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My friend was prescribed Haldol for depression. My friend suffers from being addicted to Perocets, and because he was going through withdraw stated that he wanted to kill himself. I know that he did not mean it, I believe it was the withdrawal. Could you help me. Is this drug the answer. ## The best thing your friend could do would be to inform his doctor of everything you've just said, that way a proper treatment plan can be undertaken. Haldol is most commonly used to treat psychotic episodes, and the FDA warns that it is very potent, and may cause side effects, such as sedation, nausea, headache, blurred vision, and mood changes. Ref: Haldol Information Are these the only medications he is currently taking?

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for alhemzmers spelled wrong ## For the past few months, the assisted living center my Aunt was staying in in NY was treating her with Haldon. Last week we moved her to an assisted living center in Atlanta so she would be closer to family. The new assisted living center thinks Haldon is too strong and wants to switch her to another drug. Does anybody have any experience with a Haldon substitute? If so, was it successful and what was it? Many thanks! ## Are you referring to the medication Haldol? If so, then yes, there are other options available, please speak to her doctors. ## Respridone is pretty close to haldon as my doctor tells me I was on resperidone for about 4 months with great results but my iinsurance ran out and can no longer afford the drug so my doctor put me on haldon goin...

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IS IT TAKEN FOR A PANIC ATTACK? ## my father is 80 years old and he has some dimensia and takes a lot of panic attacks. dont sleep, nausea most of the time and has a nervous tic about skin coming loose in his mouth. im wondering if this is from dimensia or maybe depression. ## Haldol contains the active ingredient Haloperidol, it is a potent antipsychotic that can be used to treat various types of mental health issues, conditions that require sedation, and post-surgical nausea. The main side effects, according to FDA reports, is the drowsiness, and sedation it can cause. Long-term use can also cause weight gain. My husband was given this last year, after surgery, and he refused to ever allow it to be given to him, again. He hated how he felt, after them giving it to him, and really had ...

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My father is a home hospice patient. Twice his Dr prescribed haldol. I never gave it to him. Each time I informed the Dr that he has Parkinson's and should not take haldol. Now he is in a inpatient hospice unit and I suspect he was given haldol based on his Parkinson's symptoms getting dramatically worse over a 24 hr period. My question is: how long after taking haldol can it be detected in the blood? ## It has been found in the brains of deceased persons as long as three weeks after they last had any. In blood tests of living people, it looks like it might be detectable for a few days. This article might help. It should never be given to elderly people, or to anyone who doesn't consent. With elderly, it's very dangerous for those who have dementia with Lewy bodies, whic...

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My mother was given Haldol by accident. It was thought to be a sinus tablet. this was two weeks ago. She is now experiencing aweful things such as weakness in her facial muscles, tightness in her arms, dizziness, lethargy and many more things. Is this from the haldol? or has she had a pin stroke? ## It's very doubtful that she'd still be experiencing symptoms from the Haldol 2 weeks after mistakingly taking one dose. Learn more Haldol details here. Has she sought medical attention, at all? A doctor would really be the best qualified to figure out what's happened. Have her symptoms improved any?

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My mother is in a nursing home and the nurse said she would not go to bed or to sleep and would not listen to her she locked her in her room and she would not stop screaming so she gave her a "pill or medication" they refer to as Halo, but she either wouldn't or couldn't tell me what it was for or what it would do...what is it? I've since reported the nurse for her behavior! ## I believe she as referring to Haldol- "hALO"....I put link below my message so you can check it out.....sometimes it is injected when patient is non- compliant, or orally if that works. It merely calms her down....she needed the help of a med for this......you should keep an eye on this matter though and make sure they use this only as needed, in my opinion. Depending on dose amount, d...

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A friend takes this medication & he says it is Haldol; however, I cannot locate it in any of the pill identifiers. I have checked several sites and none of them show this particular pill. I noticed that Haldol Decanoate is no longer available but I am unable to locate any images of this particular medication. I was wondering if maybe that is what he is taking. Could you please identify this pill? ## The brand that was sold under that name is no longer available, however, this is a generic for it and it, as well as several other brand names are still available. To be precise this tablet contains 20mgs of Haloperidol, which is an antipsychotic. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with?

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