Have You Tried Leading Pharma Or Teva Lorazepam? (Page 18)

winjy Says:

Some people say it is less effective or has no effect due to less active ingredients, causing some side effects or reaction to someone.

Some recommend Teva but some say it is not good. However, I can't get Teva as there is no pharmacy to dispense it in my area.

I tried other brands after Qualitest was discontinued, but did not find any that work.

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joe Says:

Re: Larry (# 339) Expand Referenced Message

the watson your referring to belongs to teva and teva is now making their own garbage, the only way i know to find any left over watson brand is by going to an independant pharmacy, i just discovered one in my neighborhood and they still get the watson brand, for how long? who knows

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Lex Says:

Re: Larry (# 339) Expand Referenced Message

Have you tried including Aurobindo? or brand? I'm in the process of finding the right lorazepam for me. I have not dared to increase the dose. I read here there is lorazeoam ER

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Larry Says:

Re: Lex (# 342) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Lex, I haven’t tried Aurobindo due to the fact that it appears to contain the same exact inactive ingredients as Leading; and I had a terrible experience with Leading. I haven’t tried brand due to its cost; it is quoted at $4000 per month where I reside. I tried a 1/4 tablet of Teva and within about 5 min my throat felt like it was going to close; I have an epi pen for other allergens and I didn’t have to use it and the feeling lasted for about 4 or 5 hours;not too sure I want to try that again, good luck and thanks for your response.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Lex (# 337) Expand Referenced Message

Because they buy what is the cheapest and available at the time they order their supplies. Depending on what state your in also controls this as well.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Lex (# 340) Expand Referenced Message

It's been my experience that the fillers cause a lot of trouble for many of us. This Major I've been getting blows chunks. Only generic I've had luck with us Aurobindo since the list of Mylan.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Larry (# 343) Expand Referenced Message

Larry if you get your hands on Aurobindo it might just work for you. I've done the blind test on Leading and Aurobindo like others have done with Mylan vs Leading. Aurobindo is pretty close to Mylan. Least it is for me. I don't know about y'all but I'm beyond tired of this switching brands. It's the fillers and possibly the main ingredient that might be more in some of the crappy ones. To me if that's true it would explain the over drugged feeling I have. But least I'm not in withdrawals not having anything. It's a great feeling sounding like we're crack heads looking for a fix.

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Marcus Says:

Has anyone else been on the current brand name to compare efficacy to the generics?

I'm on the brand name now, but I honestly have so many other health issues going on currently I don't want to offer an assessment to give people a wrong impression one way or the other.

My general impression in the past was that it worked pretty well when it was made in Germany, and when they brought the manufacturing in house (to Bausch) in Canada, it didn't work well for me, which is when I switched to Actavis. But now I'm back on it. Most people probably wouldn't know that their manufacturing changed because the imprints stayed the same. I'm not talking about the change from Wyeth to Bausch (also known before as Biovail and Valeant). But a couple of years ago the brand was outsourced to Germany and made by a company called Meda, which I thought was pretty good. It didn't work as well for me after it switched to being made in Canada (which again you wouldn't see if you didn't get the manufacturer bottle). I know how it compared to Actavis, but not sure how it compares to Aurobindo which it seems more people now think works well. Has anyone been on both?

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joe Says:

This seems to be the only live link, I opened a new topic entitled Lorazepam's Future. Been on this med for 30 years, my head doctor has prescribed lorazepam with no problems until last week. She called and I thought she was having a seizure, she apparently got a general letter from the DEA which warned of lorazepam and opiodes taken together.

I have never taken the other nor have I asked her to order them for me. She sounded like she was out of breath and kept insisting that I have to taper down, couldn't make much sense of anything else. Called my family doctor to see if I could get an understanding for this very unprofessional behavior by my other doctor. He explained that the DEA sends out a yearly letter and in this one came a warning about people taking opioids and lorazepam together and telling doctors about cutting back to no more than 1 mg a day for their patients. I will no doubt be looking for another doctor but am curious to see if any one out their has been given this treatment or am I the only one who has an idiot for a doctor?

