Having Pain In Lower Abdomen After Taking I-pill

kanu Says:

My friend has been having intercourse for the first time that's on Jan 2nd and she has taken I pill on 3rd of Jan and she's suffering from lower abdominal pain. Her period is on the 10th of Jan, so will her periods be delayed if she is pregnant?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kanu! How are you?

I'm sorry, but your post is a little confusing. What pill did she take?

And if she pregnant, she won't menstruate, at all, for the duration.

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Martha Says:

That is not necessarily true. Some women do menstruate even when they are pregnant. I always thought you couldn't, but have since learned differently.

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Deepa Says:

Hi, chances of her getting pregnant is low as she took i-pill within 24 hours. abdominal pain could be due to ipill and it is a temporary effect which will cure after few days. ask your friend to use condoms next time and be safe.

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Anjana Sahana Says:

I am having pain in d lower part of d stomach below d navel a few hours after taking ipill. What should i do.

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daman Says:

my friend had intercourse but she took a i-pill for safety...so my friend is having headache and stomach pain and back pain so what to do?......any medicine required? its been like 20-25 days she is having pain

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Shaurya Says:

I gave my gf ipill after having intercourse but it was not done fully. then she had ipill at the 69th hour but i checked the condom by filling it with water so there was no leakage but still i gave her the pill to be on the safer side. her periods should start in a week but she is vomiting frequently and its been 10 days that she has taken the pill.. i dont kw what should we do. plz recomend???

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parash h. Says:

I gave I pill to my gf after unprotected intercourse on the next day within 24 hrs, and after a day she is complaining that her lower abdomen is in pain and feeling like vomiting and bleeding too. so plz guide me whether she is pregnant or not. plzz reply with accurate answer.

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kamal Says:

We had unprotected intercourse on march 20th and my partner took I-pill. Her period came on march 24th. On the 25th she experienced pain in her stomach. So is this pain due to I-pill or her period?

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kishor Says:

My gf and I had intercourse without protection. Then my gf took i-pill 2 hours later and began feeling pain in her stomach. Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of the pain? Please reply.

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Lark Says:

Hey.. I have gave I pill to my gf after 58 Hrs... And she has no vomiting Just a little pain in her stomach.... Just a feel of vomiting after unprotected intercourse May be because after side effect of it... so is she pregnant .... and her Mestural cycle is on 12 Nov

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Garry Says:

My gf took ipill after 63 hours of intercourse.she is experiencing little pain in the abdominal area and headache too.Her periods are due on 28th of this month.How much delay can happen for periods to take place?How she will get to know that she is pregnant.

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juno Says:

I immediately took i-pill one hour after intimacy...but soon i got abdomen pain and a bit of back pain..is there any chances of getting pregnant or any other problem? I'm worried.

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sofia Says:

I was intimate with my partner on the 14th of april and the condom broke and i took ipill within half an hour..and I haven't even had my period last month as the due date was the 6th of april... and today i am having a pain in lower abdomen.. Am i pregnant or is it just the side effect of the pill?

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dae Says:

I am having pain in my andominal a few hours after taking ipill. What should i do? And how long this oain will last?

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Natalie Says:

I was intimate with my partner without using protection. So i had took an i-pill on the 3rd day and now my lower belly hurts. Am i pregnant or is there any chances of me being pregnant?

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Jazmin Says:

Hello everyone. Plz do help me.. I had my last periods on the 12th of May and on the 9th of June I was intimate with my friend and during the 4th time the condom tore.. I took ipill within 2 hours i guess.. Now I am experiencing that same period pain that I usually have before my periods.. It's 15 June now but no periods.. Is there anything to worry about?

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Mr Agarwal Says:

My gf took ipill 15days back but still she is having pain in stomach & back pain .. today she also start vomiting .. what to do please suggest me ?

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Cor Says:

On the 20th of July I was intimately active with my partner and after 12 to 13 hours I had an i-pill. Now I have a lot of pain in my stomach and backbone. Plus I am having my periods. Am I safe or pregnant? Plz reply back.

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Cutecat Says:

I had intercourse with my boyfriend on the second day of my periods. The next day I did not bleed. Just a dot. So I took an ipill just to be sure. Since we were traveling, I couldn't change my sanitary napkin and had to change it after one and a half days. The next morning I changed, I had a terrible pain while urinating. I thought it was the effect of the pill. But it seemed like a urinary tract infection, so I went to my homeopath and am on meds. The infection is 90% cured now. Only thing is I'm spotting, which has also now reduced cuz it's been a week after I took the pill, and my stomach pains. It seems like gas but it hurts. Please help me.

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Nayak Says:

Hello. My gf and I had intercourse on 27/4/2017. In spite of using a condom, after the intercourse was done we noticed that the condom was torn, so my gf took an morning after pill (i.e. I-pill) within 8hrs. Is their any chance that she can get pregnant? Her actual expected period was on 29/4/2017. Please clarify this for me, im so stressed. Her last period was on march 30th, 2017 and ended on april 5th, 2017. Could her periods be delayed just because she took I-pill?

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Amy Says:

Re: Anjana Sahana (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi... I had intercourse with my husband on july 3rd which was my 7th day of menstruation. After having intercourse I took the ipill within 1 hour... Then 5 days later on July 8th, I got slight bleeding for up to 3 days and after that I've been having lower abdominal pain. So please tell me, am I pregnant?

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Shivani Says:

Hi...I had intercourse on the 26th of Oct...my period date was the 29th of Oct... On the 27th I had taken unwanted 72...and after 3-4 days I got a light brown discharge... What should I do? Is this a symptom of pregnancy or side effects of I-pill? Please tell me...I'm very confused.

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rani Says:

Hi. Me and my bf were intimate but did not have intercourse, but I still took an I-pill within 24 hours to avoid risk. Now I am having pain in the lower part of my stomach. Is it anything serious?

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mary Says:

iam having stomach pain after taking ipil what should ido how many days does it last

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Sofia Says:

Hey, I took an i-pill on March 28th and then i got my periods which had very light bleeding consisting of a few drops in April... Now it's May and my period date was on 10th but till now i am not having my periods.. Am i pregnant or is it a side effect of i-pill?

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