Healthy People Co Weight Loss Products

Michelle Says:

These products NO longer work ~ People need to STOP purchasing the weight loss trio !!!! Ingredients in the product were NEVER natural ingredients!

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Kasey C Says:

After the FDA recall of the products (because some of the ingredients were considered medicine), it is true that some people stopped seeing results for a few of the 28 products Healthy People Co. had.

This year in January 2013, the release of the new products with new powerful herbal ingredients are working great and people are beginning to enjoy and see results again. I am using the Everlax, Goji-Man, Nectar Ancestral, Green Oxygen and EverLim Gel which give me energy and keep my immune system strong. I am a teacher so using these products just make me feel energized, alert and feeling healthy all day.
If you haven't used the new products yet I highly encourage you to try them. I believe the products are also GMO free and the corporate is always finding ways to keep the ingredients natural and safe for people to use.

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Very disappointed and ripped off Says:

Still don't work!!!!!!

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Jenna Says:

@Very disappointed and ripped off,

The thing about dietary supplements and weight loss medications, is that they won't work the same for everyone. Everyone has a unique body chemistry; so if the new supplements worked for Kasey C and they didn't work for you, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are ineffective. If you aren't getting the results you want from supplements, my recommendation is to go straight to the source and fuel your body with the same herbs and fruit/vegetable extracts that are used in supplements. Staying on a disciplined workout routine is also very important. Exercise doesn't always require a gym membership, you could go on a jog or bike ride around your neighborhood if that's all you have access to. I hope this advice is helpful!

@Kasey C, Regarding the new supplements, I haven't been able to find much information about them- so could you share more of what you know? I would really appreciate it!

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Lilly L Says:

Subritamine is now a control substance which is a result of a mix of amino acids (all natural) the original formula was approved to be sold in the United States when company first came in. Laws change and as a PRECAUCION company voluntarily recalled Everslim and Everlim shakes and worked side by side with FDA to comply with ingredients that would be safe for everyone. (subritamine must be used with prescription) and because this products are NOT medication therefore can not be prescribed. Lots of things have changed and indeed Everslim is not here anymore now we have a great formula called Everlim that works wonderful, it has Garcinia Gambogia and Cha de Bugre in addition to great ingredients that are good for us. Healthy People has many other products that promote health. We encourage you to reach out to someone knowledgeable in the business or the company directly so you know exactly what products would be best for you. Every body is different and the needs of each one is different, we can not expect cookie cutter results, bottom line there is no magic pill, no magic results to archive good Health and a healthy weight loss, is more of a lifestyle. Healthy People can help archive a Healthier lifestyle. :)

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Shania Says:

used products before and it worked. Then when I tried to use them again, nothing happened. Not one pound came off. Anyhow, 2 years has passed and I need to lose some weight. Thinking of trying products again. Where can I find Everlax and Green Oxygen?

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Certified Natural Health Counselor Says:

It's best to find out what's going on with your body. Is it due to circulation, stress, fatty liver, thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc... Look into your diet, are you exercising? how is your stress? are you a negative person? On meds or consuming alcohol? Once you find out & know your body then start there.
I would highly suggest one should start with the Nectar Ancestral / liver detox, Bevida / intestinal health, Goji-man / high in antioxidants, Green Oxygen / chlorophyll, Nerval / stress
Basically over all health.
I've been using these supplements for my self, family & friends and getting excellent results.
One must be consistent in any thing that is working for them.
Good luck!

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