Hands Went Numb/hydrocodone / Acetaminophen 5 326 Tb

Nopillpopping Says:

Used fallowing Gall Bladder surgery/Left hand small finger went numb after taking this and in 12 hours my whole hand and wrist numb /fallowing morning while left hand and wrist was numb then right hand started getting numb and realized it had to be this medicine .
Stopped taking in morning and by evening my hands had almost returned to normal so it had to be this perscription.

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Jojo Says:

I have never heard of that reaction, but, some people get really dizzy on it so I guess one could become numb? Do you want to sell what your not using?

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nopillpopping Says:

When I say hand was numb what I mean is no feeling when I touched with other hand .
Sorry but I wouldn't want to be responsible for passing meds. to others.

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Verwon Says:

That is not a normal side effect of either the Acetaminophen or the Hydrocodone in this medication.

Learn more Vicodin details here.

And while it is unlikely, there is a slight chance that it could be a signifier of some other serious health issues occurring. Thus, I strongly urge you to contact your doctor about this, just to be on the safe side.

Has the numbness completely gone away now?

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nopillpopper Says:

Numbness had left my hands about 24 hours after not taking hydrocodone.
I started considering if above product I was taking could be causing hand numb problem then when other hand started getting numb I stopped taking it ...
This having numb hands was scarey .
Was not using any other meds.

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nopillpopper Says:

My Dr was told about m y hands numb problem.
I was doing well until taking hydrocodone just for pain and in a short time started feeling my hand going numb then other hand going numb at this time I stopped taking hydrocodone and my hands began getting feeling back but took about 24 hours to be normal .
No doubt for me regardless of how others rate this drug my hands going numb was caused by this drug and this drug alone.

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ellen Says:

I have had the same reaction to elavil that the doctor was trying me on for neuropathic pain.My doctor thought I had carpal tunnel-got a neurologist within 2 weeks to test me and I was fine.A couple months later I had some mouth work done and I was prescribed hydromorphone.Same thing.Right hand numb-then the left hand.Took 3 days for it to get out of system enough so that I could sleep.Still painful.And I only took them one day.Felt as though an elastic band had been tied around my wrist.
Then at times my fingers would feel like sausage fingers.
Some of these meds do things.-If you look at the product monograph-way down towards the bottom is numbness.I wish I knew what was similar in both meds so I will not get another med with that ingredient.
I am glad you were able to figure it out and I am glad you posted.
You are not the only one!

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Elizabeth Says:

I have the same issues. So what next a morphine pump?

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