Has Anyone Taken Generic Adderall From Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals?

Nono81 Says:

I was scouting around for generic adderall from CorePharma , when i called Meijer pharmacy they said they carry Aurobindo. I've never heard of this pharm company before. Anybody taken adderall from Aurobindo? I alternate generic adderall from teva then corepharma. But since Dominick's grocery/pharmacy who carries it is now closed, I am having a hard time locating a pharmacy carrying Corepharma adderall. Any experiences from Aurobindo? I'd appreciate it.

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DeLynne Says:

I just got a prescription filled yesterday and it's aurobindo pharm too. My last prescription was Teva and it worked just ok. But for the past week I have been having sharp stomach pains. (In the center above belly button) I just started taking it about 2 weeks ago (10-15mg/day) so I can't help but think the stomach pains are related. Please keep me posted on your experience if you do take the aurobindo pharma ones.

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David Says:


According to the US National Library of Medicine, Adderall may cause stomach pain as a general side effect. So more than likely, this could very well be the cause of it over something else.

Ref: nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a601234.html#side-effects

However, they do recommend contacting your doctor immediately if any symptoms become severe or do not go away.

Some people also suggest telling your doctor which manufacturer works best for you, so they can put that down on your next prescription in hopes of having a better chance at receiving the correct version of a particular medication. I don't know how successful that route may be, but I hope this info helps!

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DeLynne Says:

I did see this on the side effects list. I am going to try this manufacturer for a week and see how it works and if my stomach pain goes away.

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Deb Says:

My pharmacy just filled my latest prescription of generic version of Adderall with the Aurobindo product 5 days ago and I have noticed a difference. The Barr version worked very well for me, so far, I am questioning the effectiveness of my new prescription. I have the combined ADHD/ADD and my other prescription addressed both. This only seems to address my hyperactivity. This difference lead me to this site. I had never heard of Aurobindo Pharm before.

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Darrinstone Says:

yes the person complaining about Aurobind o pharm he is correct I take the 30 mg tablets and 2 months CVS pharmacy went to this company generic and this does nothing but give me and it does nothing but make my head hurt,, this generic is from a company out of India and iam in the prosess right now of letting CVS no that generic cost effective but NOT THIS CRAP FROM INDIA I have been taking Adderall for 8 years and American made generics are fine But not this generic this is not adderall

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Darrinstone Says:

Adderall has never caused me any pain anywhere. its only this Generic JUNK from India, because its not Adderall. I have taken Adderall for 8 years and I am trying right now to let the CVS know this Adderall is not Adderall, plus this company Aurobindo pharm has had several complaints from the FDA and yet they still are allowed to sell this crap in the united states.

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AurobindoisBad Says:


I'd been taking Teva brand for years without problems.

CVS switched me to Aurobindo with horrifying consequences such as psychomotor agitation, body numbness, and possibly permanent nerve damage.

There's something wrong with this drug. It's not Adderall. I don't know what it is but this drug DESTROYED MY LIFE.

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kim lawson Says:

Yes, just yesterday. They are indistinguishable from Teva, Corepharm and other generic immediate release formulations. My 20 Mg. I.R. d-amphetamine salts combos are very good. The 12h XL types are better in some individuals who cannot remember to take as directed. The manufacturing companies DO claim the extended release formulas or patches as superior.

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kim lawson Says:

Q:Why do you believe the generic Adderal "Destoyed" your health? Express your reasons for the 20 Mg.I.R. WERE DELETERIOUS.

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kim lawson Says:

If you haven't titrated properly, or are taking them without starting low,5mg. Is enough to start these. In one or two months increase to 10mg. DO NOT EXCEED THE DOSAGE ON YOUR OWN INITIATIVE.

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AurobindoIsBad Says:

I've been taking Teva brand Adderall for years without problems. I never once thought to exceed my prescribed dosage.

Aurobindo caused my body parts to go completely numb and caused me severe psychomotor agitation, depression, and racing thoughts. This NEVER happened with Teva brand.

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MrsRobbinson Says:

I can not stress this enough !!!

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Robyn Says:

Did the aurobindo adderall happen to give you any long term side effects? I'm not sure what else to do. Rite Aid told me I can't return it or anything and I need something to concentrate. I apparently have to wait until my next prescription. The pharmacist recommended that I increase my dosage (if I speak to my doctor about it). The headache is driving me insane, I can't do anything.

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Robyn Says:

Did the aurobindo adderall happen to give you any long term side effects? I'm not sure what else to do but keep taking them. Rite Aid told me I can't return it or anything and I need something to concentrate. I apparently have to wait until my next prescription. The pharmacist recommended that I increase my dosage (if I speak to my doctor about it). The headache is driving me insane, I can't do anything.

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Trey Says:

I received a prescription for aurobindo generic adderall last month from Rite aid. I felt terrible all month. My head felt foggy, I had no motivation to finish tasks and I could not sleep at night. I normally take the generic adderall from corepharm, which wok very well.

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Hedgie Says:

I had aurobindo months ago and it makes your mouth dry and I switched to teva last month. I saw a dip in my grades and I was in teva compared to aurobindo. Teva has slowly gotten worse in my opinion.

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James Says:

Mallinckrodt generic Adderall IR has no efficacy at all, and I have tried every generic Adderall brand there is

Corepharma generic Adderall IR has been discontinued. And sadly, I had heard they recently improved.

It is funny, because just about every generic Adderall someone has something bad to say about it

Teva generic Adderall IR, although it seems to be less potent than it was a few years ago, is the only generic that I find to be somewhat acceptable. Anyone else suggest anything better?

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badbeani Says:

Last month my rx gave me Aurobindo. It looked different so I called CVS. They said it was a different manufacture but the same product. It is NOT! The first thing I noticed was lack of focus and energy, then anxiety. After about 10 days I started getting migraines and sores on my face and in my mouth. The pharmacy says it has nothing to do with the medicine. I called my Dr. He said he has had several similar complaints from other patients on generic adderall, and it could be the fillers. I can't find a pharmacy that carries a different pill so my Dr. wrote my new rx for name brand. My insurance won't cover it. It's $675.00 for 1 month. I am in full blown mania now and have a Dr. appt. tomorrow. Good luck to you.

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Lildarlin Says:

Re: DeLynne (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Was it a large chain pharmacy? I take adderall for adult add and I've had teva the last 6 years. Once in those 6 years I was given a small little dark blue. #10 and it was terrible. I can't remember the name but I have a feeling it could have been this brand and it came from CVS. Terrible!

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nomas Says:

Re: Darrinstone (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Mallinckrodt makes a generic brand that is not as good as the name brand, it is so bad that Drs. have filed a complaint with the FDA and Mallinckrodt has filed a lawsuit. Mallinckrodt makes a week Percocet too that needs to be looked at.

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