Gel Capsules

lorraine Says:

I was first given them for acute social phobia as they completely calm you down.I read the leaflet,found i got none of the side effects,but i knew they were addictive,i then asked if i could take them just for when i go to sleep and i may wake up feeling better.I moved home six years ago,and because i have never had these gel capsules at mynew surgery my doctor is adament to prescribe them to me,the fact that i moved here as i lost my mum and brother within three months of each other in 2011 and my sister where i am now on the 21st feb this year,we were always together.They helped me out with my social phobia,as well as my old doctor from where i used to live,i was tried on all kind of treatments,groups,social workers,nothing worked,until i was put on a bottle of these capsules 60 in a bottle twice daily,they really calmed me down and i was able to socialize with people it felt great,but then i moved lost my adoring family,i am the last in the blood line,i am back to as i was feel uselesss,hopeless no purpose or reason for anything as i was working from home before,now i canot even seem to get any work home.I am really at a loss and need someones empathy,and compassion.These capsules were the only thing that worked for me.I know how dangerous they are,but i am level headed have the common sense to take them as prescribed.I stay indoors all day,fear keeps me from going out,and i am all alone,something is going to give,and it is not going to be me.I could at least be given a chance to prove that i am responsible,rational,and am seriously telling the truth about this medication.I feel completely alone and lost.

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