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winjy Says:

Some people say it is less effective or has no effect due to less active ingredients, causing some side effects or reaction to someone.

Some recommend Teva but some say it is not good. However, I can't get Teva as there is no pharmacy to dispense it in my area.

I tried other brands after Qualitest was discontinued, but did not find any that work.

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BeccaD 333 Says:

Re: Richard H (# 189) Expand Referenced Message

Does the new Actavis/Teva work? I am still using the one that says Watson on it. It is hit or miss

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Richard Says:

Re: BeccaD 333 (# 201) Expand Referenced Message

I had some suspicions it might not but i mixed some with the old Actavis 'watson' then had my wife distribute them in my weekly pill case but she noted where she put them and I made sure i never looked.....utterly no difference that i could tell...in fact a couple days i felt pretty good and i asked my wife if those days were Teva..she said yes....

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Antony Says:

I’ve had awful experiences with Leading brand of generic lorazepam…and by that, I mean it has NO effect (it was prescribed for panic disorder). I was so desperate that I asked for name brand Ativan, only to find it cost $4,000.00 for 60 2mg pills!
I switched to Teva and they work the way they’re supposed to.
There’s another problem with all of this and I’d appreciate comments:
If a person gets used to taking 2 (or more) of the substandard Leading brand and then take the same amount of a brand that works, isn’t that the recipe for a lethal disaster?

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Antony Says:

Re: Twig7 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I was on the verge of sending my Leading tablets to a lab for testing, it was so bad. One thing I’ve wondered about is if some companies are introducing a time-release agent into the medication. My wife was given some Norco after a bad fall but got no pain relief…just a bad headache (this was in 2019).
I truly believe that this country’s obsession with assigning a negative stigma to these meds has produced liability-driven decisions.
Not for nothing but we need to stop calling a customer the pharmacist’s “patients”; they’re not doctors.

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Antony Says:

Re: Ken (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Yes! Try the generic brand Teva…they work.

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joe Says:

Re: BeccaD 333 (# 201) Expand Referenced Message

was told today that teva and activus are two seperate companies now, was on the old teva/activus and worked fine but got the impression the old activus/teva will be phased out

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joe Says:

Re: Richard H (# 191) Expand Referenced Message

the old activus/teva was made in indiana i believe where the new teva is made in the chezk republic, will be trying it soon but not expectiong much

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Richard H Says:

Re: joe (# 207) Expand Referenced Message

You are correct....the lorazepam by Teva is made in Israel and the United States.

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joe Says:

Re: Richard H (# 208) Expand Referenced Message

costco says that the new teva is made in czech republic, dont know the truth but i would prefer my meds made here in america

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Richard H Says:

Re: joe (# 209) Expand Referenced Message

From Teva's website:

Where are Teva generics manufactured?

Many of our products are made in North America and by our parent company in Israel. The FDA inspects each of our facilities (inside and outside of the United States) to ensure our products meet the same FDA standards of good manufacturing practices as brand-name medications.

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Richard H Says:

Re: joe (# 209) Expand Referenced Message

Pressed submit too soon... If you read documentation -


It indeed is made in czech republic... however it works pretty well.

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