Hands Shivering

tarun Says:

my hands shiver continuously every time, & more vigor sly when i am nervous tensed or angry or happy.

no thyroids, no high/low diabetes, no anemia, perfect CBC, no vitamin deficiency (only B12 is more than its range)

Dr is giving me tablets of B12, A, D, calcium, folic acid & now started giving Ciplar10, don't know y he started it as it is related to Heart.

as my test are all good, so m not understanding y my hands shiver every time as i am 26 yrs of age. can any body suggest me what can be the issue as the doc himself is not telling me anything

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Verwon Says:

Wait, are you saying your B12 is high, or low?

Either way, that may be causing the problem you are experiencing.


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nursingstudent Says:

If your B-12 is low, it will cause your hand to shake but it's uncommon for B-12 to be high as it's a water-soluble vitamin. You need to ask you doc which one is it. Also ask if you low in vitamin D3, which will also cause your hands to shake. It might be in your best interest to visit a nutritionist and an internist. My levels were so low that I was at the point of having to recieve these vitamins through IV form. I take B-12 injection along with prescription B-12 and prescription D3 at 10,000iu daily...My doc's thought I might have MS until my levels with checked. Take a good Fish Oil as well. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Tarun Says:

my b12 is high, its almost 2000.. but still doc use to giv me b12 injections for sumtime as he also use to say its water soluble vitamin & he is giving it to me beacuse its a neuro vitamin, so it is required....

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Tarun Says:

Yes, my D3 is bit low, forget to mention that in my post earlier.. Doc is giving me inj for it once in month... will also check with nutritionist & see if that can help...

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nursingstudent Says:

It's unusual for B-12 to be high. I would ask him why? I've only heard of one other case and that was in nursing class. That alone has me concerned....Keep me updated and I'll be doing some research.

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nursingstudent Says:

Has he checked you for Raynaund's? Do your hands get red and cold?

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tarun Says:

not checked for Raynaund's, as my hands never gets red or cold or any such similar kind of thing...

still a worry, will ciplar 10 be useful as far my knowledge goes its related to heart...

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Verwon Says:

Ciplar contains the active ingredient Propranolol, which is a non-selective beta blocker, yes it is used to treat some heart conditions and high blood pressure, but can also be effective at treating anxiety, panic disorders and some types of migraines.

He may have given it to you due to the fact that by its very mechanism of action, it improves circulation, so he might be thinking that some circulatory impairment is causing your problem. Have you tried asking your doctor about it?


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nursingstudent Says:

Did a little research on the Ciplar and one of the side effect is hand shaking. Speak with you doctor regarding this and he may be able to change you to another medication. I would also ask him why he's giving you B-12 when you levels are so high..Good luck and keep us updated.

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