Harvoni Withdrawal Symptoms

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Kat Says:

anyone having problems after stopping harvoni?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kat! How are you?

What type of symptoms are you experiencing?

I'm not seeing anything about it causing withdrawal symptoms, but it is a relatively new drug.

Its typical side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, diarrhea, headache and weakness. Withdrawal effects would usually be virtually opposite, so may include constipation, dizziness and drowsiness.

How long were you on it?

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IMAC Says:

Hello, I also am having withdrawel feelings, I am constantly tired, I feel fatiqued, slight head ache, have a sick feeling in my stomach
I completed the the Harvoni treatment, I pretty much had these same feelings on the Harvoni. I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago, he had me do some blood work, I go back this morning to see him, I hope he has some news for me its been a month since I finished the Harvoni.

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Jazz Singer Says:

Stopped 8 wk tx of Harvoni on March 17th, side effects still very debilitating, concerned and trying to detox my liver and pancreas. Using holistic practices of juicing (beets apple celery parsley carrots blueberries all organic). Also had saved a tiny piece of last pill for a homeopathic remedy which I am just now starting. I am disappointed my Fibromyalgia pain is still with me. I do have more energy, that is really good! Still taking my pain pills though. I am UND since 7 weeks into tx. A little worried about long term effects of TX. Keep posting everyone, need to help each other. Wishing everyone Good Healing from this Nasty Dragon.

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Chebar Says:

Hi, I saw your post about withdrawel symptoms from Havroni. I am having them big time, (just finished tx 2 days ago). I was wondering how you are doing and if the treatment you are doing with little bit of a Havroni pill is helping. If so could you explain how you use it? Thanks so much for sharing!

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Hepwho Says:
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So, I was on a 12 week schedule and it was a bit like a horse kicking my liver in the last 2 weeks of dosing. Detox: this has been much like opiate and methadone detox. Pain in joints cramp in the small muscle groups all through out the body. Leg shakes, insomnia, reflux, pupil dilation at random times, fatigue, runny nose, irregular bowels and worst of all the cold clammy sweat to freezing cold skin all this for 30 days, this is the 5th week for me and Syria are easing but now the rush of hormonal energy makes you feel crazy like double le dosing a 5 hour energy drink and it comes on after midnight. Ugh, sleep? Not before 6a.m., not yet since ive been off. Healed yes, but finished I dont think so... I hope it subsides soon. All the symptoms of opiate withdrawal without the high, cravings, or urges. As far as positives: old wounds healed and smooth scarring, hair on my lower legs has come back, actually hair all over my body has grown. Much like teenwolf,lol. Sounds ridiculous, lol... But im not kidding. Thats it so far.. Hope it helps in your regard. Good luck.

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S Says:
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Hi I'm having same issues and I've been off a week. How long will the medication take to get out of my system? I was on 12 weeks. I am healthy and I am cured but I feel pretty damn awful. I'm epileptic and its causing a lot of psychiatric side effects (panic attacks, Insomnia, general depression etc....)

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Hepwho Says:
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I understand the uncontrollable feelings and symptoms you are experiencing. My best days have been as of late. I began an exercise program with strength training and walking in the heat of the day.. It works, something about exerting yourself allows the hormones from your liver to regulate and normalize. It's the closest I have felt to being calm. Granted, the amount of time the good feelings last is getting longer the more I maintain exercising. It's like a horrible hang over, lol... Ugh, that takes months to recover from. however I am feeling stronger and more balanced. Please, just dont sit there and think that the bad will leave you... Its miserable to do so, it will migrate from a physical feeling to a more psychological manifestation and then you may think you need a pull for that... You have been given another chance at activity and a much healthier lifestyle. Use it. I hope I helped you in some manner. hang in there...

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Joan Says:
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How can i get help attaining this drug?

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Mr Magoo Says:

Took harvoni for 5 days , on the 5th day had to go to ER with my blood pressure 213/ 110 , took awhile for it to come down . Stopped taking the tab immediately but still feel unwell a couple of days on . Doctor says he hasn't heard of this before . No more for me !!

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Fancy77 Says:
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I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C back in 2008. August 4th of 2016 started my one a day regimen for my 90 day treatment. The only thing that happened to me was in the first two days I got the diarrhea, little nauseated but no throwing up.....yeah I seem to have the insomnia and late at night. Sometimes it's hard in the morning to keep myself awake but I'm also taking Gabapentin for my pain in my hand, which is unrelated. I'm getting ready to go back for my first results on my blood work at the end of my 30 days on harvoni with of course at that point 2 more months to go. I'm more curious than anything. Will the white color come back in my eyes? Not that it's yellow but it's not bright white like it used to be. I am 54 years old. I do feel that already it has affected me in a good way. I feel very positive. I'm not depressed anymore than usual as that my husband passed away only six months ago, so I don't know if I'm more depressed over that or if it's depression setting in from harvoni, but since I was depressed before harvoni I'm thinking that that's what this is about. Otherwise I have a positive outlook. I don't exercise that much due to the fact I just really never have gotten into it, but I walk a lot mostly because I have six grandchildren. I'll keep checking back in. I don't really have a question except for I'm just curious about whether or not my eyes will become more bright white again naturally because my liver isn't being affected by the hep c, after the harvoni.

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Luna Says:

I was on high blood pressure meds going into treatment, I started taking organic beet juice pulp tablets and now no longer take my BP meds...it is not cheap but they work.
also celery seed a teaspoon a day is really good to help with BP and stevia extract used as a sweetener

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I have been on a 12 week course, and finished a week ago. I was negative after 4 weeks. Had moderate headaches and insomnia, but had high blood pressure only in the last week and the week after finishing the drug.