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Henry Says:

Re: joe (# 348) Expand Referenced Message

Well I'll let you know, i have my 3 month follow up with my doctor next week. The dangers of mixing Benzodiazepines with opiates, alcohol or barbiturates was established like 50+ years ago. For a patient that isn't being prescribed opiates there isn't a concern.

I think it's your doctor and as awful as I sound for saying it, you said "she". I only have male doctors now. I can talk all day of the problems i've had with female doctors, PA's and NP's; one in particular who discharged me from the hospital with a heartburn diagnosis when I had 3 severe coronary artery blockages. Get a male doctor my friend, I can't stress it enough.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: joe (# 348) Expand Referenced Message

No you're not the only one that's been down this trail with Pdoc's and regular pcp's, etc. Like you I'm not on any opiates or pain killers. I take what I'm prescribed as far as the Lorazepam. As I've said out here few times or so the medical field is cracking down on benzos. Not just some of us up in age but young folks too. Many will-not prescribe them under any terms. The main gripe is possible dementia, slips and falling along with other cognitive and motor skill behaviors. Since my doc I had for almost 20 years retired my life has been living in shame being on this drug. If you're ex military it's even worst. Every check-up is the lecture I get about being on this medicine. I tried everything there is to take to control the anxiety I deal with.

So what Henry said they've already established the concerns of mixing the two together. That's a no-brainer. But to come at you like she did is nothing but pure bull. I don't want to freak you out but don't be surprised if your primary will not prescribe it to you or you have a hard time finding another psychiatrist that will. I've lost countless years of my life due to unnecessary stress cause by this foolishness. They know for many of us this is the only medication that works for us. My Pdoc is pretty cool but he still wants me along with any other patient he has off. This is straight across the board Military and VA.

If any of you are veterans on a benzo tell me if you haven't experience this. If not what state are you in. I've gotten this behavior on both coasts. My daughter is on Klonopin 1.5 mgs a day and she's get the same treatment. Another family member retired military like me is on 2mgs same drug. Ex combat veteran. So not picking on the one individual that has said out here there's no way they'll remove benzos doesn't have a clue. I wish you luck Joe. Hope you find someone else that will prescribe it to you that has a backbone. You'll start finding the pharmacist are more app to call your prescriber and ask why is this individual on this medication. Been through all of this trash. The worst part is having people posting out here the different generics we're taking that don't work is all in our heads. Wish all of you the best.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Marcus (# 347) Expand Referenced Message

I can tell you that Aurobindo worked better for me then "Brand" Ativan. I've had every maker of brand that's been made. With all the different companies making it. For me I'd save my money and stay with Aurobindo. Aurobindo works longer and always has a calming effect that's close to the original brand from Wyeth. Nobody so far has been able to touch the very original from Wyeth. But of course your body might react to them different.

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Lex Says:

Re: Jibbs55 (# 344) Expand Referenced Message

yes you are right that they only care about profit than quality. aurobindo sometimes not all pharmacies have it. I still filed a complaint with Teva and they are currently complaining about the 0.5mg because they asked me about it even though I was complaining about the 1mg. hopefully with a lot of complaints they can return the actavis formula

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Marcus Says:

Re: Jibbs55 (# 351) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you.

That describes exactly what I'm having with the current "brand"--that it is not lasting long enough for three doses a day. I'm having not just anxiety but actual physiologic withdrawal 5-6 hours after each dose. I think my situation is bad because I've been on it since I was 14 and I'm almost 40. I already have tolerance so when I switch brands and it doesn't quite measure up the effects are severe. When i take the dose I'm my normal self for a while, and when it washes out I have such bad symptoms that feel neurological--I can't even type or do anything involving thinking and start to lose control of my hands to where it's difficult to even take the next tablet. It's very scary. Unfortunately my psychiatrist regards it as anxiety and hasn't seen me in these states, but it's definitely withdrawal. Been trying to find someone to prescribe gabapentin to help me get off this stuff but no one wants to. I've read it can help with tapering. I will try aurobindo in the mean time. I stopped that after trying it once only because I had an allergic reaction, but as crazy as this sounds I think it had more to do with the pharmacy I was filling it at where the pills tasted and smelled like perfume due to them doing essential oil mixing where they filled the bottles.

