Help Me Find A Doctor To Prescribe Klonopin, Adderall And Chronic Pain Meds

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angie Says:

I moved to Minnesota and need to find a Doctor to prescribe Klonopin and Adderal or Dexadrine. I have high anxiety and panic disorder and can barely leave the house. I also have ADHD and can't start or finish anything without becoming stuck. I have chronic pain and was forced to start a Methadone program. I don't want to take it but have no choice because the pain is so bad. I am looked at like a "drug seeker" but I need my medication and don't know what to do.

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CeeCee Says:

I am in the same boat myself but I finally dosed off methadone cause I hated the clinic, it wasn't the right enviroment for me but the medicine was fine and IF there was a way I could get it prescribed I would take it but I cannot go to the druggie clinic! I do have a doc that prescibes me adderal though.... I am looking for someone to prescribe me methadone (small amount 5-10mg) and/or pain meds to allow for me to take 2-4 a day...

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Verwon Says:

For addiction, Methadone can only be given by the clinics that have doctors that are specially trained in its use, however, for pain, it can be prescribed by any doctor. Many are reluctant to prescribe it, due to its highly addictive nature.


Another issue may be due the combination of conditions being treated and the different medications needed. Since a general practitioner isn't specially trained to handle issues, such as anxiety and ADHD, many are reluctant to prescribe the medications required.

Have either of you considered seeing doctor's that specialize in these areas? Like a doctor that does pain management?

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Rita Says:

Run! Don't walk away from Klonopin which is a horribly addictive drug. There are literally thousands of letters on the Internet, (including mine!) describing the horrors of this drug which can actually CAUSE panic attacks! I had mild anxiety when prescribed this pill but I did not have panic attacks! Now I wake up every morning in excruciating anxiety (and this is AFTER I have been off the medicine more than a month!) It took me more than four months of hellish withdrawal to taper off of the drug and I am still so sick from it that I cannot work, am on disability, wake up shaking, heart pounding, anytime I sleep, whether it's nighttime sleep, or if i even just drift off in a chair for 5 minutes! I repeat, the withdrawal was horrible with vomiting, heart palpitations that sent me to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack, violent panic attacks that had me throwing my body onto the floor! And no doctor can tell me when this is going to end! Run for your life! God bless you! PS> My Psychologist is an ex-cocaine addict and he says it's almost as hard to get off of Klonopin as to get off of cocaine!

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Is it really worth it Yeah Buddy Says:

Are you from St. Paul ceecee? I live in St. Paul and know a CeeCee, I guess I should say knew, in HS and all.... If you went to school in the st paul.... put in your next message, i can help you find a clinc

I have your answers.... (TwinCityPainCenters if you dont want it on insurance or the books) I have another answer if you're looking for long term w insurance...

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Ceecee Says:

Yes, I am from there... What school?

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kiki1228 Says:

I live in the sticks of cental maine, I have been sober for over 5 years my current doctor told me flat out that she would not prescibe me klonopin for anxiety, just keep throwin mood stabilizers at me. Anyone know of a not judgemental doctor in this area to help me?

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Rita Says:

please read my earlier post! Klonopin, as well as all benzodiazepines such as Vallum, xanax, Ativan, etc. are extremely and dangerously addictive and are seldom prescribed correctly which is for a minute period of time in minute doses. Please believe me when I say they are hell to get off of and even a while after my earlier post I am still in what is called "protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome" and suffer horribly both physically and mentally. Your doctor is trying to save you the misery of benzo withdrawal. Please listen to me!

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kiki1228 Says:

Thank you for the heads up, rita. Anyone else have any help for me?

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William Says:

Please heed her advice! I am still taking Klonopin, I take it exactly as prescribed by my doctor. My body is used to the dose now, I am going through withdrawl and I have not lowered the dose.

I am very scared for my future. If it is this bad now, how bad will it be when I taper off?

Stay away from benzos like Klonopin please!!!!

I was given it when I had a problem, now it is the problem!

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Rita Says:

Oh Dear God William! My heart goes out to you! I haven't been on any Klonopin at all for almost seven months and I am still suffering from withdrawal syndrome. It has a name we discovered. It's called Protracted Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome, not that that is any comfort. If all I can do with this agony is to use it to warn others to stay away from these horrible drugs, then that is what I will do. There is a site called benzo.orguk (not sure if I spelled that all exactly right but I think it will come up ok) that may be of some help! God bless you, William, you will be in my prayers!

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William Says:

Thank you Rita, I hope that by us writing here people will see the RED FLAGS.

I also hope you start feeling better!

To anyone reading this, I was NOT told how this medicine would act. I had no money and had to go to the county hospital for what I thought was a heart attack.

I was driving on an 8 lane highway and was driving over a bridge when I had my first attack, I was never so scared in my life.

At this time I was, along with my mom, taking care of my dad who had parkinsons, he needed to be watched 24/7. I got very little sleep at the time, which was probably the main reason for the panic.

The Doc. explained it as a "mild sedative", their were warning with the drug info that said it could cause dependence. The Doc told me that was only in "rare cases", I believed him.

That was at 0.25mg, he got me all the way up to 2.0 mg twice daily. This doctor told me that I needed the dose increase. When my father passed on in 2004, the doctor told me that since my "problem" was over he was going to take me off, he cut my dose in half, I thought I was going to die. My brother got me in to see his doctor, he immediately put me back to the dose I was on, he told me to relax for a week and come back. I felt "normal" again. When I went back the Doctor told me that my former doctor was a fool and trying to cut me down so quickly could have given me a seizure.

