Has Anyone Noticed That They Are Begining To Create Their Own Testosterone While Using Androgel?

Helpful Wife Says:

My husband has been using Androgel gel pump for over 10 years. Recently he tested over 1200 and then 2400 3 months later. We have no explanation for this other than maybe his body has begun making it's own testosterone again.

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David Says:

Has your husband changed his diet while on this medication? If this is so, I know that to some degree, one's eating habits can effect the body's ability to effectively restore testosterone production; of course with the help of this supplement it can be common.

At this point I would consider tapering down on the supplement (if needed) while keeping track of these tests to see if the results still fluctuate. It does sound like his body is producing testosterone again, and maybe all it needed was that kick start.

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Rick Says:

Testosterone is metabolized by CYP3A 4,5,7. So it may be affected by food or drugs that inhibit these enzymes, such as Grapefruit. This fruit is rarely seen in a hospital because of its affect on many drugs. Smoking can be a factor.

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Don Says:

short answer YES.. after using androgel and axiron for a few years my body slowly started making more and I would be prescribbedl ess and elss each time I went to the doctor for blood work.. eventually he asked me to stop using any because my levels where always at or above 1000... 6 months later my level have stayed pretty consistently around the mid 300's as a 34 year old male this is probably lower than I'd like but im stable and it sure beats having to put that burning crap on anymore

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