Help! Remeron And Cymbalta

Katy Says:

Has anyone ever experienced anger/rage while taking Remeron? I recently tapered off Cymbalta slowly while introducing Remeron. I’m having extreme bouts of rage with no regard to anything, very far from the person I normally am. I don’t know if this is being caused by Cymbalta withdrawal or the Remeron. By the way - the week where I was on 15 Remeron and 15 cymbalta I was very energetic and positive, hyper productive. Obviously something is not right here. Could it be that this is just what I’m like without Cymbalta?

Am I rapid cycling?

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with bipolar 2 (mainly mdd and anxiety) but I’ve taken lamictal and cymbalta for 10 years after two suicide attempts. I’ve tried other drugs before that as well.

Right now I am only on the 30mg Remeron and 100mg lamictal.

Also, almost all the anger is aimed towards my boyfriend. I scream, yell, kick and tell him he’s worthless... and I feel nothing. I can’t continue like this.

Any ideas as to what’s going on?

(Ps. I have a doc apt scheduled with a Psych)

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Spark Says:

I take 45 mg of Mirtazipine (Remron) and I take it at night as it helps me sleep well. Wake up and feel great!! Been on them for over 8 years and I couldn’t go without them. They are great to me.

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Polo Says:

You are most likely experiencing Cymbalta withdrawal or rebound syndrome. Rarely have I seen Remeron doing it. But all the time when I reduce or discontinue Cymbalta in my patients. Symptoms include: dizziness, electric zaps in the head, anger, anxiety, irritability, suicidal or violent outburst and flu like symptoms, body aches, tremors, and muscle spasms (myoclonus) or what you call jumps. The taper from cymbalta should be supervised and done no more than dropping half the dose every 10- 15 days to avoid serious reactions.

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Tina Says:

Remeron will make you sleep and increase appetite. Cymbalta when stopped abruptly will make you feel terrible you must taper off , I know because I have tried cymbalta twice and it made me emotional and irrational at times. Good luck to you

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Peanutsmom07 Says:

I have been taking Remeron for 10 years and never had any side effects like you are describing. It may be the Cymbalta, I have seen the commercials about it and it may cause a lot of side effects so you may want to look into that. I hope that you find out whats causing the side effects that you mention.

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Joseph Says:

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I've taken Cymbalta for several years but have had to stop, twice. I tapered off and other than a pretty quick escalation of pain, I was ok. I believe I was on Remeron in the early '90s. No problems with it and no symptom relief.

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SusanD Says:

I experienced rage on 15 mg of Remeron. I was mad as hell and, like you, it is not me. I am VERY sensitive to drugs and decided to break off almost a crumb size of the Remeron and got interesting results. Happy with energy and sleep like a baby. Only downside has been restless legs but I'm working on finding a remedy for that if at all posdible.

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Trish Says:

Yes, being irritable and moody is one of the side effects I have from taking Remeron. I take them to help with migraine pain but only take it maybe twice year because of the way it makes me act afterwards. I was originally prescribed Remeron for weight gain but noticed it helps with my migraine and have been using for years but not on a regular basis. But I'm sure the irritability is from Remeron. My family hates when I take it!

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