I really wish there were some organization that could study all the current brands on the market. I don't think these pills get tested after their initial approval which was back in the 1970s. Maybe there is something unique about lorazepam that make it more or less stable. Zantac (the heart burn drug) had been around forever and was only recently discovered to be an unstable molecule when stored too long or at too high of heat--and it was discovered by a private company (Valisure), not the FDA or manufacturer. I've asked them to investigate lorazapem, but never heard back.

I did a FOIA request to the FDA on the Teva ANDA which I finally received because Teva wouldn't release their bioequivalence data to me, and it has not been tested to compare it to the originator drug (Wyeth) since 1988 according to what the FDA sent me. Their current ANDA is based on Royce Laboratories, which obviously no longer exists, and from what I can tell the current drug is approved on the basis of that approval despite manufacturing site and ingredient changes. I think the drug supply in general is poorly regulated, but you can notice it much more clinically when it comes to neurological agents like benzos, whereas if blood pressure is up or down a little bit from variation in a BP med you don't notice it.

While this "brand" is working it seems to work fine, but it has a very sudden drop off effect. My PCP even offered to do a blood test to see what my blood level is of it to make sure I'm absorbing it correctly, but you're supposed to measure the trough level (before the first dose of the day), and the way I am now I couldn't make it to the doctor before the first dose. That was not the case before. When I get in these bad states, I have to just turn off all the lights and wait for the medicine to kick in.

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Rachel Says:

Re: Lex (# 352) Expand Referenced Message

May I ask if you had a bad reaction to the Teva one mg? I had an allergic reaction and so I'm trying to find an alternative brand.

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Jibbs55 Says:

Re: Marcus (# 353) Expand Referenced Message

I've only had one Pdoc that actually said that many generics aren't worth the money they put into them.

Most of the docs I've had in the past 15 years are what I call the cookie cutters. Most of them read the data and they go with that even if it's off.

It amazes me men and women with above average minds can allow themselves to feed us the lines they do.

Leading/Major does to me what you've spoke about in your post. I've told my spouse it's like being in withdrawals 24/7 on those two along with Teva, Watson and Actavis. Sandoz was pretty good but not great for me. Actavis was the worst.

Mylan, Aurobindo and the original brand has work the best in my case.

What you are experiencing is what I did when Biovail took over. And all the ones I've listed above. You feel like you completely in withdrawals. The dump off effect is just as you said.

My doctor will prescribe gabapentin. I may just try it again to see if it helps with the withdrawals. They do prescribe gabapentin for anxiety as well beside just helping to you detox off from benzos.

My sibling and daughter take it with Klonopin. Seems to help them. My only concern is being on another medication.

Makes my heart hurt reading your post along with others out here. Just isn't right what we've got to cope with to live our life's.

Yes folks the withdrawals were feeling are nowhere near being completely off. But it's still a miserable feeling that can ruin your day, month and so on.

I've tried many other benzos over the years with no help. Valium work really well but for me just doesn't last long at all. That's even with the original brand. But I have never liked the high feeling I've experience with it. Very calming but way to calm for me.

Xanax work pretty well but also didn't last long for me. Plus it gave me horrific headaches. That's when lorazepam came into my life.

I'd be a bit concerned if Aurobindo gave you problems. I think I read your post awhile back it gave you swallowing problems right. Not sure I'd want to experience that again.

Really appreciated all the feedback and what you've been experiencing. Cause I've got the same struggle as you. Not everyone but quite a few similar problems.

Okay folks it's late here I'll rap with y'all again. Hang in y'all.

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Marcus Says:

Re: Jibbs55 (# 355) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah, unfortunately my doctor is very against gabapentin. I pushed that as hard as I could. In my state it became a controlled substance (the lowest level controlled substance), and I guess they don't want it on their record along with prescribing a benzo at the same time, even though I've read they are safe together and help you come off benzos.

It is all very sad. The whole story is sadder believe it or not. But I guess everybody's is.

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Lex Says:

Re: Rachel (# 354) Expand Referenced Message

I'm not compatible with Teva. I feel like a drug withdrawal symptom. initial use such as adjustment to their filler material. but after that I feel less effective. may i know you chose aoa for the alternative? did you file a complaint too?

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