Have Terapia Ranbaxy Rebranded Their Diazepam

Orlys mate Says:

I had been getting Terapia Ranbaxy diazepam for about 10 years and they were consistently good. They are domed shaped with no marking. Recently I bought Ranbaxy diazepam and the writing on the blister had changed. It looked like a more stylish updated version. These pills now are flat bit are bezeled at the top and bottom with 10mg imprint on one side and a split line on the other. I have a low tolerance and this "new" style of Ranbaxy is just as good and makes me feel relaxed with no nasty side effects. The only problem was the leaflet usually came in Romania and English. These new ones came with Romania writing. The box is the same. It has Braille. Ranbaxy are a huge company could be rebranded or made in a different factory for use in different part of the world. Has anyone else tried these. The serial number and expiry date are the same on the box and embossed on the blister pack. Exp is June 2020. Anyone come across these. I might be able to answer my own question there is a Web address for information.

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BitterJay Says:

I have received similar sounding boxes. Never had Ranbaxy before but they sound the same as what you describe with the only difference being mine lack the 10 on one side of the pill. Still got the scored side and only Romanian instructions. Same expiry date of 01 June 2020. Serial numbers embossed on one side of the strip and the print on the blister is not on centre but I think that's quite common. Definitely get a valium like feeling from them but it's been a good few months since I have had a fix so perhaps any benzo would feel like that after such a break? If anyone could provide any insight that would be great!

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Barry Says:

Re: BitterJay (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have just received some ranbaxy diazepam 10mg. They are white with a single dividing line on one side and blank on the other side. I have taken one and feel very relaxed. I think these are the real deal.

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Dee 1 Says:

Re: BitterJay (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have just received 2 boxes and thought the expiry date was June 20 on the blister pack but on the box it’s june 25 but it if you look on the silver side it is 25 are yours the same and what do you think of them as I haven’t tried them yet

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Dave Says:

Do they get soft when left in the mouth like chalk?

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Stevieboy Says:

Re: Barry (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same with expiry 2025 also score line but no 10 on the other side. They are rock hard, and cut well in a pill cutter, also give you a good feeling too, better than say Accord/Actavis (which by the way Actavis i wouldn't touch as they don't make them at all no more). Also local pharmacy's are giving out poor quality 10mg Diazepam, Accord been the worst, Teva have got worse, and Crescent use to be my least favourite. And now chemist is flooding with them and i can say that god knows why they are all different, seems company's are under dosing the 10mg for sure. i been on a prescription for around 10yrs and have noticed a massive change, some chemist's don't have stock? If you buy them from a reliable company all is good, and you get what you pay for. A box of Terapia is around £30 minimum a box else they're countefeit. Also i found some nice Diazepam tested from wedinos and that's the Kerns Prodes 10mg Diazepam. i have few different brands and those little embossed 10 no score line are nice

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Stevieboy Says:

Re: Dee 1 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

They are good quality and hard too, taste is there, they are spot on.

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