The last week i.e. after completing treatment has been by far the worse .......BP has reduced to normal after 4-5 days (from 145-150 / 85 to 105 / 75) but I now have withdrawal symptoms as many have described them .......dizzyness, headaches, shakes, i feel sick most of the time, etc, etc.

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ruffscale Says:

Hi everone. I stopped harvoni 3 days ago. Im feeling a little weird & energy is at a low. I was hoping for a speedy recovery, but that aint happening. As for long term effect, they wouldnt know, as its a new drug, we might grow another head or some such thing, they dont know!!! Forgive my dramatics, just kidding. Im hopeful though, its better than being a contagious pariah. Dont you agree?

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Blindsided Says:
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I'm a 45 year old male. All my life average to above average build/health. I quit cigarettes 10 months ago. I exercise regularly for years and have been drug-free & medication free for 9 years. I lived with the virus since 97 with no mental health issues.
Blood work before viral load 1 million. 1st 30 day blood work 15. One five. I had a very difficult time with the headaches and many other symptoms that were not mentioned to me.. I charged headfirst into this medication excited to finally face this dirty secret I had tucked away. I live an active lifestyle. This medication hit hard after day 4 or 5. I was unable to think, read, eat, concentrate, had rage/anger and a host of psychological stress.

The symptoms for me have persisted after stopping the 12 week cycle like I never stopped talking the medicine. 3 days after last dose my immune system crashed like nothing I've ever seen and I caught the flu. It lasted the better part of three weeks and developed into a horrible fluid and cough in my lungs which only aggravated the foggy confusing migraine headaches and disorientation. I have been experiencing all kinds of psychological trauma and repressed memories (hallucinating possibly) I thought I was losing my mind. I had set a goal to finish this medicine even though my body was screaming throughout the 12 weeks. All I did was focus on the last pill...then FINALLY DONE!..I was completely blindsided by how long the side effects would remain.this medicine is still coursing through me no matter how much water I drank or drink..to say I'm scared is an understatement.. WTF did we just take?

It is day 30 after stopping and I'm just barely starting to see mild relief in the mornings.. even eating three healthy meals a day and drinking lots of fluids..but no matter what I do the headaches and confusion creep back in by mid/end of day. That's with no added stress. My days now consist of minimal physical exertion, moving/walking/talking/bright light, cleaning spray aggravates my headaches. Daily chores are almost impossible. Overwhelming. By evening it's difficult to rest/sleep. Ok this is for me as well as anyone else reading..I am seeing relief in the mornings. I keep my meals scheduled like clockwork. Eating before I'm hungry seems to keep my head from pounding. I see my regular doctor in a week. I made it this far. I am seeing SLIGHT relief in the morning. Just be patient for a little more time..you got through it. Stay strong.. Keep reaching out to people. It's all psychological now. It's over..you will feel better soon.

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john Says:

i finished my 12 week course 3 months ago a headache or two first week and tiredness for a week or two after taking tablet but then i was fine and now im fine

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luna Says:


I am in the same boat as you are. I am almost to my 24 wk post tx lab. Headaches have changed from a daily afternoon thing into the night migraines, leg cramps are getting worse, mood swings, brain fog, hands cramping up, nausea, very little feeling in my feet. One night I think I had a mild stroke, bp was 169/113/103, my heart still feels like it is fluttering half the time, an mri is being scheduled for a brain scan but so far since I had no paralysis from what felt like a stroke i am not getting checked for that. Is anyone else still suffering?

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Blindsided Says:
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Hi I'm on day 54 now..symptoms are getting better gradually,God slowly though.
here's what works for me...keeping my meals at the same time every day. don't even let hunger set in or my headaches really start cranking. Mentally I have to force myself to start moving my body my mental health is improving greatly and I can see the finish line..
Now I clearly see why they don't test your blood until three months after.. because I still feel like I am glowing radioactive and that medicine is still in my system big time I can feel it ..
My side effects have been horrible I was completely blindsided By this medication..
OK here's the good part RELIEF is coming..I don't feel better by the day make-believe weeks are one day treat myself very well.i keep the stress level down.shut the phone off ect,I've started exercising pushing through the body pain and making sure I put good food in myself and lots of water still.. The side effects were crippling to me...I hope this helps someone else not lose their mind..
One or two posts from other people gave me the strength to keep fighting...
you will feel better soon.The worst is behind us

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Cheryl Says:
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Yes...... it was nightmare at time... best I can tell. I stayed confused and mind fogged! Couldn't remember what I ate that day or even in fact if I did eat.

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Jay Says:

I did 12 weeks of harvoni. I didn't seem to notice any side effects at all while on the medicine. But when I stopped I definitely felt withdrawal symptoms. Took about 2 days to start and it was scary. All the sudden out of no where I felt like I was gonna pass out and just had this wave of like panic come over me. Felt down right terrible, shaky, scary, and bad emotional and psychological symptoms. But luckily it did not last long. In about 3ish days I felt pretty much back to normal. So have hope, those painful few bad days are nothing when you consider what the long term effects the disease will have on your body.

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digdug64 Says:
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I've been on Harvoni for 30 days. They said very little side effects. My ass. Mental and physical. Not much for headache but nausea, sweats and chills, irregular bowel movements, muscle cramps, anxiety, depression , and rage. Not sure if this is worth it.

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