The doctor I go to now has tried very hard to get me off klonopin, by trying SSRI's and other medicines to ween me off this stuff, even 1/10th reduction, and I can't sleep, or drive because I get so funny feeling.

He has been trying for two years to help me, he can't find the right combo for me. I wish I would have went to him in the begining, he only prescribes klonopin in an emergency. He despises it for the reasons I've said. He is keeping me on it now because he is more concerned with what will happen if he takes me off it.

It is not fun, I have never abused it or taken more than told, yet, I have to see him at least once a month and he will not ever, no matter how much he trusts me give me more than a 30 day supply.

This is a hassle to try and live my life and have to always worry about my appointments and prescriptions.
If I miss my appointment, I will have no medicine.

I do respect my doctor though, he is doing this because of what this medicine is, a menace.

Please, I beg you, listen to Rita and I, if your doctor won't start you on Klonopin, he or she is a GOOD Doctor!!!

Best of luck to you Rita and everyone else here.


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nurse in doubt Says:

I have been on Klonopin for several years for seizures and anxiety attacks. I suppose the effects are different for each individual, but it is hard to believe that it has this harsh effect on anyone. We went on vacation for one week. After traveling approximately 125 miles, I remembered I had forgotten the Klonopin. I chose to continue to our destination. I did not think of contacting anyone. As an RN, I knew that there may be some withdrawel symtoms, however I did not experience any other than 2 anxiety attacks and they were not intense. My doseage is 1 mg every 8 hours. Even when I started taking Klonopin, all I felt was the therapeutic effects never overstated adverse reaction. Maybe the greatly intese anxiety spoken of was on overstated doubt of how the medicine may effect them. It may be a reaction caused by taking other medications with Klonopin. Never in my 20 years of nursing have I ever seen such intense effects as spoken of.

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William Says:

Your a nurse and you say that this is an overeaction? If you are a nurse you should know that every patient is different. While my experience may not be the same as everyone else, the facts prove that I am not the only one who has had negative reactions. There are pages and pages of information on this.

As a nurse you should know that what myself and others have said here are not "overeactions", they are things many people experience.

If you had no reaction after suddenly stopping Klonopin, then why would you take such a strong medicine. The fact that you say you had no reaction at all, leads me to believe you are not a nurse, and you are not taking Klonopin. To the others reading, I would take what the "nurse" says with a grain of salt.

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Rita Says: is the most helpful and educational site that I've found for understanding and overcoming benzo addiction and learning about the real and horrible dangers of this type of drug.

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William Says:

Angie, I have heard that Minn. has a lot of options for help. Have you looked into a mental health center in the county you live? They will usually work with you on a sliding fee scale according to what you can pay.

Are you seeing a family doctor for your pain? They can prescribe klonopin if they feel you need it.

If you need help finding a place in your area that can provide you help, let me know, I have info about public agencies around the country that will help people who can't pay much.

If you are suffering badly, maybe you might want to consider visiting the ER. They would most likely be able to get you the medicine you need to be stable until you can find the right doctor for you.

I know going to the ER is not fun, but, you would be in a safe place that would be able to get you stable quickly.

When I say "stable" I'm talking about stable medically, so you are safe. I don't want you to think that I mean that in a demeaning way.


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Rita Says:

Please, if possible, take some educated trustworthy person with you if you go to a mental health center or an er. Our local mental health center (which changes psychiatrists as you would your underwear) are the ones who got me hooked on Klonopin to begin with. Every time they changed psychiatrists, the new fellow would change everyone's diagnosis and meds and therapy. I had my diagnosis changed three times and none of them were correct. I was given all kinds of different drugs and yanked back off of them with no preparation depending upon what the diagnosis of the day was. I can't speak for anyone else's but our mental health center is a joke! (Or it would be a joke if it weren't for the tragedy it has wrought in patients' lives). Then our local ER kept sending me home time after time unable to catch my breath and calling it anxiety attacks. This happened for about ten months. Finally my son got furious and took me to another hospital where they didn't know about my bipolar. There they actually scanned me and found my gallbladder needed out pronto, I have a growth in my lung, and probable GERD all which can cause shortness of breath. I could've died! I frankly don't trust anyone in the medical profession anymore and my son (who has a degree in Psychology) and I do tons of research before I'll take any new meds or agree to any nonemergency treatment. With the emergency treatment you just kind of close your eyes and pray as you get on board the roller coaster.

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ELLA Says:

try tranxine cause they work for me back in the days n I did not hv a problem with it at all they r ask the doctor abt thoseok n also i think tht how u spell it..

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robin Says:

For help write to: {edited for privacy}

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mr benzo Says:

There are people who actually benefit from benzos. Unfortunately u weren't one of them, so quit ur preaching cuz these drugs do help some of the people who need them.

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Rita Says:

It isn't just my say so, it's the say so of many in the psychiatric profession and psychological profession who are no longer prescribing Klonopin at all because it is so dangerous and highly addictive. Getting off of it can be as horrible as detoxing from cocaine. (I know because I had to do it!) I would be doing a disservice if I didn't bring up a different point of view. It's not preaching to give people information that might not otherwise be available to them. They don't have to do anything with the information or go to the website and, if they think it's working for them, then more power to them. However, it's a free country and I have every right to express my viewpoint however painful that might be to you. If I can help one person, it will be more than enough to offset any aggravation I cause you or you cause me. Let people make up their own minds and be educated on both sides of the debate, not just yours. Enough said!

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